Thursday, 8 December 2011

byeeeee !!!

Well this is it.

This will be my last post for a month, and this time tomorrow I will be thousands of miles away in the sun.
To say I was a little bit excited is the understatement of the year.

Christmas on the beach is something I have always wanted to do, especially since Son grew up and I no longer had to pretend to enjoy it, and could freely admit that I actually hate this time of year.
However I do have a nativity story of my own that I love.
It was a long time ago (no, not that long, I'm not talking about Bethlehem) and Son was still mummy's special little boy. Ok, that was actually longer ago then I am prepared to admit, but he was three at the time and attending nursery school. He loved it there, all the other kids would cry when their parents left them in the morning, mine used to get upset when it was time to leave.
I went to get him and as it was one of the days when we had no lift this meant a walk to the bus stop. It wasn't that far, unless you were three years old and had just endured a long day of games, afternoon naps, making cakes, painting, story telling and generally enjoying yourself.
So he starts to complain.
Usually I would've carried him some of the way, but I had been Christmas shopping before I went to get him and had a few bags to carry. All he was carrying was his (now empty) lunchbox but apparently that was HEAVY.
He started to walk really slowly for a few minutes before stopping altogether, then puts his ghostbusters plastic lunchbox on the pavement, sits on it, folds his arms and says,
"That's it. I can't walk any more. I've got a baby in my tummy and it's coming out RIGHT NOW"

I spent the next few days wondering what on earth they were teaching him. But the next day he was there I got an invite to their nativity play and then it made sense.
Mummy's special boy had figured if it was a good enough excuse for Mary to stop and rest then it was good enough for him.

I realise it's going to be hard to cope quiet without me, but there are some guest posts appearing here over the coming month, and I do have almost a years worth of posts you could always read back through if you find yourself suffering from cowgirl withdrawl. In fact by the time I get back it will almost be LAWAFM's first birthday.
Thanks to all of you who have visited, followed, read, commented. I'm still blown away that so many of you take the time to read the nonsense and constant moaning interesting stuff that I write here.
I started blogging for me, but you all make it worthwhile :)

I love you guys.
See you next year !!!
I even made you all a Christmas Card. Well I adapted it from what was going to be a followers badge.
Don't expect too much effort I have packing to do.
 My printer's broke otherwise I would send some out, but if you really want you can copy and print it yourselves.

In the meantime. . .  here's some Christmas cheer I stole borrowed from the internet.

The night before Xmas throughout the house,
we were all fucked, even the mouse.
Dad at the brothel, mum with uncle Frank,
I'd settled down for a nice slow wank.
Outside the house I heard a right clatter,
I let go of my cock to see what was the matter.
Out on the lawn I saw a big dick,
I knew right away it was old St Nick.
He came down the chimney like a bat out of hell.
The big fat fucker, I think he fell.
He filled all our stockings with sweets and beer,
and a big rubber cock for my brother, the queer.
He rose up the chimney with a thunderous fart,
the big fat cunt blew the house apart.
He swore and he cursed as he rode out of sight,
Shouting I'll be back next year, have a hell of a night.

Joseph and Mary lived in a barn. Mary had just given birth to a baby boy, Joseph was a carpenter by trade but had no work.
On this particular day, after another unsuccessful day at the job centre, Joseph trudges back to the barn on his donkey. He then notices three men on camels carrying parcels and they take them into the barn.
Joseph gets off his donkey, storms into the barn and shouts, "For fuck's sake, Mary; we've just had a baby, I'm unemployed and you're ordering stuff off ebay."

Driving on ice is like having sex doggie style.
One slip and you can really fuck up someone's rear end.
Drive safely this Xmas

@guestposters - a friend of mine has admin just in case the scheduling doesn't work so she can publish them and any comments.
@Vee - I'll message you, I plan to get an Indian SIM for my phone so I'll let you have the number and hopefully meet you there :)

One last thing before I go.

I know it's a bit early to be saying this is my favourite christmas post as I won't be around to read all of them, but I have a feeling that even if I read loads this would still be my favourite.

Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Have a fantastic time!! :0)

  2. Enjoy yourself, Ms Cowgirl, and don't drink the water!

  3. Have a great time away Dirtycowgirl, you're right that Christmas on a beach sounds like an absolutely amazing concept, so make sure that you have fun! Great post as usual as well, looking forward to more when you return.

  4. wooohooo i feel so special!

    really digging the card. i think i might print it out and mail it to the four people i know....

    have fun on your trip! don't do anything i wouldn't do!

  5. Enjoy your vacation, we'll see you when you get back, take some pictures and go on some adventures!

  6. It can't be that time already :( Have fun and try not to get deported when you're just on holiday!

  7. Thanks guys.

    Over and out :))))))

  8. Have a great vacation and come back with some great stories for us!!

  9. The Christmas rhyme was classic. Thanks for sharing that. Hope you have a great trip and a fun holiday! Cheers!

  10. Have a splendid time. Bring back pics for the many blog posts I'm certain you will have.

  11. Well, I guess you're gone and you've left me behind, in spite of my love for you. When you return, I'll still be here, hanging around, longing for you.


    Oops! I meant to write this for my non-existent boyfriend.

  12. I would say HAVE FUN, but I just know you will!

    So I'd rather say, Stay Safe and Rule the World woman!

    I'll miss you. Te veo.

  13. omg you actually get to meet vee in person!!! it will be too late by the time you read this, but just in case, give her a double hug from me!!!!

  14. Hope you're being safe and having fun! <3

  15. Hahhah that's one filthy rhyme. That's good because I like raunchy.


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