Monday, 15 August 2011

you're gonna miss me while i'm gone

Right you lot, I'm off on holiday for a week.
Actually I'm going to see Son (and hopefully sun), so it might not be that much of a holiday for me. He's probably hoping I'll help him tidy his room, cook dinner every night, then lend him some money so he can meet his mates in the pub.
Yeah right.

How will you cope without me ?

I'll tell you how. I've organised a couple of treats for you . . . .
As to what they are, well you'll just have to wait and see.
I'm sure you're gonna love them.

But you see what a good Bo Peep I really am, while I was busy thinking about sun tan lotion, plane tickets and how the fuck I'm going to de-fuzz my legs (anyone want to lend me a strimmer) that haven't been waxed since the last time I got lucky which was . . . well. . .  a while ago, I was also thinking about you my lovely flock.

Keep and eye out and I'll see you all when I get back.
Yes there will be pictures and no they will not be of me in a bikini.

This is where I'll be . . . 

For the duration of my holiday I am turning comment moderation off, so if the pervert whose remarks I have spared you the pleasure of decides to leave me another message about my tits please ignore him.
I suspect he's really a 40 year old virgin sat in skiddy pants in his mommys basement and not the stud he seems to want me to think he is.

Thanks for all your comments, following, reading, and the pleasure I get (no, mr pervert not that kind of pleasure) from reading your blogs too :)
I love you all, even if I call you sheep.
Baaaaah xxx


  1. Have a good one, Ms Cowgirl. Taking care of your boy is surely one of the more virtuous things you've done in your life.

  2. Hey DCG, I'm actually going to miss you! I'm sure you'll have a great time out there. It'll be a home away from home, ie, cooking, cleaning, washing.

    As for the guy in his skiddies, sitting at home in mama's basement, I think I slept with him once but that was back in the good ole days...when I was a druggie...and an alcholic...and before I got my mental disorders under control...

    Hope you have a wonderful time. Baaah!

  3. Tiresome Little Tit15 August 2011 at 23:33

    I have already bought a batch of rancid tomatoes to hurl at what comes next. Abandon us if you like. Go sod off for all I care. By the time you come back I will have assaulted Mount Olympus with the pack of Newbies I am grooming and Leagacy and Nitecruz (or woteva) will be deposed and toothless. It begins here. I might be late....but I feel the need for a RIOT. It's all very catching.... Have fun.

  4. Baaaaaahhhhh. Look forward to you getting back. And get some:P That's what vacations are for. Uncomplicated sex with people you never have to see again.

  5. i'll be here to defend your blog from crud :)

    have fun my friend!

    oodles of fun xo

  6. really? no bikini pics? what if we ask nicely?

  7. I just got back from vacation. Vacations are tiring. I'm tired.

  8. Have a great holiday! We'll leave the light on.....

  9. Have fun, Dirty Girl! ;-) Try not to get arrested, if you can possibly help it. Since you're the only person who comments on my blog, I will most definitely and especially be missing you. Boo.

    But you deserve a break, love! have so much fun! xox

  10. Happy, safe and wild, cracked out story worthy travels DCG!! I'll be waiting with bated breath for your return. ;D

  11. Oh my god! Finally! Viva España! You better be writing all your lovely experiences in Barcelona, is it? Don't forget Ibiza! And do try to enjoy the wonderful landscape, and the men, of course! Ten cuidado mi amiga! Vaya don dios!


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