Sunday, 24 April 2011


Why do I keep so much crap ?

Son is moving out next Friday so we have decided to move bedrooms around - his bed and stuff is going in the spare room so he has a room for when he comes home (he is moving abroad for work), and I am going to rent his room out.
We have spent the last two days sorting through the shit that I have been saving ‘just in case’.

Just in case of what ?

Just in never know.
I suddenly lose three stone and feel inclined to wear clothes that I didn’t like when they fitted me.

I meet someone who collects old mobile phone chargers, various bits of wire and broken lamps.

I smoke too much weed, revert to my hippy days and get an urge to hang tie dye throws from every ceiling in my now subtly decorated house.

Son decides Xbox is crap and falls in love with the Super Nintendo again.

Will I ever need to use 10 years worth of bills and receipts.
Maybe it's not too late to claim a refund on the washing machine that’s gone rusty in the garden ?
Are all those ornaments that I hated when they were given to me going to suddenly appeal.

Am I gonna get a call from a friend in dire need of some broken shelves ?

I even had a TV in there that’s so old there’s only 8 buttons on the remote.

Of course some of the stuff I’ve saved has a certain amount of emotional attachment, but I have been ruthless and reduced an entire room full of useful items utter shit down to about three small boxes.
And the front of my house now looks like a rubbish dump.
Probably because it is.

What always amazes me is the amount of shit people will take if it’s free.

Anyone for porn?

When I looked this morning several items had already been picked up and taken away - probably by drunk people making their way home in the early hours. I wish I'd been there when they woke up sober this morning and wondered why they had a broken CD rack, a tennis racquet with no strings, an outdated cable TV decoder and box full of VHS videos that someone else taped off the telly 15 years ago.

I bet they're going through them now hoping to find some porn - none of them have any labels.

Someone must want it ...?
Sadly no fucker seems to want the TV.

There’s always tonight I suppose.

Of course all this sorting out is also helping me to keep busy so I don’t stop and spend too long thinking about what’s really happening here.
I’ve joked about son leaving many times, I guess I just didn’t think that when he finally did he would be going quite so far away.

For him this is a fantastic opportunity and something I would’ve loved when I was his age - except of course when I was his age I had a one year old him to take care of.
When his job first offered this I said he should go - because I could see how excited he was at the prospect, but if I’m honest I do wish he wasn’t going.

But hey - every cloud - I can tidy up on a Monday and it will still look like that on Friday.
If I buy food it will still be there when I want to eat it and the bath will always be clean.

But who's going to do the washing up ?



  1. dirty ... i am a hoarder and have to keep my pack rat self in order.

    i'm going to keep on purging, and every time something new comes in to the house, 2 things have to leave.

    this is my attempt at becoming a minimalist. wish me luck ... and good luck to you too!!! xoxo

  2. Oh dear.... I hope we don't see you on that 'Life of Grime' programme with all your hoarding activity. You could take over from that old bloke who was on there. As for the washing up, I feel your pain.

  3. When you choose a new roomie make sure they are OCD about won't have to clean up a dam thing! :)
    And letting go of the kid will be tough at first but one day it will hit you and you'll want to scream it to the world! "My baby grew up! I AM FREE!!!"
    You did good Mom!

  4. You are quite odd. Maybe you can also seek help. LMAO! Hoarder!
    Son leaving soon? Aww ...

  5. Again sorry to hear about your son leaving.It's good though that he's pursuing something important to him. Do you get the show "Hoarders" in the UK? It's all the rage here in the states. Hoarding is the new bulimia. You could get famous :)

  6. i feel ya. i have stuff, but after moving 5x in the last 2 years, i'm good at paring down. and i have an entire storage unit filled with items i miss. it can be really hard, but if you truly want to pare down, take it tiny bits at a time, and be creative about it. maybe tuesday can be- throw out 6 green items day- etc... just a random idea.
    and i inevitably get rid of the wrong stuff and keep shit i don't need. every time.

  7. I'll take the shelves and the TV, if it works and you send it to me.



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