Saturday, 14 May 2011

buyer beware

I might of mentioned this before but I fucking love online shopping.

I have no patience for spending hours wandering round shops. I tend to forget what I went for and end up wanting to punch slow walking people and dumb or pushy shop assistants.
Online I can be in ten shops at the same time and I don't have to queue at the checkout or wait half an hour for a fucking bus in the rain.
Sometimes I'll want to buy something and I have a picture in my head of exactly what I want. If I went out to the shops there's no guarantee I'm gonna find it anyway but on the computer I usually can. So as I recently decorated my front room and decided to look for a nest of tables of course I searched my favourite internet shops.

As luck would have it I found the perfect set on ebay.
They were in a 99p start auction with free post, but the day I found them still had a good few days to run. So I marked them to watch - the day the auction ended there were still no bidders.
I thought I was gonna get very lucky - I'd seen others in 'buy it now' and on other sites but the cheapest had been about £40, and all of them had a delivery charge.
Gets to the day of the auction and before I place my amazing bargains winning bid I decide to read all the page - only because I know they are heavy and I can't quite believe they are free post.
So I read down the page and it says

"Dolls House Furniture"

Spose I could've pretended I lived in a really big house and they were far away.
Or invited midgets round for coffee.


  1. I hate shopping at stores too, but you have to be careful and read everything about the product. never ordered doll furniture before that would have really pissed me off!

  2. Shopping on-line sounds great, but doesn't it mean you have to stay at home for a whole day so as not to miss the delivery?

  3. Loooooool. EPic

    I detest stores to, have to try on clothes and all, when I can sit behind my computer screen and get what I want.
    PLUS!!!... I dont have to get the annoying change that you tend to take for nothing and end up wasting ^_^


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