Tuesday, 4 October 2011

can you dig it ? yes you can

Fuck me I'm famous.
The very lovely Al over at Penwasser Place has given me a new Blog Award.
*tries to look humble but can't get huge swollen head off the floor*

Normally when I get given these things I just add them to my trophy cabinet award page, mostly because I'm too fucking lazy to follow the conditions for a while there seemed to be the same ones doing the rounds again and again.

But as I'm bored this time I have decided to be gracious and do as I am supposed to.

First I have to tell you three random facts about myself.
Al numbered his responses in French. Blurghhh....anyone whose been reading here for any time will know I have a problem with the snail eating, nuclear waste producing racist garlic munchers across the channel, so in keeping with my last holiday in Barcelona I shall number mine in Spanish.

Uno. I have a 'thing' about symmetry. I like certain things, like my collection of Italian glass bottles to appear balanced on the shelves. When I get a new one it takes me ages to work out exactly where it should be placed before it feels right. I have a friend who has one pierced nipple - I wish she had never shown me because when I talk to her I can't help but lean to the side of it, in my head she is no longer balanced.
Dos. Racially I am a bit of a mongrel. My grandmother on my Mother's side was an Irish Gypsy and my Dads mother was a Scottish Jewess.
Tres. I'm slightly psychic. I've never really 'honed' those skills, I don't want to, but I can read Tarot and I have had several 'otherwordly' experiences. (I'd blog about them but you lot probably think I'm strange enough as it is).

The other thing I'm required to do is pass the award on to seven people. I'm going to bestow this amazing honour to some that I have discovered quite recently. Mostly because I do REALLY dig these blogs (is it me or does the term dig make anybody else wanna say groovy baby), but also because I want to show them to my sheep readers that have been with me since I started.
A couple of them are quite new, so for you guys I understand you might not have seven to pass it on to, but I think your blogs are great so please take the award anyway. You can still tell me some interesting facts about yourself. (age/girth statistics/relationship status/annual income ?...see last post).

So anyway, these are my nominations.

Uno. One Angry Man.
Dos. Stupid By Name.
Tres. Vice Versa
Those three are very very new, none of them have many posts but if what they have so far is anything to go by then there is much hilariousness to follow. They have all cracked me up. Go on guys, follow them and give them some much needed blog love and encouragement.
I promise you won't be disappointed.

Cuatro. Gweenbrick
I found Gweenbrick via my blogger friend Lily (the mental single parent mentioned below), this guy is so funny. His blog has a few running themes, he also makes great illustrations that have me laughing out very loud (LOVL ? - I dunno), but check him out, for the life of me I don't understand why he hasn't got many more followers.

Cinco. Nightly Chatter With Your Hasidic Plumber
Rafi the Hasidic plumber kind of runs an online news programme/chat show on his blog - in between jetting off to fix pipes and dealing with Racoons.
Just don't mention Robocop.

Seis. The Rambling Person
Mark writes about lots of different subjects, he is an aspiring author (this is the guy who wrote my Cowgirl-before-she-was-dirty) story for me. I like the content of his blog, but I also like the way he seems to have turned his comments into his own forum. I love me some comments - I think Mark loves them even more then I do, there is always participation on his blog.

Siete. The Incoherent Ramblings of A Single Parent.
DO NOT be fooled by the title.
I love Lily, her blog is to the endless bland, dreary, here's-457-pictures-of-my-kid-dribbling-blogs what death metal is to choir music.
And as for the 'little man'....there's a reason why her forum name is mumtosatansspawn.
Just read it.

Well that was hard - when I started looking though my blog roll there were many more I wanted to mention.
If I left you off, I'm sorry.
If I read your blog then I comment on it, and I do that because I like it.

Surely my words on your blog is flattery enough ?

Hmm...might be time to give out a few more of the very sought after Cowgirls Comedy Awards.

Update : Lily and The Hasidic Plumber just left me comments, and the response I gave has got me thinking. . Since this is essentially whoring out other peoples blogs that makes me your pimp.


However if asked for facts are. . . ahem. . . satisfactory, I will accept payment in kind.


