Monday, 27 February 2012

because you lot are special . . .

. . . tonight I have a bit of a treat for you.

And a favour to ask in return.

You remember I told you about my friends son who wanted to steal a dog and smuggle it in a suitcase a few posts ago ?
Just before he and his Mum left for their holiday they came here for dinner, and Son and him made a video. It's been uploaded to youtube, and Son keeps checking to see how many hits it's had. There's been a few, but I want your help it getting it out there to the masses.

I realise that I may be slightly biased, it's my Son and my friends six year old who I have known since he was a day old. But it is VERY cute.
So anyway here it is, but please go to youtube to view it so they get a hit, give them a like, maybe leave a comment, and if you think it's worth it then please share it on any other media platforms you use.
(To get it on youtube click on it again once it is playing here).

Link Removed - ask me if you want it.

Why does my kitchen look like it's bright yellow ? It's not.
And if I'd known this was going to happen I would've done the washing up.

They made another video too, but Son says he's not going to upload it unless this one gets popular. I think the other one is even funnier (it's "Sexy and I know it"), and when Stanley and his Mum come home they are coming to stay with us for a while as she has rented her house out, so they will make some more.
My boy might be going viral.
In a way that doesn't involve a visit to any clinic.

Considering some of the things that get a following on the internet I think they both should be stars, but as I said, I'm biased.
It does make me wonder though, it's like the 'blog of note' thing we have on here, most of the time there is nothing special about them that I can see.
Well apart from A Beer For The Shower, and my blogger mate Gweenbrick who guest posted for me in December, he was made BON while I was away. Both of them deserved it, but I was already following them before they got the accolade.

When you consider how many blogs there must be I do find it strange that it's so rare to find one that has followers in the thousands, or even more then a few hundred, the problem it seems is getting your blog noticed because there are some amazing writers among us who certainly should have way more then they do.
And I know there is a 300 limit on the amount you can follow, but there are other ways. Not all of my regular readers appear on the gadget, I have weirdo stalkers and perverts more in reader and email subs, so it's not that limiting the numbers.

I think that most of us find others by checking out the followers, comments and blog rolls of those we read, but that is quite limiting, and I guess is why you seem to find groups of people around the more popular blogs.
And who really has time to check out everyone who also appears on the ones you follow.

The only reason I ever comply with conditions for awards is if I have a few blogs I think are going to send me money or written by fit single men worth sharing, but even then I don't think they drive much traffic over.
(Speaking of which I just got two more...yay me ! And no, not going to share. But thanks Violet, Shea and Lily. Love you girls.)

I have been giving some thought to this. I don't want to add a blog roll, I like my template how it is - and as they work by showing the most recently updated first you may never see the ones that are fucking lazy posters don't post too often on it, and some of them are amongst the ones I like the best.
But there are some I follow that deserve more readers, so I'm taking inspiration from something I've seen other bloggers do and I'm going to make my own 'blog of the month' page. That way I can tell you a bit about it and link direct to a couple of posts.
Actually I might put two or three on it at a time.

The other reason I don't want a blog roll is because every time I see it I think of bog roll.
(For non UK readers, bog = slang for toilet)

I know whose going to be first on the page, first person to deposit £500 in my paypal can be up next.
Any takers ?

Because that video is the actual wombfruit I am going to remove this post after a week, I don't want the pervs who come here looking for "autocunnilingus" "chode penis" and "male milking" (yup, actual keywords from the last week) stalking Sons youtube.

PS Why are none of you voting in my poll ? Englands future depends on it !!

PPS For some of the best/funniest responses to a post I have ever read take a look at this.

I'll expect a cheque in the mail Brett.


  1. I'm not sure why but "wombfruit" had me dying over here.

  2. I did vote in your poll! It's going well for you so far. I would do some kind of homemade award or even a personal blog of note, but I'd have trouble picking just one or a few. I have a page full of blog links but it's horribly out of date. I don't know if I want to name my first born child Wombfruit or Genetic Payload. I need to have two kids.

    You have weird followers

    Wait I'm a follower. Therefore I'm weird.

    I'm okay with this.

  3. I have to agree DCG that the video is very cool, awesome stuff, thanks for sharing this.

  4. I've already voted and what the hell is a 'chode penis?' I'm off to Google and then youtube.

    And you're more than welcome. :)

  5. Ahh, just found out what a 'chode penis' is. Wow, I learn something new everyday!

  6. I agree about the blogs of note thing. I look at those and wonder what business they even have being a BON. I think ABFTS has ruined it for upcoming BONs because the expectations are so high after them.

    I have my own idea for promoting blogs that are worthy, a project that is under way this very moment. I'm sure you have heard me mention "Shameful Promotions" right? I will say no more but in my opinion, it'll be something grand!

  7. I'm gonna go look at You Tube now. I hope to be back later.......

  8. I tried looking for the video on You Tube but no luck. I looked at it here, though. By the way, did you know that your Son and your friend's six year-old have English accents? How cool.

  9. I can't get the video to work, but that is cause of my terrible internet. I like your blog feature is weird how much space in terms of followers there is between the mega popular blogs and then everyone else-as for the blog of note thing, I just emailed the lady that runs the blogger community and asked her if I could be it....I guess just doing what you said, about getting the blog out there and building awareness
    Sometimes the self-advertisement makes me feel a little stupid,, but its nice when it works and more people start to read.
    Entertaining as always, my sweet cowgirl of dirt.

  10. Those two are going to get pinched!!! So cute! {And I thought I was the only one who outfitted my kitchen with lounge furniture. Great minds think alike!!!!]

  11. Damn, I must have missed your autocunnilingus post! I once had a picture of this, which I emailed to a blogger so she could photoshop her own head into it. And she did!

    1. But that's the problem, I never wrote a post about it.

      However I have no trouble believing that you of all people would have a picture.

  12. I voted in the poll! I voted! All right for me! I shall watch the video now that I've voted! Why can't I stop using exclamation points?!

    Janie Junebug, who is now on twitter and wants to be followed

  13. Uh, excuse me, but how do I watch it on youtube? I googled youtube "insecure" and got a guy playing the guitar. Oh tell me what to do, Great Savior of the UK.

    Janie Junebug, who is now on twitter and wants to be followed

  14. The video was cute. But I am not signed up with YouTube so I couldn't vote.

  15. i finally found the vote thing in the upper right corner.

    i'm a little slow that way. i didn't ever see it until it was mentioned lol!

    ya know.

    a xo

  16. Glad you all liked it, don't forget to share share share !!!!


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