Thursday, 28 July 2011

hey anonymous

Today I received this in my comments on my last post.

"How dare you say things like this about Amy Winehouse. What gives you the right to say stuff like that about her life, you didn't know her and you obviously know nothing about being a drug addict, she couldn't help it and she didn't deserve to die. You should be ashamed of yourself and apologise for what you said, you think you can say anything you like Dirty Cowgirl or whoever you really are, but if you have any respect for her you will remove this post."

What ?

Sounds to me like Ms Winehouse had at least one fan who was even more crazy then she was.
Anyway now I've stopped laughing let me respond.

First of all Anonymous or whoever YOU really are this is MY blog. Get it ? MINE. That means I can say whatever the fuck I like here. And yeah DCG might not be my actual name but I'm not as anonymous as you. That picture to the right is me, and there are other pictures of me and my real name elsewhere on this blog. Anyone who knows me in real life would look at this and recognise me.
I have the bollocks to stand by my words. You need to grow a pair.
If you want to have a go at me at least have the bottle to do so as yourself.
Fucking lily livered chicken shit cunt.

I said what I did, if you had bothered to read it correctly, to make a point that I thought the press was at fault for the amount of coverage it gave to her death as opposed to the events in Norway. And any comment I made about her CHOSEN lifestyle was based upon the well documented and frequently photographed and filmed catastrophes of her life.
She never did anything to earn my respect but I NEVER said she deserved to die.
My point in regard to that was that Amy chose to take the drugs and alcohol she put into her own body.
The young people in Norway were victims of someone else's psychosis.

And FYI I happen to know a lot about drugs and the problems of addiction, both in a private and professional capacity. I may at some point choose to write about that, or I may not. But since you know absolutely nothing about me - unless you read all of my blog which my stats are telling me is not the case - then you have far less right to criticise me then I do any so called celebrity whose life is up for public scrutiny.

And no, I'm not ashamed of myself, I won't apologise for voicing my thoughts and I have absolutely no intention of removing a post because one fucking idiot didn't like what I said.

Go fuck yourself.
Or at least come back as you and have a proper argument instead of hiding behind 'anonymous' comments.
Bring it on.

This really made me laugh, thought I'd share it via a post rather then just publish the comment and respond. The fact that this person actually thinks I'm going to remove the post just because they didn't like it is hilarious.
Do they not understand that the point of having a blog is to have a bit of personal webspace where you can say or write about whatever you like ?
I guess not.
But my blog is kinda my brain, I say that I have no theme or style but I guess in a way I do. Since going back to work full time I don't post as often as I did when I started it, but whenever I see or hear something that makes me think, remember something, laugh or get annoyed I tend to think "I'll write about that later".

So no, not likely to be apologising for that anytime soon.


  1. I've just read your previous post about Winehouse's death tnas the Nrowegian massacre and I have to say that anon's comment seems histrionic. you are perfectly respectful towards her and point out that she had chosen the lifestyle she followed. Anon seems to be displaying the hysteria that sometimes follows a celeb's death, unable to contemplate any other opinion than their own. Fuck 'em.

  2. What you said couldn't have upset anyone except a fan in mourning for Amy. It's weird how fans behave as if their idol was a loved one.

  3. I think that anon and I must have been looking at two different posts. I'm a huge Amy Winehouse fan and I didn't think that anything you wrote was in anyway desrespectful.

    You simply pointed to the fact that she chose to live her life in the style that she did, while the victims of Norway had no say in their demise.

    Anon needs to open up their eyes to the fact that we are all allowed an opinion, whether it differs from that of others or not.

    On a lighter note, almost pissed myself at 'lily livered chicken shit cunt.' Will be saving that one for future outbursts.

  4. Anonymous wants to censor you. Fuck, words cannot describe how hilarious I find that. Did she get into Amy's stash?

  5. Some people... I think it's great that you aired both this post and the last. Amy Winehouse was a public figure, imperfect like all the rest. We all know she didn't want to go to rehab, and we know her ways led her to her grave. It's sad, but, for the most part, we are all in control of our own lives, from what we put in our bodies to what we put on our blogs.

  6. Wow, I was all set to talk about Elvis dying on the crapper, but I better not. Uh, oh, I think I just did.
    Good for you for flaming back at that weasel!

  7. Fuck yeah Cowgirl. You tell that anonymous where to stick it. This is my first visit to your blog and I loved it.

  8. lol!!! i just had a bit of a debate about ms. wine-o.

    i'm pretty much in the same camp as you my friend.

    anonymous ... show yourself if you want to be so brave ... otherwise, take it somewhere else ...

    god i hate anonymous posts ... o ya right! i deleted the option for them hehehe

  9. Being the spawn of two drug addicts (including alcohol and heroin), yes, they can help it. It's hard, but they can.

    Amy chose not to. She even wrote a song about it. "Rehab". Derp.

  10. hahahaha ... go DCG!
    Anonymous? Bullshit. At least get a Name or borrow an Avatar.
    Seriously, if comprehension is NOT one of the better skills of anonymous comment freak, let's hope this post is simple enough to read and comprehend.

  11. i love you for this:

    "Fucking lily livered chicken shit cunt."

    whaaahhhh, emo fan gets threatening!

  12. Damn you DCG!! How dare you have and express a personal opinion about a public figure who led their life in such a massive and publically dysfunctional way. Bullshit freedom of speech! You should apologize after all she couldn't help doing copious amounts of drugs with someone pointing a gun at her head and all. Oh. nobody held her at gunpoint? Never mind... ;D

  13. Thanks for the support guys.

    FYI anonymous has not left another comment.
    Chicken shit indeed.


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