  1. I don't know how this really works, but thanks for the award and congratulations for receiving an award too! Am i supposed to do the same and pick seven blogs and all that? Because i will, don't play with me lady.
    You don't wanna know details about my chode err i mean dick err i mean penis.
    Now i will leave after doing a victory dance while whistling hava nagila.

  2. I would LOVE to hear of your otherworldly experiences! I have a touch of ESP or something similar myself, but have never set to hone them, as you. I'm not as good at Tarot, but have much interest in it. I'm more of a "very in touch with my loved one's thoughts" kind of person.

    Anyway, GREAT post!! Love it!

  3. Congrats Cowgirl! Now you can be happy for 24 hours, right? Thanks for giving me a few factoids and some new blogs to check out.

  4. Oh how I love you! And this time I DO mean in a lust fueled lesbian way!!

    Forget the weed, I'm gonna kiss you like you've never been kissed before...with my teeth...

    Congrats to you as well DCG. You deserve it. oxox

  5. @HP, yeah that's the idea. It's like blog whoring, well it's more blog pimping - since it's other peoples that your sharing.
    Guess that makes me your pimp.
    Where's my money bitch ?
    And yes, I do - with pictures.
    @Jez, Maybe I will then. *hums twilight zone theme*
    @Chuck, thanks - I think you'll like them.
    @Lily, I'm waiting. Only please don't expect me to wax my legs.

  6. Huzzah I have yet more awards for my trophy cabinet. Though mine is way smaller than yours, I checked it out and DAMN you have a lot of awards. Each of them deserved though :) Thanks for the kind words, another award, and for this blog too actually lol. Please do post about your otherwordly experiences. I read tarot myself, and a few other things, and I for one would love to hear them. I think I'm no longer "aspiring" now you've published a story I wrote :P If you want I CAN make it dirty.

  7. You now have a new follower, thanks to Al!

  8. Oh and as for the comments on my blog, what happens is people comment, I comment back, and then they never read it :P I'm usually the only one participating, but a few people do talk back, like you and Bob and...that's pretty much it.

  9. Woah, nicely done! I love Penwasser Place, he is constantly cracking me up.

  10. Hey, thanks! My first award! You are such a loyal supporter and pimp-please don't slap me though. I'll get you your money.

  11. Heh, I wish I could get such a super-prestigious award.. now where are my cigarettes....

    I also read tarot. I find it to be calming and a good way to reflect on my life and the situations that arise in it.

  12. An award! Many thanks and much gratitude.

    And yeah, I totally don't have 7 blogs to give the award to, but I can always save my nominees for another day. You know, assuming I actually remember to do so.

  13. I will be putting this award in pride of place right along side my 50m swimming badge and my level 1 recorder certificate!

    Cheers bab !

  14. Congrats on the award! I'll have to work harder in order to get mine.

  15. ...and another new follower. Congrats.

  16. @Mark, at least these ones don't need polishing. And yeah, you're the second person to ask so maybe I will. I'll think about the other thing :)
    @Mike, me too. He has a pretty unique style.
    @Gweenbrick, Don't make me wait too long though, patience has never been my strong point.
    @Dylan, It seems there are quite a few of us here that do. Nowadays I only read my own.
    @Mr Strong, I really don't expect you too. I only really complied with this because I wanted to big up a few blogs. As Mark said, they can get a bit like chain letters.
    @Stu, Hahaha I have a level 2 recorder certificate ... na na na na na
    @PIP, Keep at it, I'm sure you'll get some, your blog is kinda unique too.
    @Eva and Allen, Welcome to my blob :)

  17. 3 random facts about me ???

    1) I can strawpeedo a bottle of wine without being sick!

    2) I once threw a sheep poo at a teacher In high school .

    3) I am the current overweight olympics champion and have been for the last 8 years !


  18. Al is the man, he was right for choosing you for this award!

  19. Awards seem to be a dime a dozen in blogland, not that it isn't deserved, but agree with your take, is a bit of whoring others out..haha

  20. Nice, I'm a new follower. My page doesn't always look the best, so I probably won't be winning any awards, but at least I update frequently.
    good blog.

