Tuesday, 7 June 2011

newsworthy ?

I am beyond fed up with hearing about the extra marital exploits of Ryan Giggs.

I made him a new shirt.
First we had all the ‘who is it ?’ fiasco about this ‘super injunction’ that was supposed to keep us all from finding out who had the affair with a Big Brother “star”…ie bint who kept her name in the papers once her five minutes of BB fame was over by getting her tits out for lads mags.
Thanks to Twitter and the power of the information highway that didn’t stay secret for long - although there was already enough speculation, but then if nobody knew it was him how did they know it was her ? Most people forgot who she was a long time ago, well apart from the followers of her glamour 'career' (why is it called glamour modelling when you get your bits out and just modelling when your wearing designer clothes ? I know which one I think is more glamorous) but Giggs is very well known - even I know who he is and I make a point of NOT following football.

Apparently his lawyers are planning to sue Twitter.
Here’s a thought Ryan - maybe you should’ve just kept your cock in your pants ?
Whose the really guilty party here ? Not Twitter that’s for sure.

No secrets.
Then his brothers wife decides to spill the proverbial beans and let's it be known that she’d been fucking him ‘on and off’ (ha !) for EIGHT years. All the while married to his brother. This sorry piece of ass is now whining that her marriage is over. Really ? You are quoted by a friend as saying that you just “couldn’t get enough” of your husbands brother then expect said husband to stay ?
And no doubt only confessed in the first place because you got an attack of the green eyed monster when you heard about the BB slapper. Your cheating lover can't be trusted ? Who would've thought.
What a fucking bitch.

Meanwhile back at the ranch some other floozy has decided to come forward and tell us all that she has also been shagging Giggs. I'm surprised his knobs not fallen off. According to the news item I’ve just seen she rang the sister-in-law and said you’re not the only one. No doubt with a reporter from one of the tabloids listening in.
Wonder how much she’s getting paid for her story.
And I wonder how many more women are going to come forward now, because any man that can cheat on his wife with his brothers wife clearly has no morals or respect for anyone, and you can be sure there are others.

He’s also obviously stupid, no surprise there then. But most people that cheat at least have the common sense to realise that there’s a reason it’s called playing AWAY from home.
And given that Giggs is a premiership football player you would think he could understand the difference between home and away.
Yeah, stupid.
Family get togethers are going to be interesting now.

The only person in all this who I felt any amount of sympathy for is Giggs’s wife, bad enough finding out your husband has cheated with a fame hungry bimbo who no doubt thought she saw an opportunity to fuck her way further up the ladder of non-entities and threw herself at him.
But to then have to hear all the other shit. Including your sister in law ?
I’ve never understood women who find out they’re being cheated on and want to take it out on the other woman, she wasn't the one cheating was she ? He's the one deserves a bobbit.
But in that situation I think I’d be round her house stamping on her face.

And yet the wife is apparently ‘standing by him’.
That I don’t understand - why stick with someone who has pretty much publicly humiliated you ?
If your husband has been having an eight year affair along with various other indiscretions wouldn’t you think that your marriage was a lie.
Love is blind I guess.

He’s not the first and nor will he be the last public figure to be exposed in this way, and if you live your life in the public eye then you can expect the public to be just as interested when you make a mistake as when you score the winning goal or bring about world peace. More so really. I think as much as we love to worship at the cult of celebrity we love it even more when they are caught with their pants down and proved to be far from perfect.
These fame hungry wannabe’s who set out to court the press and bring attention to themselves for whatever minor talent they have, (usually showing their tits), then scream injustice when it turns against them are hilarious.
Having the tabloids discover your affairs or criminal record is the modern equivalent of a public stoning.

Are there any women here today ?

Gossip sells magazines and papers, and if it’s gossip about the sex lives of the rich and famous even better.
It bothers me though that these items seem to get far more coverage then the really important things that are happening in the world. Sometimes I wonder if there isn’t a conspiracy between the media companies and the government.
“The economies going to shit, soldiers are dying in Afghanistan and the world is still at risk of impending nuclear disaster from Japan but keep feeding them information about Giggsy’s cock and they won’t notice“.

