Monday, 23 May 2011

mum's gone to iceland


So we have yet another volcanic ash cloud threatening the airspace.
Fuck. Right. Off.

Son has decided to come home for a week for his birthday and has a flight booked for next Wednesday. Could be worse I suppose, at least I wasn't doing as originally planned and going out there. Yeah - you don't want to be messing with my holiday plans.
An angry volcano's got nothing on me when there's steam coming out my ears.

That would give a whole new meaning to the phrase 'Mums gone to Iceland'. And she's not buying fish fingers. I'd go and throw angry spit at the sodding volcano, that ought to put it out.
Except how am I gonna get there ?

Don't think the number 17 bus goes that far.

 I can't see a volcano . . . it's all a big conspiracy to stop me buying chips.

Ah well, apparently it's not as bad as last time this happened. According to the news I've just watched this time it's the 'Right Kind Of Ash'. . . as opposed to what ? There's a fucking great volcano threatening to erupt and vomit molten lava but it's ok as long as it's not the wrong kind of ash.

That wouldn't make me feel any better if I lived close to one.

I wonder if the conspiracy theories will start again. My favourite one the last time was that there was an alien mothership up there that the government didn't want anyone to see.
Yeah of course there was, volcanic ash isn't going to interfere with their technology is it.
If it's a sign of anything I reckon it's all about the shift in the planet that's causing earthquakes and tsunamis, but if that is the case then my limited knowledge of geology makes me think the earth is just releasing pressure a different way.
Not sure if that's a good thing in terms of the bigger picture.
Rapturous Volcanoes maybe ? Hahaaa.

Anyway I hope it's all sorted by next week, I've missed my boy and I can't wait to see him.

And there's a months worth of washing up needs doing.

Fuck Off.


  1. ash. lots. ick. hope that your son still gets to get to you ... thank god it's the 'good' ash.

    sheesh ...

    wanna tell me which post that was to check out for the transgender thing? love ya lots ...

  2. the right or wrong kind of ash, that's interesting... enjoy your visit with your son.

  3. "An angry volcano's got nothing on me when there's steam coming out my ears."

    this and the image of you spitting at a huge volcano made me chuckle this morning. I hope all works out... for it's sake ;-)



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