Monday, 12 September 2011

tag game

. . . or yet another post in which I get to brag about my own blog.

My blogger friend Lily, who writes a very warped and funny blog on the joys of parenthood (which you should definitely check out if you haven't already) tagged me in this game.
I did point out that I had just written a post pretty much whoring promoting myself but she insists. So in the interests of keeping the peace ( I don't want to upset her she might set the lil' man on me and anyone who reads her blog knows he is the spawn of satan ), here goes nothing. . . . 

Feel free to copy the picture - I was too lazy to type the rules out and for some reason when I tried to copy/paste from Lilys blog it insisted on placing a background colour behind it.

1. I don't know that I have ever written a post that could be considered beautiful, but this was written on my Mums birthday as a kind of memoriam to her, albeit one she would not approve of.
Mothers day.
2. According to my popular posts gadget it varies between these two. They seem to take turns at the top of the list, although I think that being listed on the gadget is what keeps them there. And yeah, I know the rules say only one per subject but rules were made to be broken.
Why can't we live together   What a cunt
3. Since I use this blog to air my views about a lot of things I think there are probably a few posts that might be considered controversial, but really they're only that if you disagree. I'm nominating this one because of the subject matter.
Call that holiness.
4. Helpful ? On this blog ? I struggled to find one that might be considered helpful, but in the end I decided on this because it might put off be useful to anyone thinking of joining a dating site.
Internet dating - my perspective.
 (Update - been thinking about this and I reckon my blog is actually very helpful for certain situations, for instance if you ever get cheated on or get caught shoplifting there's a couple of useful hints right there.)
In fact am now seriously considering starting an advice blog to share my worldly wisdom.
5. This stupid poem. For some reason it got loads of views and quite a few comments.
A poem what I wrote.
6.When I checked the post stats to do this game I was surprised that this is one of the least viewed. It's a few stories from when I worked in a children's home, it was going to be a series of posts. I planned to write more - but based upon how this one fared it's probably just as well I didn't.
Little devils and angels without halos.
7. I guess this one, not that I am especially proud of the post, but it is about a day (again with kids I worked with) that made me very proud of them.
Artistic persuasion.

And finally, the blogs I'd like to nominate for the challenge.

Of course it's up to all of you whether you want to do this, but it's a chance for a bit of shameless self promotion and there's no harm in that is there ?
BBG's blog is all about BBG world, which is often a very funny place although she sometimes makes me think too.
Apocalypse Now is worth checking out just for the week-end graphs, but there is always something on Chucks blog that make me giggle.
News from Nunnery Farm is a fairly new blog. Lee who writes it runs her own smallholding using traditional farming methods, her blog is informative and interesting, but as well as the animals she keeps as livestock she has a menagerie of crazy pets so there are always plenty of pictures and funny stories. It's Lees blog but Dave the sheep and Drainpipe the duck are the real stars.

When I started this list I decided to choose some that I have not been following for very long myself, in the hope that they might lead me to older posts of theirs that I might otherwise not see, a couple of newer blogs, and maybe those that don't have too many followers but deserve more.
But I've been scrolling through the list of blogs I follow and I'm now struggling over who to add, or more to the point who to leave off. I follow a few that have quite a big following already and it seems unfair not to share them just because they are doing well, so I'm going to leave that list up there ^ as it is for now and over the next week I'm going to compose a page of all my followed blogs.

I had one ages ago but I took it off because a lot of the blogs that were on it had stopped posting.
Time to make a new one.

I have some gems to share.

Update . . . 5 mins later.
So I just went to let the people I nominated know and one blog has been removed and another redirected me to a different site. I've removed them from the list.
Great start eh ?
Maybe they got fed up with me stalking following and leaving sarcastic helpful comments.
Now I gotta decide on two more to add.

Actually fuck it, I think you should just go back to the beginning and read all my posts. They are all equally beautiful, popular, controversial and could possibly change your life. Well anything could happen in the time it takes anyway.

Update #2. Here's a better idea - if you want to do the challenge how about you just do it, let me know in the comments and then I'll add your link to the list. That works for me anyway, then I'm not nominating anyone who doesn't want to and including everyone who does.
And it saves me having to bother some time.

Yeah - fuck the rules. Up the revolution !!!
Happy days.


  1. Aww, and I had the lil man all unleased and in attack mode!

    Never be ashamed to be a 'blog whore,' it's something I constanly struggle with, to put my posts out there or not...I find it easier to just be a regular 'whore' whore, no problems with that whatsoever.

    Gonna happily check out your list.:0)

  2. LMAO, I love your blog! Adding it to my blog roll today!

  3. ..... This much swearing.... AH! M'lady, if I were not a spoken for man I would snap thee up myself! Followed for further fucking profanity.

  4. Thanks for the shoutout DCG! You know I love a challenge, I'm in. I'll get crackalackin' on this post fuckin' haste.

    I can't wait to check out the others, as you obviously have such good taste in online time wasting, er reading. ;D

  5. @Lily, I'm glad I did it then. As ever you crack me up.
    @Dotchi, Thanks and welcome :)
    @Dylan, What fucking profanity ? I don't know what you mean. Welcome to you too.
    @ ??, Thanks - apparently you are a joke site ?
    @BBG, I can't wait to read it !


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