Friday, 15 April 2011

call that holiness ???

What the fuck is it with the Catholic church.

Have just seen an item on the news about Roger Vangheluwe, a Catholic bishop accused of child sexual abuse.
Apparently the church sent him away to some retreat and said that he was receiving ‘spiritual help’, but instead this monster has been on Belgium TV talking about the assaults on two of his own nephews saying that it wasn’t abuse as the boys concerned didn’t seem to mind and pretty much trying to justify his actions by saying there was no violence involved.
It began when one of them was five years old.

No denial mind you.

And the fucking paedophile is STILL a priest.

The Catholic church in Belgium has voiced anger and disgust at the actions of Vangheluwe but the only person who can take the priesthood away from him is the pope who, according to the news, is considering the matter.
What’s to consider ?

The fuckwit is on TV, not the contemplative seclusion you sent him to, and not just admitting the offence but actually condoning his actions.

There are a lot of things that anger me about this, I’ve worked with abused children so these issues are always going to rile me.

But in this instance it’s the Church I’m taking issue with.
For the longest time the Vatican denied all the allegations made against it’s clergy and there have been plenty over the years.
But recently the pope apologised for the crimes against children committed in the past.

If he even needs to think about whether this latest loser should be excommunicated then that apology means fuck all.

inappropriate ? yeah but it's true
Personally I am not at all religious - never have been.
I was made to go to a Christian Sunday school and say prayers as a child but even then I questioned what I was being told. In my opinion religion is the cause of most wars and atrocities are committed in its name.
It divides people and nations instead of uniting them.

we're all doomed
I prefer to live my life as it comes and be a good person through conscience and moral values. I believe in Karma but I don’t think I’m going to hell because I’ve taken drugs, had plenty of sex without ever being married and can’t resist stealing the odd jar of coffee from Asda.

However I get that some people feel the need to believe in something and that’s up to them, I would neither condemn or condone another persons beliefs.

But the Catholic church is outdated, out of touch, sexist, homophobic and still harbouring monsters in its midst.

If it were any other kind of organisation it would be taken to trials, tribunals and called to account.

And the perpetrators of crimes against children would be imprisoned not sent to sanctuaries and allowed to defend themselves on public television.


  1. Yay double standards!

    I know there's Christians out there who don't condone this at all, not everyone is the same. But this is just ridiculous. Is it like, illegal to arrest a priest or pope? I honestly think that if any of the priest's here in my city were to do such a thing, they'd be taken to jail asap like the rest of the perverts.

    Maybe that ridiculous fucking hat is squeezing the poor old fuck's brains and he can't think straight.

  2. Gawd, don't get me started on religion!! It's all pretty retarded, but Catholicism holds a special place amongst all the different brands of faith, for it's sheer ridiculousness. It's responsible for so many sins against humanity throughout the ages. How the F so many people still buy into it is friggin' baffling!!

  3. dirty, i'm not going to start my rant on religion, pedophiles and zealots ... whom are all in the same fucking category ...

    then they say I"M going to hell because i have love for mi esposo?

    nope. said i wasn't going to get started ... aw fuck!

  4. Here, Here! More people like you are needed on this planet to talk sense, instead of out of their arses. Round of applause for this blog entry!

  5. The thing that we can not deny in this lifetime it that it own the World's Most Liquid, Fully Funded, and Richest Non-Taxed Bank - THE VATICAN BANK.

    Who funds the IMF quietly?
    We're doomed.

  6. I stopped believing in God when I was 6 years old and I started to hate religions (catholic) at the age of 10 when my friend walked into the sea and dissapered because of a priests abuse,to this day her parents think it was an accident!
    I know differently though and I have never told anyone! And now I'm crying again!
    Religion,priests,the pope can all suck my Dick.
    ps I dont really have a dick but if I did they would probably enjoy sucking it.
    pps sorry for ranting on your post DCG.
    ppps The asda thing made me piss:)

  7. This whole situatuin with the Catholic Church is disturbing on a number of levels. Obviously the pain that the victims have suffered is the greatest tragedy, but it is far from the only one. An entire organization has had its name and reputation destroyed because of a choice made to protect criminals instead of children. Justice has been denied in many, many cases because the statue of limitations for the crime passed before the crime came to light and the perpetrators get to walk free. The entire concept of religion has been tarnished, and justifyably so.

    But what really bothers me is the way thaso many people are sticking with this church instead of looking for alternative churches, or reanalyzing their beliefs.

  8. What I would like to know is how these child molesters can be hidden by the churches and sent to different countries and never put in prison for their crimes!? They are free to re-offend anywhere in the dam world they please!!

  9. Glad to be back! Missed you guys too!

    Now, you do know my opinions on organized religion, so I'll make this brief:


    That is all.

  10. Thanks for all the comments guys - no need for individual responses since I think we are all in agreement on this one :)

    @kiki - So sorry that happened to your friend and for reminding you, although I don't suppose you ever forget. No need to apologise but I'm glad I made you chuckle too. x.

  11. Yeahhhh, Jesus ain't a Catholic.


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