Sunday, 15 December 2013

my TV is full of idiots

And I don't even watch it THAT much.

When I was a little kid I honestly believed that there were little people in the back of it.

One day my was Dad taking the back off of it as it had stopped working for some reason, he told me to stay out of the way for safety reasons, but I was being such a persistant nuisance he let me have a look at what he was doing.
I still remember the look on his face when he asked me why I was crying and I told him the little people must be dead.

But I must of been about 4 at the time.
So a reasonable excuse for that mistake.
Not that todays children would be so naive about technology, my friends three year old can make my phone do things I had no idea it could.

But anyway that's off topic really, back to the idiots on the TV.

As much as I may or may not watch it in the evening at home, I would never choose to watch it during the day. For one thing I have so little free day time that I have a lot of far better things to do when I do get some, but also because during the day is when the idiots seem to be on in droves.

Daytime TV in this country consists of DIY shows, ripped off consumers and cowboy builders, and fight chat shows full of the dregs of society discussing doubtful parentage of their assorted ugly children, failed relationships and substance misuse issues, .
But often when I am at work (as a support worker I am in someone elses home) the TV is on.

At lunchtime on Monday Loose Women was on. Which is basically a bunch of middle aged TV has-beens (apart from Janet Street Porter, I love her, she's opinionated, often rude and pulls no punches) talking about whatever is topical that day.

On Monday they were, of course, talking about Nelson Mandela.
As was everyone.
But unlike the Loose Bimbos most people managed to get the facts right.
One of them was talking about the personal tragedys he had suffered and said "he lost his Son in a car accident". No, he didn't, that was his great granddaughter, his Son died from AIDs.
I actually found that rather offensive, that they did not even bother to check the (very well known) facts.
Then another of them was saying how he always managed to keep his sense of humour and how you could tell that because no matter who he was meeting or where he always wore "those loud bright shirts".
Yeah, those shirts are made from traditional tribal African fabrics.
He didn't wear them to be funny, he wore them as a sign that he remained true to his tribal roots.


Shame Ms Street Porter wasn't on the show that day, because I have a feeling that she might've picked them up on those points.