Thursday, 15 December 2011

cowgirl presents . . . #4

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Stupidstu. .

Stupidity, slutty women who ride horses and a bunch of cunts!

Well I would firstly like to say hello to all of DCG’s regular followers and then straight away warn you that this post may contain more swear words than one of DCG’s regular posts?
In fact, what the fuck am I talking about? this girl has a mouth like a hung over brickie!

So with that out of the way, firstly a little bit about ME. (Shameless plug for my blog coming).
I have only been blogging for a couple of months now and to be honest mine and DCG’s blogs are similar in the way they aren’t really about anything interesting, just a load of shite thrown together about anything that we find funny or relevant at the time. You may all be aware that DCG at the moment is starting to show her age of 28 my arse by blogging about her son going through puberty about 15 years ago and her and the Man-o-pause she can’t pull anymore because she sweats a lot.

So my post is about one of the first things she blogged about and this will hopefully bring back some of the good old days for her whilst she is sunning herself in India stoned out of her mind!

The one thing me and DCG really have in common is we share a love of something, something pure yet misunderstood by most people as being offensive when really it is a source of joy and laughter in our lives!! That thing is the beautiful word ……..cunt!

I know that some people take offence to the word but below I have got some pictures and to me the only thing the word does is make the pictures funny and certainly not offensive. Hopefully we can break some boundaries today people?!

I know that after I have had a night on the tiles I certainly need a rest!

This classic works well either way round! ….Think about it! This was on DCGs original post but for me it’s a must have! If you have read my book club post then you would know that if a penguin or penguinette says someone is a cunt it has to be true!

Now I am sorry but if this man, the late great John Peel can wear a t-shirt saying that HE is a cunt then how is that offensive? Just imagine a loved one, maybe your auntie Mavis wearing one saying Auntie Mavis is a cunt!! Hilarious!

I will leave you with something that is directly taken from DCGs fabulous post as I think it would be a fitting way to finish up and I quote …….

“I am proud of my cunt, it has been the source of some fine times, and played a major role in my greatest achievement - the birth of my son. And yet I realise that by writing the word here some people might have an issue with reading this, I daresay some might even not read this post at all simply because of the title. I often use the word in my facebook status and as a result I've had quite a few people delete me.”

If DCG has actually gone ahead and posted this then I would like to thank her for very foolishly allowing me to guest post on her blog and I think you will agree with me when I say that her blog is always full of shit entertaining and I hope she is having a blast in Goa off her face on ecstasy?!
I don’t know how many of you have ever met DCG for real but I got this footage of her when I was stalking her at a street party so please enjoy!

Thanks for reading,
Stupidstu. <-------check him out !

Stu's blog is still quite new, but if you like me when I'm being sarcastic and rude you will love him.
He is also currently sunning himself on a beach in some far away place as he and his lady have embarked on an epic adventure - he gave me this post before he left - but he will be back posting in January too.


  1. cunt cunt cunt cunt

  2. This was pretty good :) I like how she is trying to bring the word cunt back too. It's one of many that needs the DCG treatment.

  3. I think you and Dirty Cowgirl might be my long-lost children.


  4. I used the word cunt once...nearly got me divorced!

  5. This guy seems really cool, I kind of want to be following his blog, he's a great writer just like you!

    1. You got the c right in saying i am cool but you need to remove the the ool and replace with tnu ! You work it out snowball !

  6. I'm mad you didn't use the word cunt more often.

    1. Your a cunt for posting this comment !

  7. Good grief, I've never seen so much "cunt" in one place before. Outside of Madonna's dressing room anyway. Buddy Christ!!!

  8. I love that Jesus loves you pic.

  9. the fact that at the moment I decide to breeze back into the blog-o-spere, you are in fucking india makes me mad!!!

    ... but not as mad as my cat, who when I just laid down on her, [accidentally of course,] emitted this odd noise like those "cow-in-a-can" toys, which made me feel like a big ol' cunt.



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