Friday, 6 December 2013

dear dave. . . again

So then. . . .

Dear Dave,

What the fuck are you thinking by agreeing to the building of a new Nuclear power plant here ?

I thought we were supposed to be investing in green energy resources and concerned with the future of the planet ?

Clearly not.

And to add insult to injury we were given this news in the same week that three of our energy companies announced price rises for consumers. Your advice to those who will struggle with this was to shop around providers as there are apparently some better deals out there. Presumably you mean EDF - this being the very same company that are going to be building the new blot on our landscape.

(I'm not entirely sure it's a coincidence that they are one vowel away from being a racist organisation).

And not even a British company at that. Oh no, these fuckers are French.
So no doubt the same company that are responsible for Frances 50+ plants, the majority of which are sat on their North Coast, so if they go Chernobyl the fallouts heading our way. And now they're actually putting one up here.
Fuck right off.

Some twat on the news actually said "nuclear energy is relatively safe".
Relative to what ? Anthrax ? Semtex ? Armageddon ?

Did you learn nothing from Fukushima ? If the world only learnt one lesson from that it should've been that when you have Nuclear plants you don't even need human error or someone to push the proverbial button for a major disaster to happen. And the effects of what happened there are going to have repercussions for the planet for a long time to come. We are still facing the possibility of further meltdowns, it's kept out of our news but the "clean up" operation is only just beginning.
Not that that shits ever going to be truly clean.

And then...
I knew you were an idiot but really ?

Two days ago I saw you on the lunchtime news trying to defend the utter cock up your governments making of the economy, and talking about the budget announcements that were due to be made that evening.
And in relation to the present state of affairs you said....

"When someone's ill you don't take their temperature every day do you?"

What the fuck ? NO, when someone's ill you take it several times a day. It really does worry me that the man supposed to be running this country can't even get an analogy right.

Time you had a lightbulb moment Dave ? No, it's a bit too late for that.

Sort it the fuck out,


  1. I can't believe it's you. I was afraid I'd never read you again. Please don't leave me.


  2. To make up for ignoring me so long, would you please send me a birthday card for my (former) MIL's 80th birthday? And quickly? I want to give her 80 cards from all over the world. Please, please, please send a card for Margaret to Janie Goltz, PO Box 61371,Jacksonville FL 32236.

  3. Yay! I was very afraid that if and when you appeared, you were going to be happy with the world and well-adjusted. Crisis averted!

  4. I'd not worry - they will faff and bluff about, they'll be an enquiry and then another delay, some partner will pull out, they'll want the spot price raised again, they'll dig a big hole and do nothing saying the govt has welched on the deal eventually they'll pull out totally... it'll never get built


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