Thursday, 6 October 2011

goldfish brain

First of all I'd like to say a proper hello and welcome to all my new sheep. Over the last few weeks there has been quite a few of you - I really do appreciate you all coming here and clicking my button.


I tried searching google for "Cowgirl gif". . . they are either cute (not really fitting) or would require an adult content warning on this blog. So you get a flaming welcome instead.
This Cowgirl aint reversing nothing here.

But you do realise that madness can be contagious ?

Well not so much madness as what I call dippyness. . yes folks Calamity has struck again.

When I buy stuff online with my bank card I sometimes get this stupid "verified by Visa" screen pop-up.
As I imagine most people do I have a few passwords that I use for different things. I tend to associate a certain word with each of my emails - but anything to do with money, ebay, paypal, ebanking etc I give individual passwords to.
But that verified by Visa thing, can I remember the password ? Can I fuck.
Every time it appears I have to re- set it.

Next time I'm gonna try this.

Anyway this afternoon I was making a purchase.
You don't need to know what.
(Ok ok it was more shoes)
And once again I forgot the password. The last time I wrote it down, but I was at work and the book it was in at home so I had to set it again. Thinking I'm clever I decide to change it to " Remember this one".
Because I'm bound to remember that aren't I.

Good idea huh ?
Yeah, then the box loads and I get a message that says,
"You have already used this password please select another"

I keep wondering if eventually I'm gonna get banned from using my bank card online.
This might be a good thing, I've been looking at wallpaper for my bedroom this week. Son and I went to the DIY shop a couple of days ago and the only roll I liked was £55. Yeah fuck that, I only need two rolls so I decided to look online. So far the only one I've seen on a website that's really caught my eye was £120 per roll. For wallpaper. Fucking hell.
Have I got to buy my own rainforest first.
What's it made from ? Gold leafed ancient papyrus ?
It needs to be for that price.

However I did get what I went to the DIY shop for - check me out - I can now add plumbing to my impressive list of skills as I have installed a dishwasher.
And no, this is not a reference to the Son's return, I mean an actual Hotpoint - at least I don't have to bribe it with beer and food to get it to work.
Hanging the waste pipe out the window over the drain counts as plumbing right ?

Next week I'm putting in a new bathroom.

PS Ever seen a cat within a cat ?


  1. I think you need a theme for your passwords. How about the names of the characters in your favourite book or TV show?

  2. Ouch, that's extremely expensive for wallpaper, like ridiculously expensive. Don't try your password too much either until you're sure you remember it or until you've done a reset. They'll ban you from trying for a while though like you said it wouldn't be the end of the world right? Nice post, you're more than welcome for the following :)

  3. Love that bathroom! All it needs is a covering with that super expensive wallpaper and it will look a million dollars. :P

  4. I'm always skeptical about making online purchases and submitting banking info. It's hard enough remembering all the passwords for various things.

    A cat within a cat...That's awesome! Looks just like the cat that the "cat" is on!

  5. I hope it's bright multi-coloured wallpaper if it's that much money. If not, than that's ridiculous.

    Lol, the cat is fucking awesome.

  6. I think my eyes exploded when I saw the cat within a cat...O_O That does seem pretty damn expensive for wallpaper. I knew we had less trees but I didn't realise the situation was that bad. Just paint, that way you can get high on the fumes as well. I think madness, both of the RAGE kind and the "insane" kind are contagious, for dippyness though I'm not so sure, I'll let you know if I start forgetting passwords.

  7. @GB, that's a very good idea. Mark and Jeremy it is then. And the bank can be Superhans.
    @Yeamie, I have to reset it every time - I am no longer going to bother trying to remember.
    Already forgot what I changed it to today.
    @Vee, I just can't decide what colour though.
    @Dan, I agree - I prefer to do it via paypal.
    @WW. it was red silk...and lush.
    HEYYY!!! You really are back :)))
    @Mark, I might still go with HPs suggestion. Which was oddly enough to paint it to look like a forest. No gnomes though.

  8. I don't have anything useful feedback for you. However, I do want to take the time to tell you, that the picture of the keyboard, with the "oh shit" button gave me an idea. I want to cover one of my keyboards with quirky sticker labels. "oh shit" "fuck me over" "move to the backspace". jkjk that last one was too dirty for me.

    P.S. I hope you never get banned from using your bank card. :D It is your money, after all, no matter how you choose to use it, or put it's safety at risk. ;)

  9. my paypal makes me feel guilty. whenever i buy a few things within a couple of days, it sends me an e-mail thanking me for "reaping the many benefits of paypal". what are you saying, paypal? are you saying i'm a shopaholic LOSER?

    all of my passwords are, "i'm really rich". maybe that'll help your bank card trust you!

  10. Wtf are you doing?? If i read correctly you are making plumbing work yourself? How am i supposed to pay my G5 jet if people do things by themselves. I start to believe that doing my blog to promote my plumbing business wasn't a great idea. People don't take me seriously anymore.

  11. I really hate the passwords that force you to change every so often. And it can't just be any password, it has to be four letters and four numbers. Two of the letters have to vowels and three of the numbers have to be primes between 9 and 150.
    Then you have to write it down to remember it. How safe is that?

  12. That cat within a cat is pretty amazing. I forget passwords all the time, too. What a pain!

  13. Passwords are a bitch. There are just too damn many.
    Welcome to the world of plumbing. Remember plumber's crack.

  14. OK, the picture of the cat within the cat, almost caused my brain to implode upon itself.

    The wallpaper, for that price, I want it delivered by a group of semi naked demi Gods with six packs, covered in nothing but a fig leaf...very small fig leaves. And I want the paper to be applied to the walls by Oompa Loompers... who shall remain fully clothed at all times.

  15. Red silk? Not green silk? :P
    Course I'm back. I can't stay away from this place for too long :P

  16. @FloB, if you do it take a picture, you never know the idea might catch on.
    ps the anon comment was me - frigging discus hates me again.
    @IHE, mine never thanks me..but I think it should, if I stopped spending it might go bankrupt.
    @HP, Sorry, I will remember you in future - I presume you and the G5 can get here quick ? As you will see it didn't go well, and your blog is working against you as every time I go there your ads just show me plumbers 'in my area'.
    @Allen, hahaha but very true. Some of them are like maths - and I'm crap at that.
    @Eve, isn't it? Two cats for the price of one.
    @Flip, yup I wore low slung jeans to do it in your honour.
    @Lily, if I get it (and I'm still considering it) I will make those demands and take pictures just for you.
    @WW, green is my least fave colour, unless...well, you know. I'm glad to hear it.

  17. i tried to use my bank card online today ... turns out i'm over by a few hundred. um. how did that happen? i wish they'd have my cards booted off the internet too


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