Friday, 21 January 2011

My Three Musical Highlights of 2010


This is me in Cafe Del Mar....drinking quite possibly the most expensive JD and coke I've ever bought.


Live at Privelidge, fabulous club and a great set, he does put on a proper show but its the biggest club in europe so what else would you expect really.

This guy is truly amazing, puts on a fire poi show on the shore line in front of Cafe Mambo at sunset, the performance finishes with him turning himself into what I can only describe as a human catherine wheel. favourite club on the island, smaller then the others but a whole lot classier, and a fabulous roof terrace.
This guy is one of the podium dancers.... he was trying to persude me to get up there with him, but I declined - I didn't want to show him up.
I wish.
And for me Sasha was way better then Tiesto.


Sunset over San Antonio Bay
You can't visit the white island without watching the sun go down outisde Cafe del Mar.

Leftfield Live at Bournemouth Academy

 Mr Neil Barnes, Leftfield Maestro and who im proud to say is amongst my friends on facebook.

 Inspection !!! So great to see these guys live, this was their first tour in 10 years - and they were every bit as good now as then.

The amazing Jess singing Original, always my favourite Leftfield tune, this was the only song that they didn't have the vocalist from Leftism for, but she was brilliant.

November...I LOVE TECHNO, Gent Expo, Belgium

One massive six room techno festival, from 7pm til 7am and I danced the whole time - ached like a bitch the day after though, but no pain no gain.

But THIS was the absolute far and away highlight of my year, yeah that is Underworld - headline live act at ILT, played a couple of new songs from their latest album, but also, as they always do, the tunes that everyone knows so well. And thanks to the help of a large german in a cowboy hat I managed to get right to the front. I will no longer be able to listen to Born Slippy without being reminded of men jumping all over my feet - they were bruised the next day but worth every second. I love them.
Karl Hyde, author of the words that are tattooed on my back, and so close I could almost touch him.....xxxx

You bring light in.

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  1. Looks like you had a great time, some great acts. There's still some tech in the US but nothing like Europe. Thanks for commenting on my blog.



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