Friday, 25 February 2011

my future is secure

Sons been talking about changing his job for a better paid one.
I'm sat upstairs - he's downstairs killing zombies and shouting at people through his headset.

about 15 minutes ago - fyi it's 3 am here now

He comes running upstairs.....

" mum, mum only have a guess what, you just should be so proud of me "

Yes, this may not the best grammar but this is how he speaks, and when excited as he clearly was he's inclined to get a bit less coherent - still it's an improvement on the rest of the time when he tends to just grunt at me. Well unless there's a scrounge loan of a tenner involved.

" what ?"

"I've only gone and done it"

He's beaming, and I know he chats to real friends in blow - the - zombies - brains - out world.
I'm expecting at the very least he's got a date. But possibly this job he's been on about.

"What's happened ?"

"I'm actually now one of the top ranking players in the world at zombie call of black ops killers"

Well I don't rememeber what the fucking games called do I. But hey, good to know all them hours and hours sat up playing it until 5am weren't in vain.

"Oh great, and this is gonna help you get on in the world how....? "

"Uh huh...."

"How is this gonna help look after me in my old age.....?"


Back to the drawing board, actually I've been considering selling him adopting him out to Angelina, I don't think she's got a half Jamaican one yet.
Is 24 past the legal age ? He's not very tall, if I made him shave his beard off I reckon he'd pass for 16.


  1. When the Zombies take over (they will, I swear), you'll be thankful he has training. And in the apocalypse we can't have him on Angie's side, can we? I'm dying (bad pun) to see what Zombification'll do to her and Brad...

  2. Dang, he is 24 and talks like that?

    I am 24...

    I guess I do live at home, but that's because until last month, I was in graduate school.

    I diss my generation a lot. I feel like a lot of them deserve it.

    Damn kids these days.

  3. When the zombies come after you, then you will be happy for all his training. Geesh, you mom's never think about the scary future.

  4. @ Bio..can I interest you in a boyfriend ?


  5. I see your zombie killing son and raise you a self-deluded as to the extent of her intelligence, mouthy 18 yr-old girl...Maybe we can pass them off as fraternal twin to Brangelina...there's a thought. heh heh

  6. What about you Jamie ? You and he would have a lot in common - well apart from the fact that he's not actually gay, but he gets drunk easy so hey....I keep tellin him he should be cos I wanna go to pride and wear a ' I love my gay son' t-shirt

  7. @Duchess...Deal, where do I sign ?

  8. Gonna have to say no.



  9. The future is definitely secure.
    I am recruiting your son for the upcoming battle with the Zombieland Master, in prep for Resident Evil 6.
    A Special Unit will be deployed to collect your son and brief him on the details of the Special Ops.
    Kzzzt ... over and out!

  10. he's 24 and lives at home with you?
    bring on the tough love. i am now 25 and left home at 18. does he have a good job?

  11. Well, maybe he just needs a hobby, oh wait, never mind. I'll call up Angelina (she and I are screwing around behind Brad's back in my world of delusion) and talk her into it. Ha ha.

  12. does he pay rent? my mom started charging me rent at 18 ... that got me out of the house fucking fast :)

    pay rent AND live with this woman?!?!?

    no way.

    maybe if he has to pay rent, he'll get that job.

    yup. tough love works

  13. Yeah - he does, and he pays his way - he's just been talking about getting a better one, the above convo is just funny cos he was SO proud. And the thing about my old age is a running joke between us, we get on really well. I'm nice to him - one day he's gonna decide what home I'm put in.


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