Monday, 4 July 2011

very clever

I've previously written about my hopeless attempts with house plants.

But I'm not the type to give up without a fight and I love a challenge.

In the garden of the house where I work they have some Love In A Mist growing. I like this plant, it reminds me of my Mum as we had some in our garden when I was a kid and it was always my favourite, so I have taken some bulbs and also a little cutting from the Bay tree and am trying again to cultivate some greenery.

Not sure whether it's me or the plants that need luck but wish us both some anyway.

I brought the cuttings home at the week-end so yesterday afternoon I went to the local DIY store to get some pots and compost to plant them.
I found some really nice little pots to get them started in. There was a broken terracotta pot on the ground, I thought I'd take it as I could use it instead of stones in the bottom of the pots for drainage. I checked with the man in charge of the gardening section who said it was fine, then piled the pieces up and put them in the bottom of the shopping cart.

I get to the checkout and the girl looks in the cart at this ......

And said,
"Did you know that pot was broken ?"

Noooooo......You're fucking kidding me right ?

Yeah it's a make your own pot kit - you just glue them together

How many GCSEs do you need to work here then.

Ten out of ten for observation.

It's a modern art pot. (Surrealism at it's best).

How stupid ?
Talk about state the fucking obvious.
I'm very tempted to wait until she's working again and see if I can get a refund.

This is what Love In A Mist is supposed to look like, if I get anything other then brown stalks I will be suitably impressed.

Oh fuck ! Did I just write a post about flowers ?
Shoot me if I do it again.


  1. Quite pretty, but it doesn't look very edible. Have you ever considered cultivating marrows or pumpkins?

  2. sorry to hear that you are jackie the ripper a'la plant world... i have a green thumb, but i have not managed to keep rosemary, begonia, or succulents [with aloe as an exception.]
    i never feed them, just water. maybe i should.
    plants like to live in a special spot.
    if the things look like they are on the outs- give them away, that's what i do.

  3. I'm hopeless with plants BUT I git a Venus fly trap from Homebase and it's still alive and it's eaten 4 flies!!! Bring on the Triffids!!!!

  4. surrealism pots?!

    sounds like an exciting business venture! that girl would so buy one!

  5. This gives a whole new meaning to "buying bad pot."

  6. fucking flowers.

    i always end up finding the nastiest, most aggressive spider while i'm planting that looks like it could kill me if we had opposing political views.... maybe it would be scared off by surrealist pot? surrealist pots are EXTREMELY marketable. i think you've got yourself a fortune 500 idea in the works with those puppies...

  7. i don't grow plants... i grow seedlings that quickly turn to mold. i'm right there with you in the black thumb department.

    and i love the surrealist pot.

    xo m.

  8. They always charge me extra for the build it yourself kit.

  9. @GB, If I have any success with these I'll give it a shot and send you a food parcel.
    @Vi, Mine tend to get 'rescued' by friends who know what I'm like. If certain people are coming round I will have to hide the latest attempts.
    @Ian, I'd quite like one of them, but I'd probably manage to give it a lethal dose of plant enteritis.
    @ABeer, I've done that too.
    @IHate, Spiders are big part of why I don't really do gardening - hence the pots.
    @Mina, Mine generally don't even make it to the mould stage - they just go brown and die.

    So it seems everyone likes the surrealist pots - I sense a new venture and @flip, how many do you want ? Special price for you . . . . .

    And welcome to the new sheep. There's always room for more in the flock :)

  10. Hey, did you know that pot was broken? HAHA

  11. LMAO, Oh my, on her way to management that one:P

  12. That cashier really had a grasp of the obvious... :)

  13. @DL, not at first, no.
    @Jamie, indeed - only the brightest.
    @krouth, either that or she didn't think I did.

  14. lmao!!!! i did fine with plants until i moved in here with papi. then after the accident, papi let them all die, b/c i was needing more watering.

    there are no plants in the house.


  15. I am loving the diversity and I like that plant - don't leave it in reach of any lambs!

  16. I would love to be able to see into her brain.

  17. @Andrea, I don't hold out much hope. I already forgot to water them yesterday.
    @Lee, I know - but my blog is full of sheep.
    @Kev, I think it's probably just a void. And weclome to you too :)

  18. I like the Bill Murray line in Stripes when his girlfriend is moving out, 'You can't leave me, the plants will die'.

  19. Hmm... have you tried using a potted plant water drip or self-watering planters? If you haven't that would be my suggestion. :)

    Of course, I'm not handy with the plants either; these were just some things that I vaguely remember my Ma telling me. Either way, hoped I offered you something new to chew on.

  20. Well, when you think about how many voters miss out on the obvious, then maybe sometimes overstating the obvious is needed. Not for you and me, but for some folks.

  21. I'm glad to see you're still writing and still as funny as ever.


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