Monday, 2 May 2011


Enough with the fucking moping.

I’m starting to get on my own nerves now.
I don’t suppose I’ve finished with the being sad fiasco, and I don’t think it’s entirely sunk in yet but enough is enough. And whilst I may be feeling low I know that Son is going to have the time of the life, and I also know people who are going through some really tough times.
Yeah get some perspective Cowgirl.

The local stony outcrop - lush - not.
So lets look on the positive.

I have a very good reason to spend occasional week-ends in Spain, where it is always going to be hotter then here and the beach is sandy.
We have what is referred to as a beach here, but a more accurate description would be a big pile of stones until the tide goes out, then there's sand but covered in slimy seaweed and in close proximity to a sewerage outlet.

A lodger can move in and pay rent that he won't want to borrow back to go the pub.

Well just as soon as I’ve finished sorting out the still ongoing pile of crap, went through two boxes of old paperwork today. The recycle bin now contains half a fucking rain forest.

And then I have to find said lodger of course.
Am thinking about placing an advert in the paper.

This ought to do the trick.
I am no longer going to be woken up by drumming practise when I am hungover and suffering, I can go to the loo in the ad break during Desperate Housewives and zombies will not invade my giant plasma while I am away, any mess will only be that which I make.

Mind you that’s a fucking lot.
I might get a cleaner as well as a lodger because once I cheer up properly and normal service is resumed so will the piles of crap and dust that resembles nuclear fallout.

I might add that I'd accept a young male cleaner too . . . .
In fact this isn’t the first time Son has left home.

Last time I didn’t even really notice - he went to live with Crazy Psycho Bitch - but was just around the corner, and I was living with The Worst Mistake I Ever Made.
(Now there’s a post I ought to write).
But his leaving was gradual - couple of nights there a week that just progressed to being there all the time.
Soon after he left I got rid of TWMIEM, I loved living on my own then so I'm sure I will again.

In fact I was a bit disappointed when he came back.
Especially as I thought at least CPB had domesticated him - well she did, but he forgot all about it as soon as he was back here.
I was glad he left her but even so pick your fucking smelly socks up.

Although I have warned him - they say every woman looks for traits of her father in her ideal man and every man looks for traits of his mother in his ideal woman.

Poor Son - if that’s the case then crazy women are his destiny.
I just hope the next one’s rich and lives in a huge house in Spain with a granny annex.

My early retirement home.

Fingers crossed :)


  1. Love the last five lines of the post!

  2. having a place to visit like that sounds fantastic!!

    you know ... i would not say you were moping ... i think it's warranted to have feelings ...

    love you sweety xo

  3. Spain is a place where a woman could have a Shirley Valentine adventure. Do you like Latin men?

  4. I remember saying to you earlier, why Spain but then again, why not?
    It's not just the beach that's hot.
    After all, whoever created Spain (of course I'm biased, sue me), and its inhabitants, was feeling mighty generous sprinkling the faerie dust of "hotness" on the 2 legged monsters.
    Here's looking forward to good and hot times for both you and your son. An estate or a Villa would be a nice vacation spot for friends. ;)

  5. lol, loved the signs! Fireman eh, haha, not a bad idea.

  6. you mope all you want he's still your baby no matter how old he is.
    shit thats me mopeing just go out get pissed and possibly pick up a hot fireman.

  7. Excellent adverts... Next time I'm recruiting, I'm hiring you to write the ad.


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