Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Goa. . . #2

I'm starting to think I really am a changed woman.

Something happened at the week-end that pissed me off. . . for about five minutes. Then I found myself thinking "so what, no big deal, let it go".
And I did.
Pre- India Cowgirl probably would've wrote a scathing blog post about it and other related times when similar things had happened, but instead I just decided that getting annoyed was a waste of energy. Life's too short and all that.

Guess I really did chill right out on those beaches.

Well who wouldn't ? Just look at it.

Speaking of which.. .
Fucking amazing, every single one.

The beaches I went to are in North Goa and all are golden sands and border the Arabian Sea. It's quite tidal - you have to be wary of strong currents if you go out too far or when the tide is right out, but the waves are great for airbed surfing (my only favourite sport) and the sea is warm.

Every beach has it's own shacks, and you can get drinks and food from them. Tell them you want to have lunch when you arrive and they come round with fresh fish for you to choose from, which they will cook for you and either bring to you on your sunbed or serve in the shack.

Along the shore line there are lots of tiny shells, some with the fish still in them. At Ashwem there were so many crabs it was a bit off putting, especially when we saw the size of some that were in the sea. But I have never seen a real star fish before so that was quite incredible. As the tide went out they were everywhere.

There are always people walking up and down the beaches selling things, clothing, jewellery, drums and various souvenir items. To be honest at times they can be a nuisance, there I am trying to tan myself and constantly being asked if I want to buy a sarong. But at the same time I got some real bargains by haggling (they expect it) with them. And it's worth buying stuff because then they will sit and chat to you, and we had some very entertaining times with them. I also got a real insight into their lives. These people have to have a licence (which costs more then most of them can earn in a season) to be able to sell on the beach. If they are caught they are usually made to pay 5000 rupees, which is a bribe (Goa police are well known for being corrupt) not a fine ! That's about 60 UK pounds, but an awful lot in India and as one girl told me they don't really sell very much and generally only make about 10 - 20 rupees per item.
And all of those that I spoke to are just trying to support their families.

Some of the women also offer pedicures and manicures and I had my legs and eyebrows threaded for a couple of pounds.
There are also masseurs that have their own shacks on the beaches - no wonder I chilled out.

My favourite beach was Vagator. It's reached by climbing down steps that have been built into the side of the cliff . . .

. . . but when you get there. Oh. My. God.

The beach is best known for being one of the favourites of the hippies that first went to Goa, and is the site of the famous carving of Shiva into the rocks.

He's looking a bit worn now, and half of him is buried in the sand, but for me this carving (I have many friends who have been there and taken pictures) has always represented Goa. And finally I was there.

I met this Hindu holy man standing next to the carving. It is customary to give them a small donation, which I did, and received a blessing as thanks. But I also noticed that he had six toes on each foot !

It's quite strange to see a cow on a beach. Not something you might expect, even in India where they roam the streets freely, but this picture kind of sums the place up for me.

We even had one on that came and ate our left over lunch, let Pete tickle under it's chin and then laid down behind our sunbeds. And it was a bull, apparently they are not known for being congenial to humans and will butt you away, but this one obviously thought he found a kindred spirit.

And this . . .

is the sun setting for the last time on 2011 at Morjim Beach.
What a way to end the year.

Of course I took way more pictures of those beaches then I have posted, links to some more are below.
Ashwem Beach
Mandrem Beach
Morjim Beach
Vagator Beach

I'm still trying to catch up on reading the blogs I follow, but I'm beginning to realise that that's never going to happen. I've been trying to do so as each of you write a new post but I was away for so long it's been taking me ages. Apologies if I appear to be ignoring you - I'm not.
I just need a few days holiday to catch up on the reading, and that's not going to happen.

And don't worry, despite what I said at the start of this post I'm sure it's only a matter of time before normal ranting angry Cowgirl returns.
Sooner or later someone/thing is bound to wind me up.


  1. These photos look so awesome, these beaches seem like absolute paradise on earth, I'd love to be able to walk along those sands too, it's great you had such a good time.

    1. They are indeed paradise, and we only saw the ones in the North of the state. There are more.

  2. I'm glad to hear that the angry, dirty cowgirl will be back. I suppose you have to stop hating everything eventually though. Those are some lovely beaches. I wonder how many of the beach vendors would rather pay the bribe than not buy their license.

    1. I think the point is that even though the bribe is a lot it's still within their means whereas the licence is not. They also said that sometimes if they are caught the police will just take whatever money they have.

  3. I looked at all your photos and they are gorgeous! I never thought about India as a place with beaches to visit. I realize that it has a lot of ocean border, but I guess here in the USA we don't see much about tourism in India. Thanks for sharing the marvelous photos.

    1. I'm glad you like them. It's a place that I plan to see more of, we just went to one tiny part of the smallest state, I bet there are better beaches to be found.

  4. Oh wow, the beaches you went to are a million times nicer than the beach I went to. It's so great to read about your time in Goa, which was vastly different to mine! I had a good time but I stayed in Calangute on a friend's recommendation. Haha, wait til you see my photos of the beach!! :D

    1. Nooo ! We stayed in Calangute too - go on, tell me the name of your hotel... Fuck sake I bet we were five minutes from each other. The furthest of those beaches from there was Mandrem, and that was only 30 mins drive.

  5. I want to tickle a bull's chin. Just in case you don't know, now that my blog is private, it won't update in your blog roll. I require a special visit. Let me know if you need another invitation. I post Monday - Friday. I'm happy you're relaxed, but please don't change too much. I would miss my bitchy (and rightly so) Jane.

    Janie Junebug, all drugged up

    1. I'm glad you told me that, off to make a special visit. Us Janes need to stick together :)

  6. Thank you for sharing this DCG, the pictures are breathtaking. Love the sunset.

  7. How can you have so many picture yet none of yourself or the other 50 people you went away with ?

    Looks amazing ! I will have a pinacolada for you at sunset !

    1. Because the pictures are from my camera and I don't go around taking pictures of myself, as for the others I wouldn't put their pics on here.

      And yeah - don't remind me that you're still there whereas I am back in the cold.

  8. It looks so peaceful! Next time I feel a rant coming on maybe I should just hop on a plane.

  9. that is so beautiful. i know india is surrounded by water, but for some reason, the beach looked so out of place! could be the cow hehehe

    gorgeous xo

  10. Wild!!! That is beautiful, Thank you for giving me a place to visit. I think I may have to work on my bucket list.

  11. Indeed you have changed! Where is the vulgar ranting we are so accustomed to? Can't wait until she returns!

    Those are some awesome pictures! Looks like quite a beautiful place! Glad you had so much fun!

    Now get back to your ranting self! Some of us could use a good laugh! Be sure to visit my blog. A lot has happened while you were away. Also, I have come a long way since I started my blog...you won't be disappointed!


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