When was the last time you saw an update about Fukushima on the news ? Or the thousands of people still homeless and suffering as a result of all that happened in Japan. I have been following a spreadsheet via The Guardian, an intelligent paper’s website, regarding the state of the reactors. If you want to know click here. Be warned though, it’s not good.

Thanks to the internet and satellite TV we are no longer limited to what our own countries press choose to feed us, it’s quite interesting to look at foreign news sites and see how different stories are portrayed. Newsreel propaganda did not end with the second world war, and it isn’t just confined to the far east.

I have seen this happen very close to home.
I worked with a kid who whilst out with friends had accidentally set light to a bin shed under a block of flats.
No real harm was done, when the boys realised what was happening ( they threw a cigarette end in the bin thinking it was out ) they had called the fire brigade before running away. However this particular boy was known to the police because he often tried to run away from the home, and as there was CCTV footage he was arrested. Because of the ‘criminal code’ he refused to ‘grass’ the other boys with him and so he alone was taken to court.

When the local newspaper picked up on this story it was reported that he was a dangerous arsonist who had tried to endanger the lives of the residents in the flats, and that he was in care because he was out of control.
Luckily they were not allowed to print his name.
He was in fact a very scared 13 year old boy who was in care because his mother was a heroin addict. And it was his voice recorded on the 999 call to the fire brigade.
That used to be the only paper I would buy, I’m not interested in the tabloids - but after that I stopped.

It’s one thing to write damning reports about politicians, pop stars and footballers with scandalous affairs and corruption, but a child ?

As for the attention seeking celebrities - I guess they get what they deserve, I just don’t want to hear about it every fucking time I turn the TV on.
There are way more important and interesting things happening in the world right now.


  1. over the pond, it's all @ arnold schwartsturder and his affair with his maid, with whom he had a kid, and took with on vacation.
    like we don't have world affairs or war, famine, etc to watch on the news.

    i will watch the news if sex is the topic... GOOD SEX.

    newsflash- last night violet got it on and had a fab time.
    who wouldn't want to see good news.

    not dumb affair loooossssers and their std capers.

  2. Is Giggy's wife really standing by him because of love? Or is it because she's become accustomed to a certain lifestyle?

    I no longer buy the papers, because when I worked for a private nursery in which a few of the parents were newspaper reporters, I couldn't believe the level of cover-ups that went on to protect those with high profiles, even if the stories were in the best interest of the public.

    The papers only print what they want us to read and the news only reports what they want us to see...it's all tainted...Really got to stop using elispes so much...

  3. yeah! I can finally post a comment. :0)

  4. @Violet, I've often said we should have the 'good news' news programmes, like instead of being told once in however often that a plane has crashed tell us how many flights take off and land safely every day.
    Lets get some perspective.
    @Lily, well yeah I reckon so - and probably a bit of 'I'm not leaving him so none of you tarts can have him'. Lets face it he's worth a few quid and given current sitch if she divorced him she wouldn't go short. Maybe she's gonna stick around and punish him in other ways..in which case good for her.

  5. Mrs Giggs must have seen a photo of Ms Thomas and realised her husband was having an affair with a pair of tits rather than another woman.

  6. Do you think some infant boys should be neutered at birth after a brain scan and their propensity for being fuck-tards is determined early on?

  7. um ... until this blog post, i'd never even heard of him lol!

    but now i am well informed ;P

  8. I HATE ManUre!

    anyway, tabloids are the same wherever you go. People are stupid and tired so they want to read and or hear exciting shit instead of news. networks just cater to the idiots that watch them.


  9. @GB - Good point, and tits with no brains.
    @PB - Great idea but it'll never catch on because apparently bollocks are needed in order to play professional football. (It's the only possible explanation as to why women aren't allowed).
    @Andrea - You weren't missing out on anything.
    @Rafa - Yeah I get that, must there must be more exciting things then what happens in a footballers pants...surely...? Maybe not for some.


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