Wednesday, 2 March 2011

the joy of sex ?

A couple of hilarious and quite contradictory things I've found while trawling the internet.

Reasons to be very glad that I am living now and not then.

So ladies have you mastered the art of looking welcoming but not obvious ?
At least you don't need the wonderbra and suspenders. Personally I'm wondering what the more 'unusual' practises were.
I'm guessing anything that the woman might've enjoyed.

No wonder women always look so fucking miserable when you see pictures from then. Well it sounds Victorian but it's from the early 60s - which is when I was born.
How times have changed and thank fuck they did.

And then there's this......
A Japanese catalogue from around the same time as the other article.
The translation only adds to the joy.

"............then she will never seperate from you"
No, not without medical help.

I suppose they at least cared about a woman enjoying sex, even it meant she was going to be confronted by a man wearing something that resembled a medieval torture implement and intending to give her unexplainable feelings.

Now where's my rabbit.


  1. hahahahahahahah ... TFAF (totally funny as fuck!)

  2. And they wonder why Japan is over-populated! LOL

    My mom had 10 kids in 12 years and she wasn't one to give in to my Dad at all. (She wanted a bakers dozen not just 10 kids) She was a feisty 5 ft little bitch that never took any shit from anyone so I can't see her to "be obedient and uncomplaining" with my Dad ever! She probably had him hanging from the rafters in their bedroom for all I know! lol
    Great article!

  3. "A man's satisfaction is more important than a woman's..." Fuck. That was the 60s?
    Also, I love "...a small quite sufficient to indicate any enjoyment that you may have had." Hilarious. Awesome post.

  4. OMG. That is hilarious. Love the excerpt... it is so 1920s. Those devices are terrifying looking. I guess those projections must be soft, but jesus.

  5. Good god....women were f-ing nuts if they bought into that back then!! Great find!

  6. Leave it to the Japanese...they have always paved the way in depravity! Cactus dildos...ouch...

  7. Hell! Where did you dig out those articles from?LOL.

  8. I've been trying to get my missus to call me 'My Lord' - Yes, My Lord, when ever i want 'congress' for example. But, I know my place.

    Brilliant post, btw.

  9. the first example requires a rape whistle and a cunt-duster.
    and the second requires a safe word.
    i'm glad those days aren't my now.

    great post, it makes me feel grateful to express my lady sex needs and desires healthily. not every woman around the world can.

  10. Good lord, girl. That is crazy town. And that second one I had seen. I found the translations enchanting what with the "women happy medicine" and whatnot.

    ps you rock my world.



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