Friday, 9 September 2011

fairy godmother

Today I spotted this in my friends house.

Note the unicef logo all over it . . . the makers promise that for every pack bought they will donate funds to provide one vaccination for a child in a third world country.

Great idea.
Whilst you are waiting for your next load to emerge from the washing machine you can feel good about yourself with the knowledge that a poor starving African baby is not going to get some horrible disease.
Wash your pants and save a life.

But (yeah it's me, you knew there was going to be a but) have the makers of household products given up trying to convince us to buy their products because they are better then the rivals, and instead resorted to emotionally blackmailing us to do so ?
It's no longer buy Fairy because it's kind to your skin, the environment and can remove blood, shit and tears in cold water.
Oh no, now it's if you don't buy our product you are depriving a child of an injection.

Is there some unicef funded doctor in darkest Peru who has a queue of anxious mothers and sick babies hoping that he will get a text from Asda informing him that three more boxes have been sold so he can vaccinate three more children ?

If whoever makes these products can afford to fund vaccinations (which lets face it probably cost no more then a couple of quid each) why the fuck don't they just do it ?
The products that carry these kind of promotions don't cost anymore when they run them - so the money is coming out of their (probably huge) profits anyway - and charity donations are tax deductible, which lets face it is the real reason they do it.

I actually think it's quite disgusting that instead of just giving the charities the money they feel the need to turn it into a marketing opportunity as well. No doubt the 'brains' behind these schemes will justify it by saying that it enables their customers to feel as if they are helping needy children, but most people that want to help those less fortunate will make donations to charities anyway.
And Fairy - as you can see from the picture on the packet - has always used a baby as it's logo, and markets it's washing powder as being safe to use for baby clothes. The other product that I have recently seen use a similar idea was disposable nappies (diapers for all you across the pond).

Seems to me that that is trying to tug on the hormonal heartstrings of parents with babies.

You're walking round the supermarket and you like the smell of the detergent in the yellow box and that brand of nappies work better and are cheaper but hang on . . . . if you buy the ones you really want then a child in India might die. . .

Yup. Disgusting marketing ploy.

Just put your hands in your deep corporate pockets and give them the vaccines.
You can brag about it on your packaging if you want but don't try to use poverty stricken kids to make people buy your fucking overpriced product.


  1. I find diapers as gifts to be annoying.

    "I'm going to buy you a gift into which I would like you to place an enormous amount of feces. Then, I would like you to immediately throw it away.

    You're welcome."

  2. So you buy a cheaper brand and give half the money you save directly to UNICEF. That way everyone wins except Fairy - unless their washing powder really is better! No one gives money to charity because it's tax-deductible - you'd still be better off keeping the money and paying more tax.

  3. The sad thing is that if kids are getting vaccines in THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES, it's quite likely that they are going to DIE of the vaccine because the doctors are inexperienced and shit.

    ...Now excuse me while I go to the nearest Walmart and buy a 100 of those diapers.

  4. I used to actually love Gates for this. He never told anyone about the money he gave to charity. I am all for advertising your fave charity, but give if you are going to give. If you only give if WE buy something shouldn't WE get the tax write off too?

  5. I'm with jamie. Like the cunt who fired me- the one who put "tip" jars on the restaurant counters and "donated" the loot to charity under her own name... these turds must be stopped!
    Oh- and karma is a f'n bitch. the aforementioned cunt's house got destroyed in the hurricane- the same house she used to brag about all the f'n time.
    Liked GB's comment. Fuck them. Donate on your own.

  6. I know a lot of companies do this with their products, but I've never seen one as blatant as that Fairy box. 1 Pack = 1 Vaccine?!? Holy crap!
    I can just see their next marketing slogan: "Buy this detergent or children will die!!!"

  7. Could not agree more...........stop paying millions for crap campaigns like that and just give the money you make to Charity. We already know there are millions people to help, we don't need Fairy to remind it to us and make us feel the worst people on the planet if we don't buy theirs. I think more power you have, more time and money you waste while others are dying.
    As said above we'd better give on our own - their are useless.

  8. @Maxwell, Do people give them to you often ?
    @GB, Agreed - and I think the only difference between any of them, apart from the really cheap ones, is the smell.
    @Lemons, I really hope that's not the case.
    @Jamie, I never thought of it like that - very good point.
    @Vi, Welcome back, you have been missed :)
    @Krouth, I think that's pretty much what they are doing now.
    @Marie, Indeed - and welcome to my blob.

  9. Yeah, Jamie is spot on.
    Nothing beats direct donation. If it is a matter of importance, we can always make time to do it directly.
    And this is just one of the reasons why I love reading your posts, and you really deserve this, in case you haven't seen it yet:
    Thanks DCG, for being a great and inspiring Blogger and a helluva friend!

  10. Reminds me of an old tongue-in-cheek (I hope) ad that showed a .38 special pointed at the head of a border collie: "Buy this magazine or we'll shoot this dog."
    I agree with you 100%.

  11. good rant!

    it's true.

    people will find any opportunity to cash in :(

  12. @PB Thanks very much.
    @Al, Yeah I hope so too, but advertisers seem to have no morals.
    @Andrea, Absolutely.


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