Saturday, 28 May 2011

pride and joy

That is just wrong.
How much do you care about your blog ?
I mean really care. Last night I was talking to a friend about mine and I realised that I actually feel quite maternal towards it.

And no, this isn’t some strange side effect of my current empty nest. Were I really suffering from that my cats would probably be dressed in baby clothes.
FYI they’re not.
I like my arms the way they are ie not covered in scratches.

In fact the side effect of Son leaving has been some rather bizarre dreams in which I am pregnant and in perilous situations needing to protect my bump. The other night I found myself about 8 months gone and in what appeared to be a seventies cop show shoot out.
Hmm . . . . It doesn’t take a degree in psychology to analyse that. The umbilical cord has been well and truly severed.

But anyway, last night. My mate thought I should’ve been offended by the review mentioned in the previous post. He said if he had put work into something that someone else then slated he wouldn’t be happy and he couldn’t understand why I wasn’t bothered.
I only showed him for a laugh and the silly twat got all defensive of me. Bless.

I said it’s all rather subjective, I’ve seen plenty of blogs that I don’t like. I never really thought anyone other then the few personal friends who know about it would read mine but here I am with my very own flock.
Just call me Bo-Peep.
Nah, scrap that - she lost hers.
If any of you lot leave me I will hunt you down like a motherfucker.

You can run but you cant hide.

But it was talking about that, and the fact that my words are now read by people all over the world and how pleased I am about that, that led me to realise that this blog is in fact, my baby.

If I don’t post here for a few days does that make me guilty of neglect. And if there are other bloggers who feel the same about theirs maybe it’s time we had Blog Protection Laws - what constitutes blog abuse ? Can you bully a blog ?
Is making a back up of your blog like getting your kid inoculated against mumps and measles.

And will my blog eventually grow up, develop a mind of it’s own and fuck off and leave me.

I find those people who post ‘follow me’ threads in forums quite sad, I like the fact that the people who do follow me did so because they read it and wanted to see more. But I can understand that it must be quite disheartening to think that of all the many thousands of people who now belong to blogger there is nobody who wants to read yours.
I suppose it depends why you blog really.
And the size of your ego.
I’ve never had a problem with self confidence, and I don’t need the approval of other people to validate myself. Of course it’s nice to be appreciated but I wouldn’t lose any sleep if no-one liked my baby. As long as Mummy loves you you’re ok.

I guess the blogs with no followers are the internet equivalent of the kid with nits and a snotty nose that nobody wants to play with.
There are a few I follow that have readers in the thousands, that takes some doing - and talent.
Well unless you want to fill your page with porn pics. Yeah those blogs (which I stumbled on purely by accident you understand - goddam next button ) often have tens of thousands of followers. And no doubt just as many anonymous ones.
I’d never do that - it’d be like sexually abusing it.

The blogger awards are nice too. I appreciate the ones I’ve received, but it got a bit silly for a while - there were a few that seemed to be going around given with instructions to pass to a set number of other people. Great. But it occurred to me that if everyone had one they lost their value. I see the same thing happening in the TCS forum with the Blogger Addict title for level 10s. When I first joined just a few longstanding members had them.
Now it’s like attending the end of term presentation, swelling with pride because your child’s won an award only to find that every kid got the same certificate.

So proud . . . . . .

I see the same thing happening with the levels in the blogger forums.
The point of levels was supposed to be an indication of length of time spent there and knowledge for the help forums, but there are a few stupid kids who use these ridiculous ‘game’ threads to level up very quickly.
Fucking idiots seem to think it’s a computer game.
It took me months to get to level 10 and earn my "blogger addict" title, not that it was any concern to me - I just enjoyed chatting with the people there - but the title means nothing when people are getting it after a couple of weeks. Ironic that they all strive to achieve something that meant little anyway, but has even less value now because they all did just that.
I wonder if any of them will read this ?

Hope so - then they’ll fuck off and not bother coming here again.

My precious child does not want to play computer games and be influenced by the 'special' kids.
Given that it’s the product of my grey matter it’s got enough to contend with.

I keep seeing people posting that they are having problems with gadgets and commenting - guess their babies are sick. It’s the same in any playground when a virus goes round, everyone gets sick sooner or later.
I’m sure Dr Google will find a cure.

My baby has been backed up and protected.
And now I realise how much it means to me I’ll smash your face in if you hurt it.

Who's the father ?


  1. I hope I feel the same when mine is crucified. I could not reply at the time, but yeah, I took that dare:D

  2. As much as I hate to admit it, I find myself caring, maybe a bit too much about my little piece of the internet. It beats having stomach flu.

  3. I'll be your follower through and through, for you are the addictive glistening crack rock of my reader.

  4. @Jamie - I will keep a look out for that !
    @Rafa - That's very true, and your baby can come play with mine anytime :)
    @Uri - If my crack is glistening it's probably 'cos of the Vagina Stick ;)

  5. i am so obsessed with my blog. i actually write things in my phone that i want to write about when i'm not blogging.

    i feel so bad if i leave it for a day. i have to skip it today ... jet lag ... but i'll be back to being obsessed tomorrow

  6. show me on the blog where they touched you

  7. Violet I'm not sure what you mean ?

  8. - it was a reference to "show me on the bear where they touched you."- a line used on tv and movies- cops say to kids...
    i was making a [not funny] joke about the intimacy of blogging.
    especially when some people get comments or whatever that are intrusive or inappropriate...

  9. I practically wept when I was told I was blog-jacked!
    But life moves on and I just need to keep learning as I grow along it.


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