Sunday, 13 March 2011

wakey wakey

The countdown is on until I start my new job.

1st April is D Day.
And I’m worried.

Not about the job, about how the fuck I’m gonna be able to get up every morning.
I’ve had 15 months of not having to.
I fucking hate mornings.

I'm used to waking up about midday, thinking is there anything I HAVE to do today ?
And deciding there isn't so fuck it I'm staying here for another three hours.

Some people might consider this lazy.
I disagree, I think I’m nocturnal.
I’ve always been the same, can’t sleep at night - in fact if there’s something I need to do I’m at my most productive around 4am.
I tell people I have insomnia but the truth is I don’t have trouble sleeping as long as I do it during the day.
And once I am asleep nothing can wake me.
I’m the person who slept through a hurricane and woke up wondering why next doors shed was in my garden.

Most of my jobs have been shift work, and I’ve always volunteered for the late shifts or waking nights.
I will admit that waking nights tended to pay a higher rate, but that was a bonus not the incentive.

Even as a teenager I was the same.
If I went to school I was always late, and a lot of time when I was bunking off it wasn’t always to go out with my mates, sometimes I used to just go back to bed.
Well ok not always, my mum never did understand how I managed to get such a dark suntan just from spending my lunch break outside.
Truth is when the sun was shining we all used to go to the beach instead of school.

It’s not like I have to get up really early for this job either - I’ll be starting at 10am and its only gonna take me half an hour to get there.
But just the thought of leaving my king size memory foam mattress at that time is killing me.

I love staying in bed all day.
And yeah, ok, sometimes it’s nice if that isn’t just to sleep but really I like having my huge bed all to myself.
If I have company I have no problem with that person doing what needs to be done then leaving, unlike some of the women I know who would be seriously offended by that.
Why ?
Saves the whole horror of them seeing what you look like first thing in the morning in the cold light of day.
Or you them.

Anyway I think I need to go and buy myself about five alarm clocks.


  1. i am a night person too. hate mornings.
    each day i have 4 alarms to get me up at 8am.

  2. Mornings suuuuuck. I have a lot of trouble getting up before 9am.

  3. i love sleeping ... i wish i was a better sleeper ... i have to have PERFECT conditions to sleep ... socks, earplugs, warmth, and i have to read myself to sleep ... but i love it when i finally get there

  4. Make it six clocks DCG. Get the ones that make terrible, annoying sounds. Cheaper by the dozen, so they say.

  5. I'm with ya! I hates gettin' outta bed when I don't wanna. Like mornings though so that's weird. But I would always like to go back to bed.

  6. I used to be like that! Still am, but I've fixed it pretty well for the most part. I'd be up all night, and sleep all day. I had nothing better to do. It's not that I don't like mornings, I just don't like the waking up lol Eventually, about a week before school started, I would force myself to be in bed by 1 or 2 am (I'd only have to wake up about 9 or later those days for class) and even if I wasn't doing anything, I'd get up about 12 or so.

    Turns out there's more to do than I thought lol Also, having a boyfriend who always wants to go places helped me, too. Lol xD


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