Thursday, 18 April 2013

and still it goes on

Any of you readers who've been with me for a while might remember that I am not Facebooks biggest fan, or at least not of the moronic variety of users it seem to attract in droves.

Of course there have been times in the past when I have used them to write posts for your amusement but since I deleted my account for a while, then deleted them when I re-instated it, I no longer have to witness the endless drivel from Thick Bird and her kind.

FYI she knows I'm back on it and has sent me a few friend requests when she's seen me on our mutual friends page. I know I could block her but it's much more satisfying not to - and have her wondering why I don't accept.

So anyway, now I just use it for the people I want to stalk keep in touch with, and have no need to log in and see things in my news feed that make me want to punch and/or delete people.

That is until today when I saw this :

You're fucking kidding me ?
You actually made a Facebook event out of your mothers funeral ?

Surely if there is only one occasion you should invite people to in person it's a funeral, but even then it's not really the done thing to "invite" anyone, aren't you just supposed to make an announcement ?

Sadly in the last few months a couple of people I know (although not that well) have passed away, in both instances details of the funeral were posted on their pages, but it was just that - a post - letting people know when. And both of these guys were well known people who were an integral part of the local music scene, so there were a lot of people wanting to attend who the respective families would not have known to personally invite.

So I'm left wondering a few things about this :

Where is my invite ? Since it is actually set as a "public" event.
If I get one should I RSVP in person or on the event page ?
Or as it's public can I - or just anyone - turn up ?
Or will there be tickets ? Or is it free entry ?
Is there a dress code ?
Or a free bar ?
Or a bar at all ?

Please tell me it's not just me who finds this all kinds of wrong.

Some things are meant to be private aren't they ? And the death of a loved one must surely fall into that category. One of the good things about Facebook is the way it lets you keep in touch with people, it's the main reason I'm still there, for those friends and family I otherwise might not speak to for months, but there is such a thing as a private message.
Or at least make your "event" private.
When my Mum died I received so many PRIVATE messages offering support, four years on I've still kept some of them, but I would not of welcomed anything about such a very personal issue posted where anyone could see it, especially now that the privacy options seem to have become rather slack.

Some people really should not be allowed to use the internet.

On a lighter note, imagine if a cat was to breed with a bat . . .

Cute ?
But what if a bat was to breed with a panda . . .

Apparently that is a previously unknown breed of bat recently discovered in the Sudan. I love bats, one of the places I've lived in had some in the loft and I used to really like listening to them at night.
A lot of people tell me that would freak them right out.
So I guess that makes me a bit odd.

Who knew ?


  1. As much as I like bats and I'd like to stand in a swarm of them just once (as they don't actually touch you, so you'd just be stood looking like Batman) I don't know if I could live with them. I could definitely live without the kind of people who would make an event like that though. I'm with you in seeing it as fifty shades of wrong. Not to mention if I was stood at the altar and my bride to be updated her status on the way down the aisle, I'd just walk out.

  2. The worst thing? Mum never changed her status to 'dead.'

  3. can I create a facebook event of my own funeral just to see who accepts? Then I can blow the others to hell in the "unfriend" bucket - haha!

  4. Is it wrong to hit "Like" on an event like that?

  5. To create an event on Facebook for your mother's funeral is just disgusting in my opinion, such a stupid idea, sometimes people can just take Facebook too far in all honesty, you're right.

  6. Bats. Creepy. My Tweets (I tweet sporadically) go to my FB page. I don't think I ever write anything else on it. If my kids want to post my death on their FB pages, they have my permission, but I'll be surprised if they notice I'm gone. I just don't like to read the stuff people put on FB because it invariably is weird and creepy and too personal.


  7. I agree...there's something strange about advertising a funeral as an event on facebook!


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