Saturday, 24 September 2011


I am knackered.

This week I have been mostly hanging doors, painting walls, drilling holes (no, proper holes in walls), fixing skirting boards and generally making a mess being creative with power tools.
Give me a drill and I turn into Clint Eastwood. . . go on wood make my day.

I'm kinda working on three posts, but I can't be arsed I'm far too tired to think about finishing any of them. I'm also trying to write a page about the blogs I follow so to make up for the shameless whoring of my own blog laziness in the last few posts I'm going to give you a few now.

Go look at them, there is nothing entertaining here today.

Misanthropy Chronicles
Apocalypse Now

Actually I think I might make that another 'regular feature'. . . it'll make a change from the fuckwits I found on facebook which seems to be a recurring topic lately.

Not found any of them this week either, everyone's far too busy moaning about some new layout or something, although I did find this . . .

Just not very well. . . meet my new holiday destination.

And this . . .

Obviously you don't need to go in order to get a job doing this. But if you were a parent deciding which one to send your kid too you wouldn't think this was a good sign would you.

I have also been having a clear up of all the porn crap on my laptop and found some pictures so you can look at them too. And yeah I stole them off the internet  . . . if the cow is yours ask me nicely and I'll tell you to kiss my arse remove it.

I'm not sure what I find more amusing - the car on the face or 
the fact that the cow's name is Bruce.

The new spokesman for student unions everywhere. . . 
meet my Grandad.

A long time ago I wrote a post about Prince Philip (oops here I go whoring it again). . . the racist twat who is married to Queen Liz. I have just seen a clip of him and Liz chatting to Obama.

OB "I had meetings with the Chinese, the Russians and David Cameron and I'm proud to say I did not nod off in any of them"
PP "Can you tell the difference between them"

The man talks out of his arse. . .

Someone needs to tell the royal famly, them fuckers keep on breeding and keep on sponging off the country. Apparently we are in an economic crisis (whatever that means, as long as I can afford fags and chocolate I'm ok) and everything is being cut back. But I've not heard mention of the fucking civil list.

And talking of cut backs. . . this cats diet. What the fuck ? Surely that is animal cruelty. . .I bet it can't even lick it's own genitals and we all know how much cats love to do that.
Be honest now, if you could lick yours would you ?

Yeah, I would. It's got to be better then turning into one of these . . .

I'm off to get some sleep.
Let me leave you with this thought.
Not everything on the internet is what it appears to be.


  1. "...lick it's own genitals and we all know how much cats love to do that."
    And, if I could, so would I.
    And probably never leave the house.

  2. Hey! Thanks for the plug!
    Love those pictures, especially Bruce with the car-
    get some rest!

  3. I think I'm knackered too! Not totally sure what it means but I like the sound of it. Those pictures are too funny...thanks for the shout out!

  4. I love those pictures! The grandad one is HILARIOUS.

    I'm going to send that to my grandma because I'm offensive like that.

  5. You really are tired. We need more cows called Bruce. Lot's more. But aren't all cows female? Thi still works, the butch cow called Bruce. I also had no idea you were English, I think, I'm tired myself I might have mentioned it before. Who knows? Well I'm sure your archives do, either way, you can come put up my door now lol and maybe even the damn windows.

  6. nice vent~!

    that cow took lessons from my dearly departed rottweiler who would get the garbage lid stuck around her neck when she went trash diving.

  7. I once saw a photo of auto-cunnilingus which I ought to send you. Maybe you could manage it after doing some back exercises. I bet you'd enjoy it more than most.

  8. Family Planning Advice - Use Rear Entrance. Hahaha, love it!! Funny post, as usual. Thanks for the laughs. :D

  9. You did well posting with all that going on. I haven't touched the internet because of a seven day shift.

  10. Well said. I think the fat cat should be turned into a hat and gloves. sending you this from GMT +2. My Blog is dead but I shall arise again!

