Saturday, 17 March 2012


I've had a few people say they are having problems with my blog.
So am I, some of the links - previous post and the comment form etc seem to be broken. However I think the comment form will work as long as you using the URL for the post and not the home page. As far as I can tell it is something to do with Blogger changing the URLs of blogs so they are geographically correct, I hope so. 
Because the other possibility is that I have finally managed to change my template so much that I have royally fucked it up. Anyway I'm going to wait a few days to see if it rights itself and if not then I guess I'll have to start again with the design.
Meanwhile if you do experience problems would you please let me know, either here or via Twitter or G+, there are links to my profiles on both in the sidebar.

In other more important news major panic descended on my house this morning.
On Thursday I posted an application form to be a host family for foreign language students, I have a spare room sat there sad and empty that could be occupied by a sexy young man earning me few quid, and a friend who already does this suggested the idea.
At the moment I'm in the middle of a few DIY projects, and that includes a few little jobs in said spare room.
Not least of all removing all the useful items crap I've stored in there.
But, I figured it'll take a while to get a student and I have a day off next Friday as I have to go somewhere in the morning, so I thought I could do it then as that's effectively a three day week-end. I also need a few things for the room - you have to provide bedding etc, but I'm watching some on ebay.

This morning I get an email "Hi Cowgirl, thanks very much for your application. At the moment we have students waiting for accommodation, so can we come and see the room Monday evening as we can provide you with a tenant straight away".

So much for the relaxing week-end I had planned.
I've spent the day doing that thing where you try and do ten jobs at once and just end up confused and knackered.
And tomorrow instead of sleeping until 3 a little lie in I have to go shopping for bedding, towels and a lamp. And I fucking hate shopping. They better send me a buff young man after all that.
And breathe.

Son has been getting in the way helping, well taking orders. But in the course of sorting the room out I was putting rubbish in a carrier bag, and we then decided to go downstairs for a coffee and fag break. When I went back up to the room I found this . . .

That is not what I call helping.

The students also have to have an evening meal provided.
Well you can just rent the room, but you don't get as much money, and I figured we have dinner every night anyway so I may as well. However the reality of this is just beginning to dawn on me.
I do like cooking, I love having people round for dinner and when I'm in the mood there are certain things I can manage to not incinerate do quite well.
When I first thought about doing this I suppose I imagined it would be like having a friend for dinner every night. Yeah. Right. The reality of that is I'd soon get fed up.
And while I say I can cook, I have six recipe books.
Five of which are about cooking with chocolate.
I hope the student likes pudding and cake.
And isn't on a diet.

Speaking of which I am very happy to report that I have now managed to lose 10lb.
And that is without going on a proper diet, I have just been walking to work from the train station a few times a week and not stuffing my face with chips and six chocolate bars every night trying to eat healthier. I don't plan to be turning this into a weight loss blog. Boring. But if I get to where I plan to, that is a couple of stone less, I might post a before and after picture. Just as an incentive for myself to stay that way, and maybe then I can post a non-photoshopped below the neck realistic picture on the dating site too.

I will leave you with a couple of pictures that were sent to me.
A friend of mine took the first one, she actually saw this in Tesco.

No amount of clubcard points could make me want to buy that.

And I really cannot believe that whoever wrote this outside a pub did not realise exactly how it could be interpreted.

I'm off, I have two tons of crap to put out with the rubbish before the cat gets his paws on them.
This really wasn't a post was it ? I just wanted to let you all know about the blog problems really, but I can never just get to the point.

But in case you came here hoping to read something interesting or funny I'm gonna do you a favour and suggest you go and read this. Funniest post I've seen in ages.

I hope your week end is more fun then mine is turning out to be.

ps Any HTML experts out there fancy designing me an all-singing all-dancing shiny new template ?

