Tuesday, 22 February 2011

fuck you zuckerberg

So last night I found out that facebook has a line.

And I finally crossed it.

"Account disabled"


I have appealed.
If it doesn't work I will make another account and start again. Most of the photos I had are saved elsewhere, the best videos are also on youtube, and I have a list of friends.
Said list will probably be roughly divided between people who will :

  • a) Assume I finally offended one person too many and have been unfairly removed for bad behaviour.
  • b) Guess I have been hospitalised or otherwise incapacitated possibly due to a revenge attack from one of the many quite possibly ginger people I have aggravated.
  • c) People who will cry breathe a quiet sigh of relief that I've gone.
  • d) A few that won't even notice (Bastards).

Actually I think I fell foul of the spambots due to a lot of posting on a group wall in a very short space of time, and since I wasn't actually spamming if that's so then I should be vindicated reinstated. I hope this is the case, there are many funny conversations and notes that I will be sad to lose, but it's not the end of the world.

As I'm very fond of telling people who get way too stressed about comments and posts it's only fucking facebook.

On the positive this has meant that I have spent the best part of the day in Bloggers Coffee Shop being highly entertained, the pinacle of my day being joining a cult.....

Retch, Mass, PsychoBasher, Loads and Scrappy you in particular have made me laugh as much, if not more then facebook today, and I've even had my daily dose of filth, so thank you all very much.
Top Bird

yeah up yours zuckerberg...what ever kind of a name is that anyway ??


  1. You're welcome. I was laughing my ass off also, plus looks like we got more recruits. Mass should be happy. Proud to associate with the "top bird".

  2. jeezus! fucking bastards. is it from the group we were chatting on last night?!?! it's a closed group!

  3. Way to go filthy woman!
    I could give a meaning to the name, but I don't want to push it. :)

  4. Some programmer/analyst writes a rule in a computer system somewhere and sets off the social equivalent of a mushroom cloud elsewhere in the world. "Gawd, am I mad with power?"

    Open Salon disabled my account "by mistake"


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