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Oh how this article made me laugh….
Is this another benefit of the age of equality ?

I noticed that the models used in the advertising are all buff young things that in reality have no need of the product, just like the wonderbra is always advertised by a woman with a pert firm bosom, anti-ageing creams by 20 yr olds and ‘Bridget Jones’ knickers by women with toned bellys and a bum that’s not heading south. Show me a before and after using a mother of four (breast fed) babies with some extra padding and a middle aged spread transformed into Elle McPherson and I’ll be impressed.

What these adverts aren’t telling you is that putting on some item that’s going to squeeze you tight around the middle doesn’t get rid of the flab…it just moves it elsewhere. Yes you might suddenly have a flatter smoother middle, but you will end up with love handles in your armpits and saddle bags by your knees…the spillage has to go somewhere. Women know these things.

Whilst it may be true that some people see it as an alternative to losing weight, I can also see that some might actually look at their tummy in their wonder-vest and be inspired to get to the gym and make it real. After all summers coming and you’d look like a right twat wearing one on the beach. It might be a quick-fix but it’s a lot less drastic then surgery, not to mention cheaper.
The (saggy) bottom line here is people feel good if they think they look good, and there’s nothing wrong with giving yourself a confidence boost. And confident self-assured people can stand out in a crowd just as much as beautiful people.
Everyone likes to look good after all.

But is it really conning anyone ? I guess it depends why you’re wearing them. Personally, I’m fairly slightly overweight underheight, and my size doesn’t bother me, but I don’t own a bra that isn’t underwired and I have got some ‘slimming’ knickers for special occasions, but it’s really about looking good in certain clothes and feeling better for myself. I know when I get home and take them off what I’m going to be confronted with. And believe me that feeling when you undo your bra and peel off the torture pants is pure release. I don’t use them to fool the opposite sex, actually I think if someone likes you enough to want to get naked then it really shouldn’t matter. I’m a short size 14 with E cup boobs, no amount of scaffolding and insulation will ever make me look like I’m a size 8, and I happen to think that most men prefer a curvy woman to a stick. Yeah…ok…I would say that, but my male friends don’t disagree…and not just because they’re scared I’m likely to punch them.

I remember watching an Eddie Murphy stand up show many years ago where he was talking about how women fool men, wearing high heels, tons of make-up, a padded bra and a weave in their hair, perhaps this is the mans revenge ?

But, having read Mr Musings article I did wonder how I would feel if I found myself in the situation he described…about to get naked with someone and they then turn out to be not quite what the packaging promised ? Hmmm, well for a start they’ll be getting an even bigger shock when I remove the wrapping, but really - and what I think people need to realise - is they don’t make you lose weight, you just look a bit more toned, it’s not as if Tupac is gonna take his clothes off and suddenly you’re about to get jiggy with Biggy, and as I’ve already said, if your in that situation it shouldn’t really matter, although of course I do realise that there are people to whom it would. Personally I’d be more disappointed if it turned out he was wearing padded boxers. I reckon there’s a whole undiscovered marketing opportunity there.
That’s the real wonder bra revenge.

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  1. I just wonder how people are shocked. I mean, sure, a look from across the room it might fool, but up close and personal... you can't tell me you don't feel a difference. Does anyone pick someone up, go someplace to get naked, turn out the lights, THEN touch anything? If so.... I think there are bigger disappointments then the body you are with.
    WHich is sexier, boxers, briefs... hell, if they get far enough to tell, I don't think they really care.

  2. Oh I agree with you 100% - padded boxers would be even more of a disappointment. Instead of 'whoa where did all that come from?' it would be 'damn where did it all disappear to?'

    Great response post Dirtycowgirl!

  3. i have male friends who rage about girls misleading them with the padded bra's but they have NEVER walked away from a naked woman so guess its not a deal breaker.

  4. Ah..Dirty.
    I find you utterly interesting, not boring in the least.
    your blog has no worries.


  5. Laughed out loud,and I have to say padded boxers would probably make me cry

  6. holaaa haha that person in Chile would be me :D

  7. Hi Clemi, thanks for following - and I'm really pleased you said hello :)


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