  21. Considering that i'm your bitch and you are my pimp, how would this work? How much is the standard % for each one? I think it would be fair 70% for me and 30% for you (greedy bitch i am hahaha)
    And regarding the meme, i don't think it worked, at least i can't see it, but if works, i guess the same widget lets you know. I guess i missed it :/

  22. LOL, I loved your VERY accurate description of Lily's blog. Congratuations. Well deserved, and later this week I am going to check out your recs.

  23. @Stu, so will you be competing in London next year ? Should be good for a laugh..
    @Kid, yeah he is, thanks and welcome !
    @Pat, and I'm still waiting for the money.
    @Noah, As long as you enjoy it that's all that matters.
    @HP, That sounds fair to me - but no BJs ok ? I tried again. Gave up - shit widget that is.
    @Jamie, What else can you say about Lily really, and please do, they're all great :)

  24. I'm a bit psychic myself...I predict that you will recognize me as a new follower and visit my blog!

    All kidding aside, you have a great blog and judging by your raw and aggressive nature, you will most likely tell me to go to hell before you visit my blog, which is why I'm following you. I find it humanly and entertaining!

    Congrats on the award!

  25. Congratulations on your blog award. Well done! Next time I decide to play another round of "Madame Ranter's Box" I just might have to invite you to be a guest gypsy fortune teller.

  26. You totally deserve this award, dcg! Well done. :D

  27. ono!! new blogs to read!! at this rate, it's good i'm off work ... i need the time to read blogs of the talented!

    i'm going to check 'em out xo

  28. Good picks, I'm checking them out :). And yes, it would be great if money could start rolling in - but it won't be the case for any of us, I assume, for atleast a few more years.

  29. Congratulations!!

  30. A huge article, but a very interesting read. I do look forward to your next update and post because you have a unique writing style!

  31. I am going to be the raft for the mens British white water rafting team !

  32. Congratulations on the award. I'm now following your blog after seeing this posted when you got your award. Keep up the good work!

  33. Thanks for all the congrats guys and welcome to the flock to all the new sheep !!
    @Dan...you never know, I might pop over.
    @Empress, I'd love to - just don't expect me to take it seriously.
    @Andrea, I think you'll like them.
    @Stu, I'm gonna get a ticket for that.

  34. nice, im gonna have to put aside 30 min to read this page :) ill b back

  35. I have actually just looked at your Blogger profile and i see that one of your fav films is Deep Impact!! Say it isn't so !

  36. I must admit I've decided to avoid the whole blogger award trap It’s fairly easy to do, I find being a shit and unpopular blogger helps….

    Sorry what I meant to say "As always, my family comes first and obviously Mrs B and I put great consideration into family life before making this decision. When we serve, we devote ourselves to god, family and blogging. My decision maintains this order”
    - only Sarah Palin seems to have beaten me to that line

  37. Congrats for the award!
    This is a really nice blog!

  38. Congrats Cowgirl! Racially, I'm a mongrel too. It's fun because I qualify for making a decent amount of racial jokes without feeling guilty.

  39. @Major, You mean I'm not worth a whole day ? Cheek.
    @Stu, It is, but because of the tidal wave - they fascinate me, although I do love a disaster movie, have ever since I saw Towering Inferno.
    And with that comment I am in danger of showing my age.
    @BL, I am so tempted to award you now. Just because I can.
    @GT, thanks.
    @BFTS, I use my son as a get-out clause for them, my mongrelism just gives me great hair and a foul temper.

  40. Your younger than me DCG ! But your taste in films is shit ! Your should watch a billabong odyssey


  41. Please don't I'll set my friend SP on you if you do....

  42. @Stu. I will forgive the second sentence on account of the first.
    @BLG, Who is SP ? Bring it on !

  43. Don't know why but I got it into my head you were a yank not a fellow Brit (Sorry) - SP is Sarah "Shoot first ask the corps later" Palin...

  44. Bit wary of you Forgiving me so easily as it was said best ......

    Forgiveness is the fragrance the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it. ~Mark Twain


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