Thursday, 24 February 2011

and another thing....

Why DO men have nipples ?

I mean it’s a question that does get pondered on from time to time.

In terms of evolution you might wonder why the male nipple hasn’t become a thing of the past. It serves no apparent purpose, other then for those who’ve decided to stick a bit of metal through it.

And the few who enjoy having them played with the same way women do.
(As it goes I think that’s probably way more of them then actually let on….they probably just think it’s gay to admit it).

And yes I know that every foetus starts as female, but wouldn’t it make sense - given that evolution has got rid of other unnecessary physical attributes in a lot of species - that at the same time that Y chromosome is telling the cluster of cells to develop testicles it realised it didn’t need to make nipples ?

This is my Theory.
Mother Nature - being the wise old bird she is, decided men should keep them because she knew there would come a time when men would be staying at home with the babies while the women went out to work.
And breast is best.
Although given the fuss the average man can make over a cold I'd like to see one coping with cracked sore nipples and a baby with tooth.

Think I’m wrong ?


  1. I think its utter bullocks alright. They just wanna be licked and sucked like the rest of us. :D

  2. I've wondered that before too. I got my nips pierced years ago, just because my girlfriend at the time thought it would be hot. It was some of the most painful shit I've experienced! I've got tattoo ink across my sternum, a relatively large piece on my chest, and I thought that the pierced nip was way worse! I lost the spikes to the piercings and just took the things out. Haven't had them that way in about five years.

  3. I have 9 tattoos, and I have had a few piercings over the years - only one of which remains (apart from my ears), I reckon the most painful was getting my nose pierced - felt like a full on punch. And it kept comin out. It lasted a week.

    And yeah, cos they do...we know.

  4. Hm. I thought men had them for purplenurple purposes. (say that ten times fast)

  5. Heeey, no removing nipples. They have their purposes;)

  6. I'm not suggesting they be removed - more a reason why they haven't been.

    But I may add to this, you've just made me think of another idea to back up my theory :)

  7. this is too funny! i've wondered the same thing ... so strange that they're there.

    I have heard of men being able to lactate for babies ... time to let them do the nasty with the babies :)


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