Update : Fed up with people saying they can't comment. I LOVE the comments so changed back to the old template and the links appear to work for me. I guess it was me caused the problem.
Who woulda thought ??
Note to self : Knowing how to read some code does not make you a programmer.  
Could a few of you please test them for me ? 


  1. Congrats on the weight loss, I've managed to actually lose a bit myself, which is always nice. Good luck getting a handsome young man who has such a poor grasp of English you can't understand when he's saying no. Plausibile deniability.

  2. So, pretty much, you had the exact opposite weekend that I had and you crammed all that cleaning into two days just like I did. I hate shopping too. Such a waste of time.

    You know part of the student exchange is teaching kids right? Teach the kid how to cook. Just saying...LOL

    Great job on the weight loss! I don't know what a stone is; I'll have to look it up. My husband has told me countless times but I always forget. Thanks for sending me to another funny site too =)

  3. NOW I can comment.
    First, thanks very much for the shout-out. Wow! When I clicked on the link, I expected to be directed to an Amish quilting site (why? because it would serve me right, that's why). But, imagine my (delighted) surprise when I saw my face. Cool. Thanks again.
    Second, I couldn't comment on your blog. First I had to pull out (that sounds dirty). Then, I had to go back in (that DEFINITELY sounds dirty) before I could finish (oh my God, I can't keep my mind out of the gutter).

  4. Sounds a lot like me...I hate shopping and cleaning is just not my thing. It would be a 3 day job to clean a room in this house! Not my idea of a fun weekend!

    And that sign should reel in some major business. I mean who doesn't want a massive rear with a hot spot? lol

  5. When I was a teen, I begged my parents to host a foreign exchange student, so that I can date him, but they refused to cook for anyone that isn't their child.

  6. I don't think I've had any problems with your blog DCG, if that makes you feel any better. Grats on that weight loss too!

  7. Yeaaah! Houston we have lift off!

    Comments now working. Thought it was to do we the URL changes and not the template, which is a pity as I loved the new look.

  8. I can FINALLY scroll & comment on your blog! My son took over my computer remotely this morning & fixed some other problems, so I don't know whether to thank him or Blogger for that. Doesn't matter, though--it works!!

  9. Students are notoriously messy so let the cat continue to decorate the spare room.

  10. well done on the weight loss...I thought about renting a room out but the fear of the unknown always put me off...

  11. Welsh Lady Ass Fudge....Really? I'm a fat guy and I wouldn't be tempted by that.

    Little advice for changing your template, create a second blog just for adjusting the HTML coding. You can test changes there and then just copy and paste the code here when you're sure it's working.

  12. DCG, Why don't you cook them some of that always dirty sounding English food such as "spotted dick" or "toad in my hole", or "bang-her and mash" or "scottish eggs"

    Just teasin. Some of that shit actually sounds good.

  13. Great post, and hosting a student is a great idea. I spent nearly two months as a visiting student with a host family in Hawaii when I was sixteen, and twelve years later, we're still really good friends. We've visited each other a few times down the years and it's been a fantastic experience. Hope you get somebody nice (and buff!)

  14. Mmmm... Welsh Lady Ass Fudge... Drool...

  15. Cats are a big help, huh?

  16. oh, you're too nice!

    that little vagabond should be happy to sleep on a straw-filled burlap bag on your patio. give it a tarp for rain and a package of gum, and they've got luxurious accomodations for well over a year! kids these days....

  17. I thought it was my phone that wouldn't let me comment, and I got totaly pissed off with it so I decided to buy a new battery for my dead laptop you know just in case the experts were right and the charging point was busted and the hard drive was failing, note to self get new experts!!, thanks DCG.
    Funny post, I really hope you don't get Xavier as a lodger!

  18. looks like your dance card just got a little more full. you're gonna be a busy mama! so busy that you won't have time to spend all the cash you're raking in!

    as for kitty?


    as for ass fudge?


  19. congrats on the weight loss, DC! you should definitely post before-and-after pictures!

    i'll show you mine if you show me yours...;)


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