Wednesday, 7 December 2011

broken ?

Something appears to be amiss with the whole following process.

I say this because of a few things.

For a while now I have noticed that some sheep followers do not show up in the gadget or the list on my dashboard, although they are included in the numbers. Some days I see them straight away, other times I need to refresh several times. And it's always just the latest.
It worries me as I would hate to have to hunt you down lose any of my flock, because even though I say I'm not that bothered if people stop following of course I will find you am really.

In the last month or so there have been a few times when someone left a comment saying they are following and they either never show in the gadget or it takes a few days.
Although again the number increases.

And no, I have established that this is not folk following via reader or subscription, the number showing as followers on the dashboard is ONLY people who follow through a blog/google account. If you follow another way the number will not increase. 

A few blogs that I have recently started stalking following myself are not showing up in my dashboard, either in the list or when they publish a new post. And I have tried adding them via google connect on the gadget and adding them manually from the dashboard.
Luckily they have feedburner so I've subscribed via email instead, but I would prefer to see them when I log in here.

I also stopped following some that were fucking boring had not posted for months, and yet they were still on my dashboard. One I removed  - after a few attempts - and a few days later it was showing there again.

Fucking annoying - all of it.
Mostly because I have missed a few posts and it's like missing an episode of a favourite TV show.
And if I see I have a new follower I want to know who they are so I can see if they are a sexy fella I can stalk go to their blog and say thanks and maybe follow back. How am I supposed to perv over their pictures and send them anonymous emails do that if  I can't even see who they are ?

All joking aside though, I kind of hoped the problems were due to introducing the new interface, when it was first rolled out the followers gadget was inclined to disappear every once in a while, but it always came back. However lately it feels like blogger is a bit broken.
If it was just the one thing I might be concerned that it was the feed for my blog that was acting up, but I'm not so sure.
Has anyone else had similar issues ?
Do my posts always show up ok in your dashboards ? Or wherever you get my updates from ?

I know it's easy enough to check for emails about new posts, or use Reader, but I kind of like having them all in the one place. It's less confusing for my mentalpause addled brain just easier to manage.

And yeah, it is 5.30am and yeah I should be sleeping but I am just TOO EXCITED TO SLEEP AS IN EXACTLY 48 HOURS THE CAR FOR THE AIRPORT WILL BE HERE !!!! And as today is my LAST DAY AT WORK I promised I would go in early so there is no point in even trying to sleep now.

So I thought I'd have a little bitch about this and see if it's affecting anyone else.


  1. woooohoooooo for vacation!!!

    blogger is so dysfunctional. it's kinda charming, but most of the time it makes me sad that it can't pull its shit together, like that druggie second-cousin that shows up to christmas brunch without shoes....

  2. I keep my eye on everyone using the google reader - it allows me to look without touching! As for followers, I'm pretty sure that most of my ones don't read my blog.

  3. There's a Roll-up (not the smoking kind) on 'Blogger features suggestions and feedback'.
    Over 300 complaints and still counting.

    I've had the problem for over a month and it was supposed to be sorted yesterday but alas, it's still buggered. (insert own joke of the anal kind here)

    Loving that first pic btw.

  4. Yes, I too have a blog list which randomly shows blogs I no longer follow. By lunchtime it generally sorts itself out though.

  5. It's affecting me too. There's at least one blog I follow who doesn't show up at all in my feed. Thankfully it isn't you. I know it's affected some other people as well. I heard they were trying to phase Friend Connect out, which could explain it. Kind of. Dirtycowgirl is my heroine AND heroin.

  6. I laughed pretty hard at the Napoleon Dynamite and Stalker photos for some reason. I heard Google Friend Connect is being cancelled so that may be the cause behind your problems. Great post as always.

  7. I don't think my numbers ever worked properly. I go days with more comments than views. But I think eventually the glitch gets it, because then I will have a spike of over 100 in an hour. It really makes my graph look ridiculous for the week though. And yeah, the blogs I follow disappear with no rhyme or reason.
    Have a fabulous trip. And have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Don't forget about us, well you get back <3.

  8. Have a great trip! Don't perv out on anyone.

  9. there are two blogs I've tried to stop following and can't get rid of them. I feel your pain!

  10. Same issues here. I follow but it doesn't show up in my DB. This is fairly recent, though. I have students who follow me through their Twitter accounts and this does increase my number of followers, so I'm not sure why that type of thing isn't working for you! Did you post the question in Google forum?

  11. It's a bitch. I have to go searching for the blogs that should show up in my blogger thing. I don't want to say anything because I fear retribution from Skynet, which has taken over Google on it's inexorable march to take over the entire world, and I don't want to get on their shit list and have them come to my door and kill me or even worse, shut down my blog.

    Have fun on vacation. Be safe. ttfn

  12. I seem to be having the same sporadic issue with followers/blogs I follow. Hopefully it is something they'll fix soon...
    BTW: Have a GREAT vacation!!! :)

  13. I guess that answers the question then - as long as it's not just me I'm not too bothered.
    Any new blogs I follow I'll add to reader as well as following via the gadget, and keep my fingers crossed that it gets sorted soon.

    And thanks people, I most certainly will have an epic time :)

  14. I went back to the old Blogger interface. The new one is a piece of shit and almost made me shoot my computer. That probably would have knocked me off your follow list huh?

  15. i don't know how to get back to the old one ... i just put up with the silliness and hope it clears itself up.

  16. Dashboards are where you put the hot cup of coffee before you speed off and spill it all over yourself!
    Someone is a Capricorn AND on vacation/holiday and I hope she is happy and celebrating and not spilling coffee on herself unless it is Cafe Patron- coffee-infused tequila!


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