Wednesday, 13 July 2011

some parents . . . grrrr

I have just seen something that had me shouting at the TV.

Watching a programme with Jo Frost aka Super Nanny, she's doing an 'on the road' slot in this new show where parents can ask her for a brief bit of advice as well as her normal formula where she spends a longer time with a family.

I think Super Nanny's kind of sexy, bet there's a few dads who think so too.

Just seen a mother and her 15 yr old daughter talking to Jo - Mum's worry is that her daughter, who has decided she wants to be glamour model, will stop trying to do well at school because of her ambition, and then have nothing to fall back on if she is unsuccessful in becoming a model.

Jo asks the kid what she thinks glamour modelling entails,
"I know sometimes you have to go topless but I wouldn't do that . . . unless I had a boob job"
Jo . ."Why do you think you need a boob job ? "
"Because then they'd be perfect".
She also said that she wants to get a nose job.


Your FIFTEEN year old (and the girl was beautiful) thinks that she will only have perfect looks and boobs if she has surgery and if she does then she'll happily get them out for lads mags and seedy newspapers, and yet you think the biggest problem here is that she might not do well at school ?

I think her biggest problem is her mother and her misplaced concerns.

Jo gave them both a bit of a chat about self esteem.

I think it says a lot about the message that the media sends out to our young people as a whole. It's hard enough being a teenager with all the hormones flooding your system and the emotional conflicts that can cause, without being constantly bombarded by images that suggest you need to strive for their idea of perfection.
Right at the time in your life when you are at your most insecure.
Most anorexics begin those behaviours during puberty, when body image and the need to fit in are very high in their priorities. Children need to be made to feel confident in themselves, their looks and their abilities and in the first instance that's the job of a responsible parent.
Nurturing a child is about more then putting food on the table and buying games consoles and the latest trainers, you need to take care of their minds too.

The mother wasn't saying anything about the modelling itself or the boob job, just the fall back plan and the education needed to have that.
Of course as a parent you should encourage your child's hopes and aspirations, but that mother needs to look at where her child got the idea from and question why a young girl, who obviously has a less then great self image would want to enter a world where image is everything.

I think they both need a bit more help then five minutes with Super Nanny.


Rant over.
Got that off my chest.
Thank you for listening.
I'll probably add more to this later - it's an issue that bothers me, especially having worked with teenagers with emotional problems, but right now I'm tired.


  1. i completely agree. i had sooooo little self esteem and yes, i have an eating disorder. it really is brutal that the mother couldn't see how she's not doing the kid any favours.

    they should let her know that there are a lot of models who have natural breasts, because they're not big. she's confusing it with sports illustrated models.

    and porn.

  2. yep, super nanny does move the sex meter needle. she's what Poppins wanted to be but couldn't by the corporate Mouse

  3. @willy (or whatever the fuck your real name is). I have no intention of publishing comments that would require me to put an adult warning on this blog. At least not until the problems with the stat counter are fixed lol.
    And if I do it will be because of stuff that I write. Not you.

  4. damn. super nanny's working that reality tv show photo shoot like NOBODY'S BUSINESS!

    it's a sad sad thing. it reminds me of toddlers and tiaras, where those little girls get spray tans and fake teeth and their parents tell them how beautiful they are when they actually look like miniature female body builders. blech!

  5. 100% with you here.
    There should be a Parents of Teenagers Rehab Clinic.
    There is a proliferation of obnoxious men we share in common on our Blogs. I have decided to delete them during moderation. what's with this freakin' attach of testosterone? Even Big A is not spared.

  6. Sadly, fame and beauty-worship have become the hallmark of success in Western society. Why does it seem so damned hard for parents to offer even moderately healthy guidance over their kids sometimes?

  7. I find Super Nanny hot too. Is that weird? It's like that naughty librarian thing.

    And no 15 year old should think they need a boob job. That's just... well, depressing. And gross.

  8. @Andrea, 'glamour' modelling here means topless (and more) and damn sure the mother know's that - I was proper shouting at the telly.
    @Pheonix, I have looked at your blog - why am I in your 'blog roll' yet you do not show up in my followers ? Considering the nature of the other blogs in that list and the few posts I read I suspect that you either are 'willy jerk-off' and all the other 'anonymous' posters or responsible for directing him to me and a few others.
    @IHE, it does indeed - had I not been so tired I probably would've wrote a lot more to this post and mentioned the pageant mums and the eight year olds getting botox.
    @PB, It's cos we're so damn hot...but see above I think I know who's responsible. The first one made me laugh - cos it kinda fitted the post it was wrote under, the last two went to spam. The only person allowed to write filth on my blog is ME ! Might delete the shoutbox...just in case.
    @Beer, I think she looks like she can handle a whip ! And yeah, it is.

  9. I still get annoyed when I see kids being given a party every birthday, what's that all about? I don't see kids throwing parties for their parents birthdays, the needy little bastards.

  10. You are ABSOLUTELY right!
    For the record, I'm a dad and I think she's wayyyyy hot. @Beer: It IS that librarian thing!!
    Boob job, shmoob job. Unless they're on Chastity Bono (come to think of it, are they STILL on Chastity Bono???), there's no such thing as unattractive boobs.
    Finally, I'd like to get this on a card from Hallmark: "The worst I ever had was wonderful."
    I probably won't be able to.
    But, she's hot.

  11. Here in LA it's common for girls to get plastic surgery for their 16th or 18th birthday. Fairly sad, really. I don't think i've ever found anyone who has had obvious plastic surgery attractive.

  12. @Tony, I know - but I have been known to hi-jack sons, he was rather pissed off that in the weeks that followed his 21st (we had a massive house party) none of his friends thanked him they just kept telling him "your mums a legend". 'Cos I was more smashed then him and a better DJ then his mates lol. We get our revenge eventually.
    @Al & Sub, Welcome to my blob !

  13. I agree with you totally dear, I normally do infact.I did see the programme in question but turned it off before I got shouty.
    Ps. Thanks for the Jo Frost pic, I wouldn't half mind her sending me to the naughty step...

  14. i dont get the world anymore.

  15. Hey cowgirl, sorry haven't commented in a while. Just got back into the blogger swing of things. I will have to go through and see all the posts I've missed! I totally LOVE the Supernanny! It's hard to believe how completely stupid and misguided parents can be. 15 years old, topless? :( :( :( :(

    Our society is gross.

  16. Gotta agree with you, kids grow up emulating what they see around them. If you set a poor example, you end up with screw ups for kids.
    You can't blame them when you set the wheels in motion to begin with.

  17. @Bizz, you and the rest of the male population - I bet she's the subject of a few RPGs lol.
    @Paige, you're not the only one.
    @Cait. WB!! And yeah, indeed.
    @Skeng, true.

  18. I fancy Super nanny especially in that pic ! She is my guilty pleasure! Bloody older women !


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