Thursday, 17 March 2011

worst video ever.....a challenge

I have just seen a video on Klazys Blog which she said was the worst video ever. Click here to see.

It was pretty fucking awful and serious abuse of autotune, if she was dead even Cher would be turning in her grave.
Well they can't cremate her, the amount of plastic surgerys she's had it would probably burn another hole in the ozone layer.

Anyway, I know of something far far more awful...even YouTube calls this the worst video ever.

It fails on every level.

Fellow inhabitants of the Blogosphere I challenge you to find worse.
Or find one redeeming feature in this travesty.
Other then it being amazing that something could be so bad.

Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you Jan Terri and her anthem Losing You.

So, can you do better - or should I say worse ??


  1. I am angry . I fell into the hype of your thread in the coffee shop. Now I can never get that 4 minutes and 18 seconds back. Thanks. I may never forgive you for this.

  2. Hahaha Look at her! Is this for real?

  3. Holy hell. Wow, now THAT truly was some awful shit. Even "Chocolate Rain" couldn't beat that. I may stand corrected.

  4. i couldn't make it past a minute. i will not look at any more that are worse. it's kinda like someone holding their hand to your face while they have a grimace and say, "ew! smell this!"

    and somehow, we do.

  5. I like a woman with a bit of meat on her, but her face reminds me of a blowfish. She should redo the whole thing with a paper bag over her head and without that godawful soundtrack.

  6. I am passing on an award to you. It is on my blog at

  7. Hmm. Yes, this video is terrible. But, for different reasons. The music, while awful, doesn't make me want to puke on kittens as much as "Friday" did. And it wasn't as retardedly obvious with the "Saturday is after Friday, which comes after Thursday, which is 2 days after Tuesday" seen on "friday."

    However, the chick in THIS video... the hair...jacket...cannons... wow. Fail.

    However, someone challenged me to watch a video worse than "Friday" but of the same genre, and I had to concede they were right. This is worse.

    aka "My jeans" with Jenna Rose. *shudder*

    You're welcome.


  8. jesus she is hideous!
    every girl has the right to be ugly but shes takin the piss

  9. Haha, yeah, this is without a doubt, one of the worst movies i've ever come across. A close second, or at least a worthy challenger is none other than, "Mark Gormley" and his song, "without you".

    There's something about these tacky ass videos... They make my day.

    Thanks for your words over at my blog too, I've enjoyed reading yours, there's some funny shit on here. I seem to have a knack for murdering plants as well...

    It's probably easiest for you to jump back onto my blog, and where the nintendo controller/mp3 player is, each song that plays is listed in red and you can select the next song by pressing left or right on the directional pad. If you have any troubles with it, let me know and I can just give you a list of of what's there.

    Thanks again, keep up the good work.

  10. That was horrendous and it made me very sad.

    This video is awful but it will make you feel good inside:

  11. Well, thanks for the links people and sorry if I made your ears bleed but I stand by this being the worst...on every level.

  12. Lol. I can't be certain if she's lip singing or not.
    But I don't find it overtly horrible, the video is mediocre though

  13. that's not the worst- it's a gem!
    i saw it years ago on a video collection my friends had called "found footage fest"-
    these 2 guys found... "found" some old forgotten crap tapes from whence ago, and now they tour bars showing them on a huge screen - this shit was on there! i inherited the tape. i OWN this shit.
    also on there was a selection of traci lords' exercising how-to video from eons ago. booya.

    gems for everyone!!!:


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