Monday, 1 April 2013

if I could just butt in for a moment.....

....lately I've been thinking that it's really time I did something about this blog.

Put it to bed forever, remove all the external links and write a final post.
Just in case people stumble across it and decide to follow hoping for new flashes of the brilliance they find here, I'd be pretty annoyed if I decided to look it up in 10 years time to find I had 873 followers.

Or I should actually start writing again on a reasonably regular basis, although I could still end this one and just start another.

Well clearly since here I am and this is not me saying farewell and thanks for all the fish I decided that I would go with the second option and make the effort.

So I logged into blogger for the first time in ages and what do I see ??

A dashboard full of posts about that fucking A-Z challenge.

This is how I felt about that last year (which was probably the last time I was here) but I've not changed my mind and am therefore going back into blog hibernation until it is safe to come back.

I'll be seeing you.....................


  1. I miss you. I started a t-shirt shop while you were gone. I've written 8 bazillion posts and you've missed them all. I'm not doing that stupid fricking A-Z challenge. Come back to me.


  2. Please don't go away! Well, I understand that bit about hibernation from the challenge, but we'll see you in May...?

  3. Well I hope that you do make it back after April. It should be safe then.

  4. Aww DCG, the A to Z Challenge really isn't that bad haha! We miss you and can't wait until you get back to full time posting.

  5. We're not all doing the challenge, Ms Cowgirl. You can still hang out with laid-back bloggers, if you don't mind being laid on your back.

  6. I don't do the challenge either! Nice to see you again, even if just briefly!

  7. Now don't be bitchy...I am doing the challenge for the third year and it is great fun and mental exercise. That aside, you have been missed...apparently by at least the seven people commenting before me.

    Chuck at Apocalypse Now

  8. This Joker misses you...

  9. Aww, this makes me realise that I do miss my little bit of the internet and you guys too. I will be posting again really soon, working on a few posts already :))xx

  10. The only bad thing about the challenge is that a lot of my time goes to those who ARE doing the challenge (as far as reading and commenting). That's the bad news. The good news (which may be bad news) is that I know who has visited PP quite a bit and I shan't forget them (yeah, I'm talking to YOU Matthew, Gorilla, Eva).


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