Thursday, 22 December 2011

cowgirl presents . . . #5

Ladies and gentlemen I give you Gweenbrick.

Now go and check out his blog - it's absolutely hilarious.
Keep a look out for the product reviews, Thomas, and my personal favourites, the Jeffrey posts.


  1. Awesome, I love blogs that tell stories with pictures... gweenbrick looks really funny.

  2. Hahahaha what chaos in Gweenbrick's blog world. difference.

  3. I am going to have to check that guy out now. He drew you as an American though. I'm 98% sure you're homegrown British.

  4. Jeffrey posts? As in smoking a Jeffrey? Tell Jane I miss her and want her back. Not that I didn't enjoy your drawings. I did, but Jane and I have a menage a trois type of thing with just the two of us. I know it's unusual, but so are we.


  5. Gweenie - You may not think you have drawn them brilliantly, but I wish I looked as good as that!

    I haven't even got the pink hair.

    Dirtycowgirl - Heh. Really like your blog. I'm not going to follow you though because I don't have any time for new blogs.



  6. Lmao! This is absolutely awesome. I need to check out his blog now if his stuff is as good as this.

  7. I'm new to both of these blogs...and I snorted tea up my nose. So thanks for the funny.

  8. I haven't heard of Balki in years. I wonder what ever happened tot hat guy?

  9. :) that was great ... i'm pretty sure that secondary voice talks to me a lot too ...


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