Saturday, 21 April 2012

not a post

No, really it's not.
I actually have three posts that I'm working on at the moment, but I've realised a few things over the last couple of weeks.

At the moment many of you are far too busy with that fucking stupid challenge to read everything that gets posted, and the rest of you are as fed up with missing posts as I am.

Week-end posts never get read as much as week day ones, even in normal circumstances.

When I write something and post it straight away I always have that fuck-I-should've-said-that-too moment if I read it back later. Like I should've added some witty retort to my last post about the Chinese bloggers : what if they had an equivalent to the A-Z, there's fucking hundreds of letters in their alphabet. Yeah, too late now.

I often have ideas for pieces of utter brilliance posts that never get written because I forget. I get home and I KNOW I had a great post planned, just can't remember about what.

So, the result of this great epiphany is that I am going to start making notes whenever I get an idea.
That'll be interesting in the shop/at the doctors.
"...and I have this rash on my. . . . hang on I just need to write something down"
I don't have a lot of time in the week, which often means I just write at the weekend. But when I think the great masterpieces  posts are finished I am going to wait a few days before publishing, just to be sure that I don't miss a chance to be rude and sarcastic entertaining.

But for now, instead of a post, I have wrote you all a letter.

Dear Flock,

You remember a while ago I managed to completely mess up my template so that none of the links worked, half of you couldn't post comments and if you were stupid enough to still be using Internet Explorer the page would not scroll ?

You would think I would've learnt my lesson.
I didn't.
Knowing a little HTML does not make me a programmer. But I like to fuck it up then have to revert back to the beginning every once in a while think so.

Actually what I like to do is get other gadgets from different sites and play around with them. It's how I learn - by doing - I could read books about it all the time, but I would never learn anything. I prefer to get stuck in. I'm the same with any technology, try and figure it out for myself and only consult the instruction manual when I have broke it I really need to.
Which might be why I still can't fast forward and rewind on the DVD player I've had for two years.
And I'm getting a new mobile this week.
Good job it'll be insured.

But anyway, I digress. As you can see I have added a new Twitter follow button and a button (which I really did make myself ) to enable anyone to send me abuse and naked pictures fan mail.
I have tried them and they seem to work, but of course I have access to the associated accounts, so I am hoping that a couple of you will try them out for me please ? You don't have to tweet or mail me, although you would if you loved me can if you like, just check the links.

Also, what's my page loading like ? Again it's fine for me, but I have superfast all-singing-all-dancing broadband and a sony vaio. I have uploaded the pictures for the gadgets to blogger so hopefully it's not too slow, but the new comment section uses externally hosted pics.
I've tested it on pingdom and it seems ok, but again that's using my computer so I would appreciate the feedback.

Thanks very much.

PS. Be nice to see a few more of you on G+ too.

Update : No need for the buttons to be tested anymore, big thanks to all of you who did so for me. It seems I finally managed to get something to work without breaking something else.
Of course you can still use them to come on over and join me !


  1. I don't really know what it always looks like, because of the reader thing, but it looks pretty good to me. I also should let you know, even though you see it everyday, that I usually post what would be my comments when I share on Google+. I also wish that more people would get over there. It's so much better than Facebook for sharing, and finding things that interest you. Like our blogs.

  2. Everything works/loads great.

    You're so funny to read as always :)

  3. It loaded very quickly. I get loaded very quickly too since I don't usually drink a lot. I don't think there's anything wrong with saying, Hey! You! Wait a minute. I need to jot something down before I forget it. I do that all the time. I have written on restaurant napkins, but I usually carry a small notebook. And I have that oh fuck I forgot something feeling all the time. Especially when I write comments.


  4. Everything seems to be in working order!

    Love your last few posts, just haven't been as present as I would like as of late.

    I miss you all!

  5. It works like you do in real life ! WHen it wants :)

  6. Cowgirl...are you boycotting me just because I am in the A-Z?? I still post good (enough) stuff for you to at least stop in and visit. I have this feeling that you wished you had jumped in to the Challenge but were wee bit too late, right? Don't be hatin' we still love your techno-addled brain...and we'll all be back after April 30th so all your buttons better work!!

  7. Loaded quickly and looks great.

  8. It loaded quick for me too. I have a draft saved in my email. Whenever I have an idea, I go there and write it down.Unfortunately, sometimes I will write it too quick and put something like "Boob paste" then come back to it and not know what the hell I was talking about.

