Saturday, 2 April 2011

a very short story

Just seen a post that reminded me of this and I do like to share....

A very long time ago when son was about seven he had a collection of items bought from a joke shop.

His favourite thing was the paper mache fake poo.

He liked to leave it on the bathroom floor, so people would see it and think we had done it  - well that I had done it - embarassing me was the highlight of his week. Then. Nowadays those tables have turned.
But this particular day a few of his friends had been in our house.

After his friends left I went into the bathroom and happened to see this grey looking stuff in the toilet, it puzzled me but on closer inspection looked a bit like newspaper, then I realised that the paper mache poo was no longer on the floor.
I told son he shouldn't have put it in the loo as it might've blocked it.
He assured me he hadn't.

We never did find out which of his friends thought they were the one that had the accident...


  1. lol!

    ah poo ... endless silliness with this fact of human nature ...

    poo never gets old lmao!

    ok ... yes it does ... it kinda goes all white and hard ... i think it's time to clean up the yard now

  2. I remember my son buying this stuff, it was right before his grandmother came for a visit. He put it on the bed in the guest room. She has a very sensitive nose and as soon as she saw it she started gagging. What was funnier than the poo!


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