Thursday, 11 August 2011

dear dave

Dear fuckwit that's supposed to be running this country David Cameron,

I really didn't want to have to say I told you so. . . .
But I fucking TOLD YOU SO.

THIS is what happens when you force young people to live in sink estates.

THIS is what happens when people have to live in near poverty.

THIS is what happens when you don't invest in schools and education.

THIS is what happens when young people have no decent affordable leisure activities

THIS is what happens when you cut back on youth services and advice/ guidance centres.

THIS is what happens when young people have no aspirations.

THIS is what happens when young people have no jobs.

THIS is what happens when young people have no future.

THIS is what happens when teenagers have babies and kids are raised by kids.

The events of the last few days have left most of Britain in a state of shock.
The initial protest occurred after a young man was shot and killed by police, given that our police are not normally armed this person must've done something to cause alarm. It is known that he had a gun, and I guess he must've either used it to commit a crime - there is speculation that he was a drug dealer, or at the very least brandished it in some way.
Until we have the results of the enquiry into that I'm not really willing to say much, - except that it is a sad reflection of the way our society is going when young people are walking around carrying guns.

And what happened to him is probably the best example of a reason why not to have one.
You have a gun, your mate has a gun, your rival has a gun, your enemy has a gun. So his friends, rivals and enemies will get a gun too.
Sooner or later everyone will want to gun to defend themselves from the criminals with guns.
The police will fight fire with fire.
Someone is going to get shot.

The mob mentality of the events that followed has very little to do with that young man's death and everything to do with the dis-affected youth of this country. The few I have seen interviewed on the TV and asked why they were causing mayhem had no real answer to give. Only one mentioned the lad that was killed. And in most of the footage I've seen they looked like they were enjoying themselves.
I know that's bad.
But how shit, sad and boring does your life have to be if that's the most exciting that happens. And what does that say about the way you were raised and your intelligence and state of mind.

Our police were stretched to the limit trying to deal with what happened, and I have heard talk on news bulletins about ending the cuts to police budgets.

But Dave, maybe you should stop cutting back on investments in young peoples services, education, training programmes, grants that help with cost of further education and instead make some serious investments in our children and their futures.
Because if you did that then they might just grow up to be decent human beings with jobs and money in their pockets and no desire to cause civil unrest.

And then you wouldn't need to be worrying about policing street riots and looting.

You know I'm right.
I always am.

Yours sincerely.


  1. Very moving post, cowgirl. Well written too. If only someone would show it to Dave!

  2. Wow...what a tragic happening. Not knowing the full scope of life as youth in the UK I am not really grasping why this became so violent. I sure get the fact that the shooting was just an excuse to all bat-shit crazy but I think you have the underlying reasons pretty well nailed. I hope this is over soon and all I can say is take cover!

  3. it breaks my heart ... i'm so sorry that your country is affected in this way ... i hope you and your family are doing well ...

    i hope the politicians listen ... somehow, i doubt they will

  4. Good to see your new posting. I've been watching the news, but had been interested in seeing your local take on the situation. I hope authorities will gain control over the crowds and that it'll be a quite night.

    Sad how we never seem to understand the domino effect of decisions until things come crashing down? Although, obviously, people have free will (<- which includes the ability to not only choose to do wrong, but to choose to do what's right, which seems to be all to often harder for people to see their way to doing...)

  5. Well said DCG!

    It's not just our 'youths' (hate that word) that are feeling disenchanted with the government, amongst those arrested were a graduate, graphic designer, teacher and someone who had just enlisted in the army. Of course, there is no excuse for what has happened and those caught should be held accountable for what they have done but judging by the mood in Britain over the last few years, I think we all knew this day would arrive eventually... Apart from David Cameron that is.

  6. Yeah, but 95% of young people don't behave like hooligans and quite a few of the looters actually have jobs. I blame the government for not dumping these barbarians on an empty island. The Romans would have fed them to the lions, of course.

  7. You're damn right.

    The riots are terrible. :/

  8. I hope Mr. Harper is paying attention, but he is probably too busy feeling superior. Because God knows Canadian youth has better things to do, and we are immune to mob mentality.

    Ohhhh, right, Vancouver. Sitting on a powder keg.

  9. Excellent post. Agreed 100%.

  10. i thought we were all agreed that they are just immoral villains...

  11. @Vee, I might just email to No 10.
    @Chuck, I don't think what I'm saying is the only reason - but I really do believe it's part of the underlying cause as to why so many got involved.
    @Mike, Thanks - glad you agree :)
    @Andrea, It's nowhere near me, and yeah me too.
    @BBG, I have more to say but it appears to be settled now. And you're right, but the pack mentality always seems to get the better.
    @Lily, I know, but the news are highlighting those because they are the exception. I hope it wasn't anywhere near you ? But I guess there is a certain awful eventuality about it.
    @GB, Of course - but given the size of our population 5% is too many. My Dad is saying bring back national service - mebe you and him should come up with a plan.
    @Lemons, I'm always right !
    @Jamie, Indeed.
    @Cait, Thanks - good to see you back :)
    @E, well that too.

  12. And I thought the riots were about Justin Bieber

  13. i was really shocked when i found out about the riot there >.<

  14. i really hate to see that kind of devestation...i hope the world turns around soon...we are going down the tubes fast i say

  15. @PTM. Shhhh....we don't want the whole world to know.
    @april, I think the whole country was shocked.
    @GG, so do I because you're right we are. And neither of us lives in the worst countries.

  16. In some Chicago neighborhoods, gunshots are as common as birds chirping in the trees. It sucks, my fiancee used to live in one of those areas. Let me just say that citizen-legal handguns have contributed absolutely nothing good to the social fabric of this country.

  17. Damn! Cameron just got bitch slapped!

    It's a mad world.

  18. @Beer, I believe that we are heading that way too, certainly in the bigger cities.
    @TBG, He hasn't got back to me yet. Probably too pussy to take me on.

  19. I'm an American, but can relate to the post. We share a lot of the same issues over here.

  20. From another American... guns in the hands of people always lead to trouble. How can they not? They were created for trouble.

    And you're really spot on about giving kids more to focus on than negativity and violence, which is what happens when they live on the outskirts of society. So sad!

    I hope things get straightened out soon. I like to believe in humanity and that we can handle anything. Individually, people are amazing, but in a mob, not so much.

  21. Sweet baby Jesus... I don't know if I should get a gun, or move to the hills...
    WTF is going on here???


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