Sunday, 17 July 2011

i'm no quitter

I have flu.

I haven't moved from my bed, apart from fighting my way through the huge pile of soggy tissues for trips to the loo, and the kitchen for lemsips and flu remedies since about 10pm Friday, that was 48 hours ago. What a waste of a week-end, although I felt so shit I had no choice.
I can be a lazy sod sometimes, it's not exactly unusual for me to have very long lie-ins at the week-end but I HATE being forced to stay in bed because I'm ill. I can never properly relax because I just wind myself up thinking about all the things I could be doing instead.

Better then previous representation of last 48  hours in my house.

On the positive I haven't had a cigarette since about 9pm on Friday.
Smoked the last one and since then been unable to go to the shop. Am I craving one ? Hellyeah. Am I going to get some ? Probably not.
I still feel very wobbly when I stand up, in fact I doubt I'll make it to work tomorrow, but apart from cigarettes there's nothing I need so it's not like I HAVE to go and get milk so whilst I'm there I may as well . . . .
Honestly, I don't think I'd make it to the shop at the moment anyway.

So yeah, wish me luck 'cos I'm gonna try and quit permanently.
I did it once before - for 14 months - then got a bit stressed and decided to just 'have the one'. Within about 4 weeks I was smoking more then I did before I quit.
I guess being a smoker is like any addiction. You are never truly free of it, you just hope to get to a point where you're a smoker who hasn't had a fag for 30 years.

I've wrote this post because I feel as if writing it here means I'm really gonna do it.
How bizarre.

Which probably means that you lot have plenty of angry posts to look forward to.

Fingers crossed.
I'm off to blow my nose.

Update: I have changed the picture. Feeling slightly better today and not so spaced out on flu remedies - and realised that the previous picture made it look as if my crumpled quilt was in fact a large penis.
Now, it's not that I'd have a problem with spending 48 hours under a large penis, to be honest it would possibly make me feel a whole lot better, but why all the tissue ?

Now I feel as if I have to get up and change my bedding so the picture is accurate. Damn. Still not had a fag though.


  1. I sincerely hope you beat the flu, give up cigarettes and feel twice and horny as you normally do.

  2. Wow, that is tough to do. My mom quit years ago. My dad has quit 4 times, but goes back. I'm sure you'll do great. Bring on the angry posts.... Ummm, how will we recognize those ones:D

  3. i found that a friendly bout o' bronchitis and pneumonia helped me quit...
    among other freikish health scares...
    if you want it,
    do it

  4. ohhh....
    and i seriously hope your stupid summer flu goes away asap!

  5. feel better! being sick SUCKS. it always seems so relaxing to be sick when you aren't, but then you are and you remember how GOD AWFUL it is...

  6. omg i'm so sorry you have the flu ... i hope it wasn't the one i had ... i hope you don't have the swallowing of glass and fever of 100 :( get better!!

  7. I quit for about 4 months after havng a cold but slid back into. I stopped dead again in November last yer and haven't had one snce so stick with it, its worth it to be able to run up hills. Also, if I blogged about feeling miserable with flu loads of women would start taking the piss and talking about 'man flu' so I will refer to this post if that happens in the future.

  8. @GB, As if that's even possible.
    @Vi, Yeah I still feel as if I cant smoke, might be different when I can...I guess we'll see. The prob is I like smoking.
    @IHE & Andrea, Thanks - I do feel better already.
    @Tony. Feel free, but the point of this post is not me feeling ill it's me not smoking. And if I have flu it's not man flu it's bird flu and everyone knows that's a killer.

  9. I could tell it was a lot of aggravation, but my father quit while he was sick about 10 years ago and never looked back. Good luck!

  10. If I could live on smokes, beer, and coffee I would.
    But I can't. So I haven't smoked in 3 or 4 years.
    I don't really miss it anymore, if that's helpful.

  11. Sorry to hear that you've got the flu - getting sick in the summer is the worst.

  12. Thanks guys, it's all encouragement to me and in the drought of willpower it helps. But krouth, what summer ? I think summer has forgotten to visit England this year.


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