Wednesday, 18 May 2011

a poem what i wrote . . . .

. . . . whilst sat on the train coming home from work.
As it passed over the creek I saw a family of ducks swim under the bridge and this came into my head.
Fucking poet laureate me !

Right now I wish I was a duck
Just paddling along
Not giving a fuck
About rent and bills
Yeah that's a winner
But knowing my luck
I'd be someones dinner

Should I start one of them poetry blogs ?


  1. Yes! Finally, I will feel so clever and artistic reading poetry I get;)

  2. Hee hee, we've both our poetry know-how, we could team up and rule the whole of the blogging world! Muwhahaha!

  3. No! I love your sarcastic nature - though I like the poem... but you have a fantastic blog loaded with some of the best posts.

    @jamiesmiles - you are clever and artistic as a self expressionist. I happen to enjoy your blog quite a bit!

  4. your sarcasm and humor keep make me smile regularly.
    thank you.

  5. Why TY Tracey:) You made my day!

  6. you're a lovely poet lol!!!

    my kinda poetry :)

    i loves ya oodles dirty girl xo

  7. Didn't J.K. Rowing start off scribbling thoughts on a train? I smell the next Harry Potter brewing... just remember us little people when you make all those billions!! :)

  8. Very original, I like it! :)

  9. Seriously?
    I would rather see you write along the lines of the "Philosophies of One Dirty Cow Girl (Shut The Fuck Up and Read)"
    And an entire Chapter devoted to Cowgirl-isms.
    And I think it's gonna rock!


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