Sunday, 20 March 2011

interdire le français

I watched the news earlier this evening.
Japan reports radiation has been detected as far away from the Fukushima plant as Tokyo - 150 miles.
Of course this is played down, they say levels are low yet they are giving out iodine tablets.

If I was there I’d be leaving.
The crisis has been raised to a Level 5, again played down, they say this means a risk to the immediate area outside the plant, but its 5 out of 7.
If it was 1 or 2 it might be reassuring, 5 is not.

However it does appear that they have made some progress in cooling the reactors, although there is also now talk of doing what they did at Chernobyl and covering the entire site in sand and cement if all else fails.
Yeah ok, except Chernobyl isn’t in the middle of an earthquake zone and it was one, not six reactors. 

Given that and the fact that the waste from these things is usually buried deep underground I can’t see how this is a failsafe solution.

However I am feeling slightly less concerned about the prospect of Armageddon.
For now.

The problem is that this has got me thinking again about the fucking French situation.
France produces 75% of his electricity from nuclear power, no other country uses even close to this.
This is a country that has 58 nuclear power plants. To put that in perspective the only country that has more is the USA with 104, and most US States are bigger then France. Even Russia, the biggest country in the whole fucking world has 32.

And the bastards have built five of them on their North Coast…that’s about 300 miles from the South coast of England.
Which is where I fucking live.
One of them goes Chernobyl where the fuck is the wind gonna blow that ?

Fucking cunts.
I have vowed to never set foot on French soil. Was bad enough I had to go through the place to get to Belgium on the Eurostar, I told the place what I thought of it though.

That is my actual finger & outside the window is france !
I fucking hate the fucking French.
For other very good reasons too.

Of the eight countries that have conducted nuclear tests, France has never done this on their own soil - they tested in the Sahara and Polynesia.
Talk about don’t shit on your own doorstep…well I suppose I’m kinda glad they didn’t given that the wind could’ve well blown their shit onto my doorstep. The only countries that have tested more are the USA and Russia. But at least they had the good grace to do most of theirs at home.

They’ve been electing their equivalent of the National Front, a racist organisation, to their parliament for years. Jean Marie LePen, a man whose opposition to ethnic groups is well known has previously come second in their presidential election.

There is a Japanese method of shark fishing that uses live dogs as bait. This is now a banned practise, apart from in French waters.

They have a lot of responsibility for what happened in Vietnam, before the war started over there a lot of that part of the world was French occupied, I'm not going into a lengthy history lesson here but it is well documented in books that I have read.

They eat frogs legs and snails…now that is just gross.
Who the fuck looks at a frog or a snail and thinks I wonder what that tastes like ?
Only the French.

Delicious...or small people ?

And also on the news tonight the Libyan situation and the international effort to finally put a stop to Gadaffi. Yes this is a good thing but I turned the TV over just in time to hear the reporter say,

"France fired the first shot"
Can't say I'm surprised.


  1. Is it true that French women don't shave their armpits? I give them credit for that if it's true.

  2. Besides the French, the Chinese eat anything whose back is facing the sun, including frogs and snails and everything else in between.
    The French are way snootier, but the rudeness level is directly correlated. Based on my own personal experience.
    But I would love to own acres of land in the South of France. :)

  3. @gorilla, apparently so.
    @pb, yuk ! And I have to agree about the rudeness.

  4. Cherie J'espere que ceux sont en fin des grenouilles et pas des nains yous avez decide a tuer pour sport.
    Et bien, je t'aime peu importe la reponse. xx

  5. @B.Mais bien sûr que non, ils sont en fait des lilliputiens que j'ai attrapé à l'aide chatons vivent. Eh bien, pour être honnête, les chatons les a pris pour moi. Je vous aime trop:)

  6. DCG JRCF!!!! ;) xxx

  7. dirty ... i completely believe that they're understating the horrid nuclear disaster that could be happening to people in japan ...

  8. Holy shit, it does look like small people. Gross, I bet they eat their small people with mayonnaise instead of ketchup like normal people...


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