Sunday, 23 October 2011

sorry. . .

I think I need to apologise to my non-British sheep.
It seems that none of you knew who the greasy greek was until I made a post about him yesterday, but then if I have to put up with his squashed hair lipped face all over my TV it's only fair that you should share my pain.
And at least now if he makes another attempt at international fame you are all forewarned.
To be honest I don't really have much to say, but I need to make another post just so I don't have to see his ugly mug every time I look at my blog.
Shot myself in the foot there didn't I.

So lets have a little light relief.

My computer is starting to run out of memory - again - so I've been going through some more pictures that I've saved on it - mostly stuff that I've collected off the web because it amused me, or for photo 'competitions' I've had with a mate on facebook.
Before it goes in the recycle bin I think I'll share some of them here.
These are from the "worst tattoo ever" competition, I have no idea who they belong too - most of the pictures I used at the time were lifted off of dating sites. Don't get me started on why the owners ever thought that these will appeal to the opposite sex, just trust me when I tell you that they are far from being the worst pictures I have seen on them.
And yes, I do have those other ones saved.
But you REALLY don't want to see them.

For the life of me I cannot understand what possessed people to pay money for these - maybe they didn't, but either way I think I'd be taking legal action.
I suppose you could show them to 14 year old boys to deter them from getting inked.
And I won the tattoo competition with the middle one.

My other favourite picture contest was the "animals doing things they shouldn't", in which my mate Steve and I tried to outdo each other with 'wrong' pics.
It was as a result of this that I got my first (of three. . can't think why) ban from facebook.
Enjoy. . . .

Steve won that contest though - he sent me the video of the chimp and the frog. Although I did find an article about a man who looked a bit like him and was caught fucking a goat.
If you really want to read it.

I love the Internet - you can find anything if you look hard enough.

Maybe not, but it's certainly full of useful advice.
Unlike a lot of politicians.

You can find the best fashion tips . . . .

Parenting advice. . . .

Gardening hints . . .

Unbefuckinglievable. Does anyone have a ladder I can borrow ?

Even the elderly are using it as platform to dish out pearls of wisdom. . . .

I don't think Grandad likes True Blood.

Right, I'm off to delete a few more.
This one is for a particular person, he knows who he is and they're watching you HP. The rest of you can just go ahhhhh. . . .

 Normal (ie swearing and complaining) service will no doubt be resumed soon.


  1. Don't forget about Rule 34...

  2. Hahahahaha love this post! "Forgetting to tuck your nuts in, PRICELESS". Hilarious!! :D

  3. Are you referring to the African man who was forced to marry the goat he had sex with? The goat sadly died afterwards - I think it ate something that disagreed with it.

  4. @Maxwell, As if I would.
    @Vee, Glad you approve !
    @GB, No - this happened here, I've added the link.

  5. I think my favorite was "I screwed you all".

  6. Ahhh That Grampa has a point. I think the Spiderman one was probably worse, something about it just seems wrong. Though in context it's not as bad as the guy who got a Dumbledore tattoo, then JK announced he was guy, and the guy became the laughing stock of his mates. I can't begin to imagine why Facebook would ban you.

    Or why they haven't banned me.

    The chimp and frog video is wrong in the wrong sense of the word.

  7. Oh dear, those tattoos are just... wow.

  8. I loved the animal photos, but the nude stretchie pants scared the crap out of me. I appreciate the warning about what's his name. See I've forgotten his name already, but I'll be prepared if he shows up in the U.S. because I'll recognize his ugliness in photos.


  9. I just lost my entire folder on PRICELESS photos when I had my unit fixed. Oh and I love your "banned" collection!

  10. Don't listen to Maxwell. Do your best to forget about it. I was actually going to write something on that myself, lol.

  11. The internet really is a great place to find hilariously awesome photos. Those tatoos are all pretty horrendous although I like the premise of the Spider-Man one. If it was done better it might have been pretty cool!

  12. Spidey looks like he wants to take a dump in the web.

  13. Lmfao.. Those pictures of the animals are fucking hilarious.

  14. Oh man... Those pictures cracked me up. :)

  15. Being a typical man, the first thing I thought when I saw the picture of the tranny was huh, she's kinda cute. Then I saw her nuts. I'm going to go jump off my balcony now. The marijuana's all yours, I won't be needing it where I'm going.

  16. Worse pics from dating sites? Oh, no, pleeeeeease share. (baaaaaa)

    Also, thank you DCG for now compromising my PC's memory with these delightful offerings. (Personal fave? Dangling dingleberries pic. That is priceless) Merci for my Monday giggle!

  17. I've seen the boob one. Not saying where. Cool Spidey Tat!

  18. The dog shagging the chicken is classic as is forgetting to tuck one's nuts! Thanks for sharing : )

  19. The second tattoo is amazing!

    So the Americans dont know something else thats going on outside their country? Thats not like them at all !

  20. The Bush pic is a new one for me and for many others on this side of the pond!

  21. you should just buy an external hard drive. don't see how you could part with this gold.

  22. are you SURE you want to delete these???
    Theyre awesome.

  23. Ahhh, that was a great bit of entertainment that. Those tattoos are bad.

  24. Now if they had put those tattoo's on their faces, then they would have really had something special.

  25. SOOOO many comments.

    I love you guys.


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