Monday, 30 January 2012

has anybody seen my mojo ?

I think I've lost my blogging mojo.
I had it before I went on holiday, I figured I'd left it at home with my laptop but it seems to have run away.

I keep trying to write the main post I wanted to about India, a bit more in depth about the place and the people and the effect it had on me, but the words just don't seem to want to come. Every time I've started it I just haven't been able to continue.
I think I'll leave it.
Honestly it would be impossible to do it justice anyway.

But even so there have been one or two things that have got on my nerves the last couple of weeks, and I had that "I think I'll blog about it" thought - but it never happened. I'm hoping it's got a lot to do with this fucking awful flu bug, as I've only just started to feel properly better the last couple of days.
I am (or I used to be) very OCD about the blogs I follow, so I decided that the best way to catch up on reading was to wait until there was a new post then read back, but I still haven't gotten round to doing that with all of them. And I love my followed blogs, you guys are like my own personal library.
So yeah, missing my mojo.

Even the mentalpause seems to have taken a breather.
Well at least that's what I'm hoping, although it's possibly still here and I've not noticed for a while due to the heat of India swiftly followed by sweaty flu. I suppose it's a good thing to be able to take lifes little calamities in my stride and just laugh at them - except that apart from the flu there haven't really been any since I got back.

So I guess I'm going to apologise to those of you who are waiting for the return of Sarcastic Angry Bird ( I have got a couple of things I've started writing that I AM going to make an effort to finish in the next few days ), and also to anyone who was looking forward to the promised post about India.
As all the pictures I've posted so far were kind of themed I've made another album on skydrive with some of my favourite random pictures, if you like you can view it here.

I'm off to see if they sell Mojo's on ebay.
I might check behind the sofa as well, missing things often turn up there in this house.


  1. Sorry to hear you feel like you've lost your passion, I know that feeling but for me it always does come back quite quickly. I'm looking forward to see what you have planned and here's hoping you get that Mojo back!

  2. I have those moments as well. Something awesome will happen that I want to blog about and it just never materializes.

    Your fans will wait for you.

  3. It's twenty years since I was last in America and I've only just started writing about it now, so take your time. We'll wait.

  4. This blog is one in my own 'personal library,' of reads. I keep checking back for your 'return,' post, but then, I will do the same for any new posts. Welcome back btw. Take your time on writing that post, for sure. In the meantime I'm glad to read what you write in between :)

    I tell ya, never had I been obsessive compulsive about my blog haunts, until TCS. I'm late on the bandwagon, so my OCD is at a fever pitch!

    :) Looking forward to your next post! Good luck with your other writing projects as well.

  5. The flu can knock the shit out of you, and leave you drained. I'm sure your passion will return. And I did look forward to the return of the Sarcastic Angry Bird. I know she will be back. Just have *patients* (see threw that one in just for you).

  6. Don't forget to look in the sofa too under the cushions. I think it's a mix of deadly flu and being out of the loop. Once you get back into the game and get your rhythm going again hopefully it will come easy to you.

  7. Good luck in your mojo search! and your photos are amazing.

  8. I'm right there with you DCG.
    The remains of the flu seem to being having an affect on my cognitive, as well as my fine motor skills...which is just fancy talk for, 'I can't think clearly enough to type a damn thing.'

    It will all come back before you know it. So until then, we 'ain't' going anywhere.

    (And don't forget to check between the seats)

  9. It's resting. It will return when you are ready. In the meantime, write porn.

    Janie Junebug

  10. Just give it some time. I know the feeling of mojo loss. Time, and maybe distract yourself with something else , maybe the time away will make your heart grow fonder.

  11. might want to check the top drawer on the left hand side. i might have seen it there.

  12. You're all relaxed from holiday. And you haven't managed to work yourself into a proper lather yet. Give it time, you'll be pissed off and looking to vent in no time.

  13. Yeah, you can have a post in your head and if you don't get it out it sort of goes off, like something in the back of the fridge and you're better off going out and getting something fresh.

  14. I hate losing my Mojo! Stupid goddamn Mojo - I can never find it when I need it! Sometimes I think I've finally found it and then BAM!!! I run face first into an enormous writer's block and my Mojo scampers away into the bushes laughing hysterically at me as I stand there holding my bloodied nose.
    "You bastard Mojo! I'll get you someday soon and then you'll pay - oh yes - then you will pay..."

  15. I don't think you've lost the mojo...I think the material is brewing inside your mind and it's not quite ready to come out. Just let it ferment and age properly and then it will spew forth with such force everyone will be in awe!

    It will come and we will be waiting!

    I seen you dropped a C-bomb on one of your readers in the comments of a previous post...a sign that the Dirty Cowgirl is about to go on a war path! I have my war paint on, waiting to join the party when the Dirty Cowgirl rides furiously into the night!

  16. Ah, dcg, I'm feeling the same way. It's been like 10 days since my last post and I just can't find the words. I blame India!! Hope your 'flu clears up soon. It's a bitch when you're not feeling well. Rest up and take care of you. :) x

  17. Did you check under the dresser? Right beside the ref? By the Bar?

    It has to be there somewhere. Some "Mojos" just take a break, then they're back.

    Rest easy dear DCG, maybe all it needs is a little shake-up from any obstinate character you may come across. Then it would seem the fiery, passionate DCG Mojo has never left at all!

    Hope your "systems" are now all 100%. Will still be here, no plans of going away! :)

  18. May I suggest an alcohol-induced late night rant about nothing important? Watching the news reports is fodder-full.
    No worries, we will continue to stalk you relentlessly in cyborgland anyhow!

  19. Couple of tricks I use, hope they help ya out.

    Take a long shower and talk to yourself, out loud, as if you're writing the piece.

    Start a post you have no intention of ever finishing, just to get the mojo flowing.

    Drop the subject for the short term and go read or find someone to talk to and seek inspiration for a different subject that motivates you. This is actually the one that helps me the most.

    And finally, drop it for a longer while. It's been my experience that the harder I try to write something that's just not coming to me, the worse the block gets.

    Good luck.

  20. I know what you mean. I can't be bothered to write on my blog ! I think all this beach time is taking it out of me . Chin up !

  21. i tend to, in these situations stand on one leg, tip my head to one side, jump up and down and whack the upward facing part of my know like trying to get water outta yer ear after youve been underwater cave diving....every now n then, besides all sorts of rubbish, an idea drops out and like a sea monkey expands n grows into a full story...try it sometime!
    Good to see yer back as i was just getting into your style :)

  22. Well thanks guys, but if I followed all the advice here I'd never have time to write ever again.

    You lot do make me laugh :))))

  23. I had a virus that lasted weeks. In truth, is hasn't gone away completely. However, being that ill inspired me to write more, to live more, to laugh more. I never want to be that ill and miserable again.

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  25. Ahhhh, kindred Vin lovin' spirit... You can't imagine how happy it made me to start my catching up with others here after months of finding myself in a very similar mindset to find this post! Misery *dose* love company. ;D


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