    I am doing the A-Z challenge thing for the first time, which sucks because I usually blog once a week and could have had my next 26 weeks of blogs completed instead of 1 a day for a month. I also agree about the weekend blog reading thing, which sucks during this challenge because I have written some of my best posts on the weekend and feel that my wit and incredible sense of humor go unappreciated and that pisses me off!

  9. The Chinese A-Z blogger thing is pretty funny. Your twitter bird looks good as well. But I am already following you.

  10. This sure does look like a post, but I'm going to take your word that it's not.

    I get more readers during the week than I do on weekends. Took me a few weeks to realize it once I got back. Lots of traffic all week and then nothing on Saturday and Sunday. Just figured my readers were out sinning on the former and apologizing to their god on the latter.

    As for the A-Z challenge, in my defense, my posting is pretty much the same. I've been noticeably absent because of work, it just happened to coincide with the challenge.

  11. Making notes is a great idea you won't regret. I use a reporter's pad so I can pull out and throw away pages I don't need any more. Your page is loading fine - probably better than before.

  12. I'm going to follow you on Twitter now DCG, the blog looks great too me as well, there's nothing notably bad or slow loading about it so far at least.

  13. Oh wow I love the new look. I hope nothing does break this time. I still laughed at the joke about Chinese bloggers, even if it was too late. I like to read the instruction manual only if I really mess up putting it together but that's usually because I can see how something is supposed to fit together.

  14. First, thanks for stopping by my place and stalking me. I'm stalking you right back.
    Second, your page loads fine, I'm following you on Twatter and your email link works.
    Third, that would be hilarious if the Chinese had a challenge!
    Forth, this challenge is fucking killing me!
    I'll be back.
    You've been warned. ;)

  15. I absolutely write myself little notes all day long. I have a trail of notes, like my own personal bread crumbs of post-its to get me back to the evil witch or the gingerbread house or a decent blog post or wherever it is supposed to get me back to.

    I also totally get it about wanting to post right away but KNOWING you should wait because you can polish it and make it so much better. *sigh* Sometimes the impulsive half of me wins out, and sometimes the rational 1/8th wins out (that is rare). And sometimes I take remedial math. And get a C-.

    great post! will definitely be back to read more. :)

    thanks also for your great comments on my blog lately, I really appreciate it!!!


  16. Sorry, I don't Tweet or Twitter or whatever the hell it is you do. And I don't take part in these blogger challenges because I am dead miserable.

  17. Thanks for the feedback guys, much appreciated :)
    I will try and leave it alone for a while now....yeah...not likely, already been faffing around again.

  18. liking the new look, and loving this new comments section...very cool

  19. Ive decided to use your comment section to write down notes for future posts... but for myself!
    Hey Steve... write a post on why people keep staring at you... when you are trying to make male camel-toe happen!

    1. Feel free.

      But I can't promise to not steal your ideas.

      In fact can everyone please do that.

  20. I find that I get the most hits on weekends. Not many people post then because they have wonderful lives, and I stare at walls on those days.

  21. The page loading works for me!

  22. Hey Cowgirl. First time to read your blog and I'll have to say I felt like I was reading something I had written. I have been having those exact same thoughts about writing, messing things up, etc. You must be my other twin. I found Jen (who I believe is my mystic twin) recently and love her to death. I'll start reading your blog now. Ridem cowgirl!!!!!!

  23. Hey don't boycott Chuck. He's a friend of mine. He should be part of the flock.

  24. I actually set up the SMS feature so I can text an idea to my blog and it will be saved as a draft. I don't always remember to do this. I was watching tv yesterday and thought of a great post idea. I figured that I would remember it in an hour when I went to blog. I completely forgot what the hell I was thinking and I know it was good. You can try carrying around a tape recorder.

    1. Seems a lot of peeps have this problem. I really don't feel so bad now. I had to start a blog space to comment on others and yall have made me WANT to write things but even when I write them down I wonder why I thought it was so damn funny the night before. *sigh* I definitely got to get system going here.

  25. See, it didn't load well for me. Not sure why.

  26. It looks quite awesome, i must say!

    So happy i stumbled upon your blog!
    you now have another follower :-)

  27. You have to let me know how you make out with jotting notes down. I have been pretty shitty about posting regularly to my blog as well. Just to give you fair warning, I will probably be hounding you on Twitter as well as G+ I am on both, now that I have told Facebook to go kiss my ass.

    Just sayin...

  28. Yeah, our weekend traffic is slow too. Sunday is the worst day of the week. Coincidence for the sanctity of our blog? I think not.


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