Tuesday, 7 June 2011

wish i was there

A few days ago I wrote a post in which I spoke about my lack of need to see friends all the time.
Since I wrote that, in the space of a week, I have found myself thinking that there are three people who I would dearly love to be able to see right now.

What stops me is that all of them are people that I have met through the internet. Two via blogger who live the other side of the Atlantic and one from Facebook who is the far North-West of England (I‘m on the South coast). The way I feel about my inability to be there for these people - pretty fucking redundant as it goes - at least confirms to me that some friendships formed across the web can be just as real as those made in real life.

Of course we can be in contact via the mediums where we met, but it’s not the same as being able to pop round for a coffee and a proper talk. And this *hug* is never going to feel like being able to physically lean on someone.
As it happens one of these people has been completely out of contact since the occurrence that made me wish I could just be there, and when that happens there is NOTHING you can do. Except wait and hope that they are simply working through whatever they need to. However the absolute absence of this person from my cyberspace is not making me feel anything other then worried.
And useless.

Another friend - and of course some of you know who I mean - has just gone through a traumatic experience with her partner, and I just wished that I could go and sit with her. Even just for an hour, if only so she wasn’t by herself on that beach.
My instinct is always to put my arms around people when I know they are in pain, and I couldn’t.

The third person is a single parent of three young children. She has just lost her only parent to cancer, just a matter of weeks after the diagnosis and doesn’t have much of a support network. Her at least I have spoken to on the phone, but I wish I lived closer. Her kids are 5, 3 and the youngest is just a baby, soon after he was born she found out that his father was having an affair and she was just starting to recover from that when this latest tragedy happened.
Sometimes you just wanna share a coffee and let a person cry.

I have always said that the thing I love the most about the internet is the way it allows us to make friends all over the world.
I guess sometimes that can be a disadvantage.
The fact that those friends are so very far away.

On a lighter note I received another blogger award from Anna over at Number Eleven.
Usually I just add them to my award page but as this one comes with the power to change three things about the world I’m going to put it here first.
And for now I just want one privilege, I’ll save the others until I need them.

This is what I want, all pageview counts can be converted in to Air miles to be used for discount flights to meet blogger friends.
Good idea huh ?
Lets petition Google.

I'm supposed to choose people to pass the award on to. . . but I think you're all pretty special, so if you could use three special powers to make the world a better place then feel free to help yourself  :)


  1. So are you friends with Anna yet? I've got a feeling you live at the opposite ends of England, but I may be wrong.

  2. Three things to change the world? I can only think of one right now

    I would stop making it appealing and profitable to be retarded, here's looking at you cast of Made in Chelsea, Jersey Shore and the Kardashian family.

  3. i made lovely friends online, some i even see in real life- we intersect via trips. any connection is real. here, there, wherever, even if we are the perceptors, not the receptors. maybe i'm not wording it well.
    take a trip somewhere you want to go, and ask them to meet up w/you.

    and three things to change the world?
    i want these to happen:

    ~ good sex for everyone, on the regular, or as needed
    ~ all restaurants donate excess food nightly to those who could use it
    ~ more compassion for everyone everywhere

  4. Overlord Award Queen? Well what can I say? Congratulations!
    On the 3 special powers? Hmmm.... been thinking a lot about that lately ... and I am changing my mind as we speak.


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