Tuesday, 25 January 2011

what a cunt

Why is it that the word that is used by men when they REALLY want to insult or offend someone is the thing they want the most ?
Stupid cunts

And there have been plenty of times that I've been told, mostly by men, that it's horrible to hear a woman say the word.
Silly Cunts

For a lot of people it's the one word in the English language that they really have a problem with. There really is no other word that has quite the same effect.
Stuck Up Cunts

We all, apart from gay men, derive pleasure from having one - whether it's ours or someone elses, yet the word continues to be the ultimate insult.
We all entered the world through one.
Well unless your mother couldn't be bothered to push.
Lazy Cunt

If you have a problem with the word cunt, ask yourself why?
It's really only because culturally it's unacceptable, and why is that?
Because of the context and purpose of its use.
Ridiculous Cunts

This is what I think.
Women, since we're the ones that have cunts, should reclaim the word- in much the same way as some black people are now calling each other by a word that is perceived to be the ultimate insult to them - so women should use cunt as a term of endearment towards each other.
How you doin' cunt ?
Wassup cunt ?
See ya' later cunt.

This might, in time, result in the power to cause verbal pain, insult and offence being removed from the use of this word.
It's a great word.
And it's ours.
Fabulous Cunts.

I am proud of my cunt, it has been the source of some fine times, and played a major role in my greatest achievement - the birth of my son.
And yet I realise that by writing the word here some people might have an issue with reading this, I daresay some might even not read this post at all simply because of the title. I often use the word in my facebook status and as a result I've had quite a few people delete me.

Why . . . . . ??
Because it offends.

And this is really the point I'm trying to make . . . . .
Is my cunt offensive?
Is yours?
Or your friends/ girlfriends?
Or your sisters ?
Or your daughters?
Or your mothers?
I think not.

It is a thing of beauty, pleasure and life.
So ladies, next time you see your girls, hug em, kiss em and tell them I love you, you cunt :)

And if you need proof that it's a womans word :


  1. Cunt. One of the best words in the world.

    I use it all the time. They say it is not very classy and is quite unbecoming of a lady.

    I say "Fuck off cunt."


  2. how can i be the first follower?
    you just made a full on post about "cunt" incredible

  3. well someone needs to be first....

  4. I have a post that talks about a similar topic. You might find it entertaining. . .


  5. thanks retch - ill have a look !

  6. I like this post, Dirty. You turned "cunt" into a word woman can own.
    Usually I just use the word cunt when I'm talking to a male friend, but I think I'll try using it as a term of empowerment

    "The colossal cunt's in the building bitches!"

    Too much?

  7. I don't have a problem with the word, and my boyfriend doesn't use it. At least I've never heard him use it. The worst I've heard him call a woman was a "bitch."

  8. Fair play to him then, but the point is YOU need to use it !

  9. We're reclaiming cunt! Yes I love it! I'm seriously gonna try this out tonight!

  10. I love the word cunt. I had to like this post just because of the title.... Hearing people say it makes me smile, especially women. Although I think I may have some kind of weird fetish after admitting that.

  11. I've never really understood how words by themselves have the power to upset or offend people. Surely it is all to do with the intent? If I used the word cunt casually in a conversation with my girlfriend chances are she wouldn't be offended, whereas if I called her a cunt in an argument she probably would because my intention would be different. But I can't fathom why the word itself offends.

  12. cunt cunt cunt. i hear it's a taboo word mostly in the usa. my brit peeps use that word like we use bitch.
    either way, i say fuck it, cunts, lighten the fuck up, take the butt plug out and relax a bit.
    words words words. so what.
    i like cunty as a word, it makes the harshness a bit softer. like a silicone fist up the ass instead of a hard plastic one.
    now that's some nice cunty action!

    see also: shane skillz. refuckingdiculous! he says cunt ALOT and i use it more because i keep listening to his raps... go find him online- you will not regret it... i think.

  13. Oh my god. I feel really fucking empowered right now.

  14. I also don't get how it's the worst word in the world. But I will say this before I start shouting cunt everywhere. The "n word" as we have to call it (don't make me start there, I'll come of as a huge cunting racist), has managed to retain the context and evil that derides from it. It's cool for black people to say that to eachother, but if a white man says it, he best be ready to be raped in his man-cunt. Although me and a friend do refer to eachother by it, she's even called me that in front of her mother. I'm so white I've been called a vampire thanks to my pasty skin lol. Anyway, back to cunt. I really have said that a lot. All words can be used in non-offensive ways, and I did make a post about it, but I left it in the vault because I didn't want people to unfollow me for well, being a bastard. I'm not one though, my parents were happily married when they had me, they didn't get divorced for six years. Even if women do start referring to eachother as cunts, I am worried it's going to be the same as "the n word", only women are going to be allowed to say it, which actually makes it worse, because then whenever you say it, you are not only a cunt, but a sexist chauvinist. This might be the longest comment I have ever left.

  15. Love this article but it has also fucked me off as i have just put the finishing touches to my Cunt post !

  16. Ahhh memories of Deadwood. Thanks for the post cunt! Wow that was liberating.

  17. Wow, I can't believe this filthy word coming out of a woman. Appalling. You should be ashamed of yourself for even thinking that vile of a thought. I feel like reporting you for...ah who the fuck am I kidding? That's one of my favourite words, and I can't wait to share this with my readers, so they don't think I'm the only rancid cunt using said word. Thank you, and if my fiance backs out before June, I'm heading across the pond for you.

  18. Lovely blog, just lovely! Can't wait for all ladies to add this to their daily dialogue!

  19. Penguin picture = classic.

    Excellent post, and excellent conclusion. May we all meet in Cunti country someday.


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