Friday, 15 April 2011

culling time

Week two of work done.

I think I’m getting in the stride of this now.

I’ve been neglecting the internet although I've not missed it.
I’ve hardly looked at Facebook for the last two weeks, in fact there’s been a couple of evenings I logged in and couldn’t be bothered.
Funny how quickly you can get bored of something.
And how totally addicted some people are.

I find it odd that I’ve had inbox messages on FB asking if I’m OK. My real friends know where and how I am. Surely if a person isn’t online that means they are busy in the real world, getting on with life and therefore more then fine.
Whereas logically if they were forever on in the daytime that would mean they were stuck at home and more likely to be unwell.

Whilst I admit Facebook does keep me in touch with some people that I would otherwise have no contact with, I think for a lot of people it’s become more real then the world outside their front doors. Do they prefer chatting via msn to actual conversation. Is staying in on the computer the new going out ?
Not in my world.

I think a friend cull is in order.
Funny how spending time away from something enables you to see it through different eyes.
Who the fuck are these boring cunts who think it’s interesting to post hourly updates of their fucking boring every day activities.
And why the fuck are they on my list.

Do I care that you’re hungry/ tired/have a cold/ got wind/ had a cheese sandwich/ sat on the bus ?

Fuck off and get a life, take some pictures (and not of your kid dribbling or your dog in the park) and I might be bothered to look.

It's full of idiots and stupid people and they annoy the crap out of me.
I have just seen a perfect example of this :

Thick Bird’s Status : “you think you’re clever posting status about me and hiding behind facebook - you know who you are and if you’ve got something to say about me say it to my face”

Me : “can you not see the hypocrisy in writing that here Thick Bird”

Thick Bird : “Eh ?”

Thick Bird : “I’m pissed of with XXXX she keeps writing stuff about me on here”

Me : “Exactly”

Thick Bird : “What do you mean Cowgirl, and why haven't you been on here lately”

I’ve logged out.
I can’t even be bothered to fuck with her head.
She’s on the cull list.


  1. "Who the fuck are these boring cunts who think it’s interesting to post hourly updates of their fucking boring every day activities.
    And why the fuck are they on my list."

    Tell me how you really feel :(

  2. Do you know what, you've given me an idea. Thanks.

    I'm going to neglect facebook for a couple of weeks, like completely fuck it off. I completely agree, I'm so fucked off with all the stupid facebook status updates. Noone gives a fuck about how pissed you were last night or why you're listening to a song.

    Also, fuck that thick bird.

    mucho love to you x

  3. People really use Facebook to keep in touch? I check in a few times a week in the hope of finding something entertaining. I'm usually disappointed.

  4. I think sometimes we get caught up in other people's drama. I do not understand why someone would have a friend who talks bad about them. Why not just unfriend them? Isn't that supposed to be the big plus in the computer world? The when you cut someone out you don't need to worry about running into them on the bus, or in town. You only ever have to see anything about them if you let them continue.
    Glad to see your real life is going well. I've missed seeing you about, but it is great to know it is for good reasons.

  5. i'm glad your 2nd week was good :) i'm moving right along as well ... it's good to have a life now eh?

    i've been thinking about ya when my day has ended and i made it through another ...

    love ya

  6. WTG! FTW! Nice to see a Blog from you though. work becomes you. :)

  7. The best thing about Facebook is the BLOCK feature. You don't have to see them and they don't have to see you. Best.thing.ever.
    I culled my list not to long ago too. It makes it feel like a new day or something when you don't have to read all the bullshit.

  8. @Drone - you can count on it.

    @xy - you'll probably find like me that you don't really miss much.

    @gorilla - are you surprised ?

    @jamie - they don't delete each other because it's the most excting thing that happens in their lives.

    @andrea - you too x - getting ups the hardest part of the day I find.

    @pb - thanks, I do feel better for it.

    @framma, it certainly does - after this post I actually deleted ten people. I hope they noticed !

  9. This is one of my friend's latest status:

    "Instead of a video game this year, how about border patrol letting me and a crap load of my friends go down to the border with an ungodly amount of weapons...and let us do what border patrol won't do. It'll be the best birthday ever...seriously."

    Shit like this makes me irate. But I would just feel terribly guilty unfriending someone. Of course, there's always the block feature...

  10. Yep just block 'em and forget 'em... you won't even know if they're trying to add you back! You will never see it! :)
    I put some dumb junk on my statuses because I TRY to piss certain people off and it works. Kind of breaks up the monotony of my days.... LOL


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