Saturday, 5 March 2011

just one more....

Just a few more pictures found stashed away in my hard drive that are worth a giggle...

Ironic ?

I'm surprised there isn't a queue.....

This was taken by a friend whose in the army...

There's plenty of things servicemen must get homesick for out there, but this is what they get ?


  1. I would imagine the servicemen would rather line up at the platform.

  2. LOL

    Yeah, I think you might be right.

  3. I'm going to stand near the platform edge more often! LOL.

    BTW- you have a new award on my page. ;)

    Been busy, so kinda behind on reading blogs (and catching up on the debauchery in the shop)

  4. That Penrith sign must have been produced before oral sex was invented. I have a vision of Monica Lewisnky sticking her head out of a moving carriage with her mouth wide open.

  5. @retch, day shifts catching up with you are they ? replied on your blog :)

    @gorilla, if I lived close I'd be tempted to see if that sign was still there, a mate sent me that pic so have no idea how recent that was.

  6. LOL I loved the train station sign :) Brought back many memories of riding the train to see my nana when we lived in the UK !

  7. I love your posts :) I left you something on my blog!


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