Saturday, 14 May 2011

jesus loves you . . . .

. . . . . .and he clearly wants you to enjoy yourself and each other.

You gotta wonder if the people who made these are really that innocent that they didn't know how they could be interpreted.
Too good not to share.
Plus I'm feeling far to lazy to write a proper post tonight.
Found on a website that a friend facebooked me a link to, not sure about copyright as couldn't see anything so I've linked the original article at the bottom.


Who would've thought ?

Must be a catholic church.

But it's clearly torture for left handed people.

Me too . . . . on both counts.

Does it mention rimming in the bible ?

All that money wasted on KY. . . who knew ?

Depends which entrance you use.

Peter who ? Had Tom, Dick and Harry but no Peter . . ah well, doomed.

Just not too quickly eh.

I prefer doggy myself.

But be mindful of blisters.

Original post.


  1. i had hours of fun on this website...

    i know you will too!

    sacreliciously yours,

  2. Fucking hell, religion looks great! I'm off to church tomorrow with my cock out.

  3. Hellyeah...but now ive seen that its got me wondering about the authenticity of the ones in the post.
    Not that it matters I like them.

  4. That is some sexy religion!

  5. DCG, I think I love you in a purely homosexual way. The rimming one had me in tears.

  6. jesus loves you*

    **some conditions apply

    i love you too DCG

  7. Now THIS is my sort of religious post. They are the biggest closet perverts of all… all that protesting otherwise is all too telling.

  8. I do like internet Church signs. I wonder how many are real. There's pages where you can make them, aren't there?

  9. This speaks droves about the subconscious depravities of the religious. Saw a couple myself:

    1) Jesus loves you passionately when no one else is there (thought it was a bit strange sounding)

    2)If Jesus had you on Facebook he'd poke you.

  10. @ Tony - just don't stand to near the choir.

    @ Jamie - rimming has you in tears ? not the desired effect surely ?

    @ Andrea - as long as you dont love me the way jesus does we're cool :)

    @ Tats - Agreed, spesh the catholics.

    @ Hitch - yeah, check the link in violets comment, Ima have some fun with that.

    @ Iron - lol, sounds like ann summers should be calling their latest product jesus to me.

  11. Religious fervour obviously impairs the ability to detect a double entendre.

  12. Hell, I'd like to be converted every single fuken day!
    On my knees, sideways, tight ways, any ways! lol

  13. I laughed so much I cried.
    It reminds me of the time I had to take my daughter's Mother in Law from our house to my daughter flat. I took a short cut up an alley on the way. When she got to the flat, my daughter had a house full of friends and Ma in law announced to all and sundry "Dave has just taken me up the back passage"
    She wondered why everyone fell about laughing

  14. The words to the old song, 'gimme some of that old time relgion' springs to mind.
    Those signs definitely speak to the heathen in me!

  15. Seriously. I left churching behind at 16 so l could go and get sexed up. Seems l missed something. take me up that aisle vicar...

  16. You don't want to see the back pews under a black light.

  17. @Acorn...and now I'm laughing too.
    Very funny - she reminds me of my mum.


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