Wednesday, 23 March 2011

addicted to blogging

It’s been just over since three months since I joined Blogger.

I am quite pleased to say that I have over 60 followers and am approaching 2000 page views, I don’t think that’s bad going really, I doubt I could find 60 people who want to listen to what I have to say every day in the real world.
I’ve also found some really good blogs to read that I like for many different reasons, my reading list is like my personal library and it has a bit of everything.

Be gone !!!
I’ve met some very nice people and gained quite a few followers in the ‘Coffee Shop’ forum.
And met a few trolls.

Some readers have found me by a random search and some via other blogs.
And then there are the anonymous ones.

I wish......
I know they are there, my dashboard says I have more then show on my list.

But why would someone feel the need to be undercover about reading my verbal diarrhoea ?
I might say the odd swear word but it’s not like there’s really any offensive content…well not by my standards anyway.
Are they undercover ?
Perhaps Batman is reading my Blog.

If I had one wish it would be for more people to comment.
My little visitors map and my stats tell me that I have some fairly regular readers in some far flung parts of the globe but they never say hello.

Wtf ? How is this relevant ?
If you see this readers in Russia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia or anywhere else say hello next time you’re here.
Even if you don’t write too well in English I can easily translate.

The thing that cracks me up the most, apart from some very entertaining blogs I have found to read is the search keywords. I have a few that are very rude, and I’m not going to write them here in case that just ups the ante on them on google but my favourite is.
“Dog Shoulder Diagram” ???

There’s a few things I really don’t like.
I find blogs that have bright garish colours really hard to read, especially bright writing on dark backgrounds. There’s been a few that I would’ve followed, except they weren’t worth getting a migraine for.

Bad enough I need reading glasses, if I have to sit here with shades on I too I won’t see a fucking thing.
And those full of adverts put me right off - no matter how good the content.
I don’t like the spam that comes in a tin and I don’t want to see it on my computer thanks very much.

nom nom NOT !
I don’t want much TV but when I do make sure I miss the first five minutes so I can rewind then fast forward all the ads.
On here I just click next.

And annoying in an amusing way are the people who appear as followers, never comment or even say hello and after two weeks remove themselves. I take them to be following me because they think I will return the favour.

If I add someone to my list it’s because I want to read them, and if I don’t I won’t. I think some people see gaining followers like Facebook friends and they just want to be able to say I have 545.

Personally I would prefer 30 that read then 300 that didn’t.

But to everyone who has passed by my humble little piece of the blogosphere and stopped to read I would just like to say thankyou very much indeed, whoever and wherever you are on the planet.

Yes you, all of you, you lot are the best !!
Much love to all of you J


  1. People who read without commenting are called 'lurkers', Ms Cowgirl. You'd better get used it, because they're a fact of life for all bloggers.

  2. I want Batman to follow my blod too!......

  3. I tend to be more of a lurker...I am like that in my real life too. I prefer to sit back and listen to what other have to say (or read, if we are talking about blogs) and rarely say anything.

    My blog pet peeve is hard-to-read non-traditional fonts. My aging eyes just don't work the way they used to.

  4. I love your blog! I know that I started following because of a link from a different blog (but I forgot which one). I also know that it annoys me when people look at my blog and then don't comment. -.-

  5. I drop in from time to time. I have you bookmarked with a half dozen or so I read semi-regularly. I found you at "My Angry Life"; 6 degrees of separation and all that. I love the customization for the commentators: "Attention Seekers". Ha! C'est moi. 61 followers? More than me. Not sure why I put that control in the blog design in the first place; I wasn't really looking for followers per se. I'm the guy standing at the corner babbling out loud to no one in particular. :-)

    Check out your ranking on Alexa
    Alexa ranking

    [wave from afar, smile]

  6. dirty, i get so many more reads than comments and followers ... and it's really ok ... i like that people are reading even they don't say anything. we're all here to stick by ya and learn a little more about you every day xoxo

  7. you had me at hello, you had me at hello.

  8. Batman is busy with Catwoman. Oh, I forgot, you are a Catwoman too.
    I follow, and say something ... sometimes. hehe

  9. @gorilla, I'm sure they were a punk band ?
    @spookee, I bet he watches a few
    @cake & Girl1, I like that you both commented here though because I see you on my list but wondered if you do read, now I know you do I'm happy :)
    @william, you should stop by more often and bring chocolate! Dunno what that link is but doesnt work for me.
    @andrea, I think it's always gonna be that way - and I dont mind, just thats what I'd change if I could.
    @better, HELLO !
    @pb, you know he's mine.

  10. I've been a follower for quite a while now I guess, and now I feel obligated to leave you a comment... O_O hahaha!

  11. I love your blog and read it regularly ever since I discovered it through links on another blog. I tend not to comment on most others' blogs, as I'm a bit of a freak(OK, more than a bit) with one of those garishly colored, hard to read blogs and don't want to call too much attention to myself.

    But your blog is fantastic and calls out to the punk rock side of me that sneers at the world at large. Keep blogging and I hope you don't mind a freak like me as a lurker (you're right, that HAD to have been a punk band).

  12. @justine, I'm glad you did
    @Celyn, they were...look em up on youtube

    Thanks for commenting everyone here - I'm really happy you did as it means that while you may not comment you do read, and that means a lot to me :)

  13. Sorry, I'm only a lurker on Tuesday's. I don't get on all that often, but when I do I always read your blog. I post randomly when I feel the inspiration but love to comment so I will try to do so more often.


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