Sunday, 10 April 2011

green eyed bitches

The sun has been shining here this week and the other day as I was waiting for my train there was a young girl on the platform wearing a pair of shorts and a small crop top.

She was very pretty, tanned, long blonde hair - probably the kind of person that gets noticed even when she’s wearing proper clothes never mind stripped off for the sun.

I got on my train and could hear a couple of girls sat a few seats behind me talking about her.
They were being very derogatory about what she was wearing and also being judgemental about her, deciding that she was definitely a slut.
Admittedly she was dressed more for the beach then a train, but these were not the kind of shorts that are so short you can see a persons bum cheeks nor were they tight, and although the top she had on was small she was very slim and not at all busty so it wasn’t revealing.

When I stood to get off the train the bitchy pair got up as well.

So I had a look at them.

Neither of them were exactly slim or attractive.
That’s not me being bitchy - if I was going to do that then they were probably what I’d call moosey and fat.
Well actually that’s me being honest.

But clearly the comments towards the blonde girl were the result of jealousy because if either of them were to wear what she had they would most likely be laughed at.

Of course what the two behind me were saying and what they were thinking were two completely different things,
  • “oh my god what is she wearing” = “I wish I wasn’t an overweight pig”
  • “she must be a right slut” = “no-one wants to have sex with me”
  • “how the fuck can she walk around like that” = “ I wish I could walk more then 10 yards without wheezing”

I think the gorgeous blonde girl had the last laugh, even though she didn’t know it.

But as I was walking up the steps on the platform behind the other two and seeing the size of their arses so did I.


  1. They sound as if they were playing the ugly sisters in a rehearsal of Cinderella. Maybe you were the fairy godmother.

  2. A very true and spot-on observation.
    I still have to meet a really gorgeous, beautiful woman (as in natural not cosmetic) who will trash talk that way.
    As your story unfolded, I had the feeling the editorials were coming from a couple of fugly lard asses. Beauty really comes from what's inside, those women missed the point.

  3. I think you interpreted the true meaning of there spoken words accurately, and jealousy is the accurate emotion.

  4. I have to say, girls are freaking mean to prettier girls. I have a freind who even I have to say is fucking hot, but none of my girlfirnds will hang around with her because she is a "stuck up bitch". Her crime ofcourse is being too pretty.

  5. i know ... it's so true ... there are some very jealous people in this world ...

    it's not good when people are ugly on the inside ... that's the saddest part of it all

  6. "I wish I could walk ten yards without wheezing"- HILARIOUS. It makes me sad that girls put each other down like that.


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