  11. I love your blog! XD My own is rather lacking lately, and I look to you for inspiration!

  12. Love this blog post! A really interesting read! Followed! Haha this is great! Thanks for update and support!

  13. Considering the fair amount of randomness i've seen here, i think i will fit just fine. I have a feeling i'm going to enjoy this blog hahaha

  14. That last pic made me laugh. I thought I saw some exposed ass for a second there.

    Nice blog, +followed.

  15. @Al, that is why I think it's probably good that I can't. You, me and everybody else.
    @Gweenbrick, No need to thank me your blogs hilarious - I'm sure my followers will love it.
    @Chuck, as above - and it means tired, although it's also another word for bollocks.
    @Lemons, I have no doubt you will and I hope she enjoyed it.
    @Mark, we do indeed. Let me have your address and I'll be round, £50 an hour for DIY.
    @Andrea, please tell me you have a picture of that.
    @GB, please do although I'm not sure why you would think that.
    @Vee, better safe then sorry eh ?
    @Tony, I know - hope you're rested now.
    @Ian, Yeah I know it's you I now have a dot on the map from Israel and you're the only person I know there :)
    @Dylan, In that case there's probably not much hope for it . . .
    @Jason, what update ? and what support ? and followed where ? Can't see you on the list.
    @Fraser, HP and LP. thanks for the comments and welcome to my blob :))))

  16. Sorry but they're already done now :P All I have to go up now is my door. I forgot how big my room was.

  17. GREAT post!!! I love it ALL!


  18. Wow, your comment reply system is awesome. I keep telling Bryan that we need to do something like that (responding in-stream to comments), but as of yet we're both still reluctant to take the reins. Thanks for sharing the funnies. The school one is a favorite of mine. I've got it tucked away somewhere in my picture files.

  19. haha, these are hilarious! I think the "rear entrance" one is my favorite...

  20. Hey are u in the uk ? Need your help .

  21. Oh sorry forgot to give you my email ..

  22. Poor Bruce, I bet he was looking for something he left there.

  23. @Mark, I get that feeling whenever I tidy up.
    @Jez, good to see you back :)
    @Brandon, left a comment on your blog - if you like can give you the link to set it up like mine.
    @Heckle, Use it - I'd love to see what you do with it on your blog.
    @Scott, you have no profile..for all I know you're a scammer so won't email you. If you genuinely want help leave a comment, I can always not publish. Or you can email me via my profile here.
    @Post it, but what ? His lunch maybe ?

  24. @Scott. I have no idea who you are talking about, but I don't suppose this 'ex' of yours would appreciate you giving out 'her' number.
    If that even is her number...or if you even have an ex gf for that matter.
    If I were concerned about a friend of mine I would call/visit...whatever. I would NOT be contacting random bloggers who might know her because they live in the's a big fucking place.
    Maybe you are the pervert who leaves comments here trying to get me to call YOUR number.
    Either way not falling for it and any future comments will go in the spam folder.

  25. Creepy guys are gonna be creepy. But I couldn't help notice that you did give advice to Brandon about the comments, and I've been meaning to ask. I too comment back in posts, but I was wondering myself how you did it. Your comments stand out from the rest in your giant grey box (God I love being immature), and I've been meaning to ask you, but haven't worked up the balls as to how you did it. Someone else has asked though so I'll just ask to be told what you told them >_>

  26. I won't ask for the template. I will ask for recommendations on what post i should read next. I already read this one and a couple more, but until you post your next one, i would like to read a really good recommendation by the author :)

  27. Thanks for the blog love. It always makes my day to discover new readers and their blogs. Great post. Love the photo of Bruce the drunk cow. Consider me a new fan!

  28. This is the second time you have told people to go away and then kept writing. Methinks you have some passive/aggressive issues.

  29. @HP, That's like asking me to choose between my cats. . and the posts I write are so random in topics, I'm gonna take the easy way out and suggest this one
    @Empress, Me too, the feeling is mutual. Welcome :)
    @Flip, probably - but I also never know when to shut up.

  30. Could never be her mild companion. Following!


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